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Found 1 result

  1. palindrome

    Modding and scripting support

    Hello, this is more or less a question/suggestion aimed toward the developers of Reflex. However I would also like to see the current communities opinion on this. I have been playing reflex on and off since I first heard about it and I feel it is a really interesting game. It is more than just a simple afps shooter or another quake clone. Along with it, it comes with an amazing built in online map editor and advanced HUD customization. The game play feels really smooth and is quite unique, overall it is a great game. However, I feel a major aspect and appeal to this game is the fact it is limiting itself to an afps only type of game play. While this is the main point of the game, I feel as though a form of modding or scripting would really improve upon the current status of the game. This would allow for many unique game play ideas or unique one of a kind servers to be created by the community. I realize some of you will disagree with this idea as I have been told a downside of this would that people feel it may "split" the already small community. On the contrary, this would instead allow others to become more interested in the game. For example, games like counter strike or Garry's mod thrive upon player created servers that differ from the main game. While it doesn't need to be as modifiable as those games, I feel it would really implement a feature that would make it really stand out. Finally, I would just like to point out how unique Reflex already is. It comes default with several game modes such as 1v1, tdm, ctf, and my favorite race. Allowing for modding, would allow the community to create unique game modes that others would greatly enjoy and would improve upon current game modes. What is the communities opinions on adding scripting and modding for game modes and various in-game things? Also, what are the current developers opinions/plans on this?