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Found 2 results

  1. Audio Department Support

    hi there, reporting for duty. hereby, i'd officially offer my service for the game. i work as an audio professional in a broadcast/cinema/media studio and own a studio for music/film or game scoring/sound design and so on. reflex is a great project that deserves top notch quality imo and i'm happy to contribute with content or technical assistance concerning anything audio. first things first: there is no intention to steal anyones job like this, really. this is meant to be audio support from the community. however, i can definitely deliver all sound content needed, especially since dark and techy stuff is my most passionate domain. in the following, i'm about to adress and discuss sound issues and throw in some content and technical advice for your consideration. feel free to hit me about audio editing, mixing, mastering, sound design, music, (psycho-)acoustics, etc... (and puredata to some extent) best regards, greed
  2. I'm sorry for the audio quality, I'm not sure how to capture the game audio in HD. So there's a lot of high frequency sound that you won't hear due the capture software compression and then YouTube's compression. So... I decided to start custom designing my own sounds for Reflex. I'm aware that the development team will be replacing them all, however I just wanted to have a go for myself. I'm a music producer and I love sound design, I use what ever I can find and mix and mangle sound along with processing and additional synthesis to come up with something new. These sounds are all a mix of Foley and a lot of synthesis ( FM synthesis primarily ) Note that this is the first test, so there will be a tonne of changes. So far I've created: boltrifle_fire burst_impact burstgun_fire hostile_jump ( I'm going to be heavily tweaking this so it's not so intrusive sounding ) plasmarifle_fire ( I know it needs more attack ) shotgun_fire ( I'm still working on getting the sync spot on my capture software sucks at getting me the exact frames I needed to get the cocking animation timing right ) There's some tweaks and additional pieces I want to do to practically each sound, but I just wanted to capture what I had for each so far.