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Found 3 results

  1. Hello. Recently played some race server. Saying as noob, so it will help huge amount of auditory, game can become fun as race game only imo. So, add savepoints, at least mapper editiable only. Like map is chain of points a-b-c-d-e. So, if u handling good enough a-b-c, but failing on d, why not add savepoint near and train that d-e way, but not just put player on that spot, but saving some his speed (or default one by mapper). Ye, sometimes high speed is not good, so should be selectable from upper to any lower (but it's details, I'm saying here about main idea).
  2. Newbie here with a possibly dumb question. How do I bunny hop up stairs??? I'm using the strafe-only bunny hop, although I'm not sure the specific method matters. My problem is that I keep getting stuck on the stairs because I'm not hitting space quickly enough after the first jump. Half the time, I end up strafing for a moment on the stairs and I lose a lot of speed. I've practiced a bit and I just can't get the technique down. Seems like, sometimes the second jump comes so quickly after the first that no human could possible tap space again in time. Anyway, I'm probably just bad, but am I missing something simple? Thanks!
  3. Hey, I wanted to check and see what the status of the noob-supportive scene is like right now. Zita & Gangland and others, has there been any progress yet setting up training sessions or building community at all? If the next update of netcode is coming soon seems like it's a good time to get the ball rolling on it. It was quite fun that time we had 8 people on devil's map doing pads and stuff. Noob Mind, Beginner's Mind