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Found 1 result

  1. Race mode is great but lacks an awesome feature that was notably available in Racesow (the race mode for Warsow) : the ability to see the replay of the top run for each race map (per server). Is there any plan to implement this feature ? Is it feasible ? Functionally, in Racesow you could simply type a command while sitting in a race server and you would instantly see the replay of the best time of the current race map. I don't know how it was technically implemented, but I don't think that it was via demo's ; I guess the position and camera angle of the players was saved at many intervals (like 10x/second) and replayed by moving a spectator camera to those positions with the saved angle. Only the top run was saved on the servers. Does not look *that* hard to implement I suppose ?? IIRC things like jump sounds, rocket sprites etc were not part of the replay so I guess it was simply implemented as described here above by moving your spectator camera the right way through the map Has anyone any info about this ? Thanks !