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Found 4 results

  1. How to: 3D Model reflex files

    What program has been used to create the 'reflex.mesh' files in the internal.pak, because i would love to create a stakegun for myself - since the current one is boring. I never worked with any 3D modeling software and before i spend credits on programs that don't work, i would rather be certain it is the right one. I found this thread here, but i can't tell what to do from it.
  2. [0.37] Model Size bug

    After the new update, I joined a CTF game, played a few rounds and then left to play some race. Tried playing on rr_castlerun and for those who have played it before, I couldn't fall through the gap at the beginning... Either the modelsize was changed in the update, or CTF has different models and carries that on to every other gamemode. Even after restarting the game, the modelsize didn't change. Don't know if this was intentional but please fix anyways! Reedy
  3. Playermodel preview in main menu

    Hello, I find it really annoying that I can't see my playermodel in the menu where you select your 3 colors. When is it planned for this to be added? Is it possible to make in through a UI addon?
  4. .Mesh format

    Just a question, has anyone managed to convert the .mesh file? I want to change the gun models for fun. But since they made their own engine i bet the format is compressed in a different way.