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Found 1 result

  1. Race Checkpoints / Split Times - EXPERIMENTAL This widget records and displays checkpoint split times, speeds and distances in race mode. Workshop Link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=825648470 Installation In the game, go to Options -> Addons -> Explore Workshop Search for "Race Checkpoints" Click Install Go to Options -> Widgets Go to "CheckpointTable" and/or "CheckpointDelta" widget and make sure the "visible" checkbox is ticked For the addon to work the mapper has to include TriggerVolumes which display the Messages "Checkpoint 1", "Checkpoint 2", "Checkpoint 3", etc. You can try the widget on any of the maps listed below. There is 1 storage slot for each player on each map. If you want to store the checkpoints of your (or the person you just spectated) active run, type ui_checkcore_store 1 into console (can also be bound to a key) after the run is completed. Use tips You can scroll through recorded runs by different players by using "ui_checkcore_next 1" and "ui_checkcore_previous 1" (can be bound to keys) If you don't like the Checkpoint messages and/or beeps you can deactive the original "Message" widget and use the "MessageQuiet" widget as replacement. Maps with Checkpoints Pines by Kawumm Afterglow by Mad-Jihad ud-ritalin5mg by donny & LULtra Bull Straf ported by Mad-Jihad from q3df Dam by Mad-Jihad pornstar-slopin ported by Mad-Jihad from q3df Settings CheckCore - Enabled: This is needed for any Checkpoint widget to work. Only disable if you want to turn everything off. CheckCore - Autosave faster runs: Automatically saves the newest run, if it was faster than the stored record. If you disable this you will have to store each run manually with "ui_checkcore_store 1" in console. CheckCore - Save runs to config file: Saves recorded data to your game.cfg, so it stays persistant even if you close your game. CheckCore - Strict checkpoint messages: If this is disabled the widget will accept every message event as a checkpoint. This will allow you to use checkpoints on maps which have a different message texts, for example "Hello! This is a checkpoint!". However it also allows for triggering a checkpoint twice or in the wrong order, and it makes it impossible to distinguish between checkpoint messages and non-checkpoint messages. So it's preferable to use checkpoints in a strict format. --- CheckpointTable - Show speeds: Display or hide movement speed. CheckpointTable - Show distances: Display or hide move distance CheckpointTable - Show delta times: Display or hide the current checkpoint data compared to the stored run. CheckpointTable - Use total measurements: If this is enabled, all measurements will be taken from RACE START to active checkpoint. If this is disabled, all measurements will be taken from last checkpoint to active checkpoint. CheckpointTable - hide during run: Hides the widget while doing your run. How to add Checkpoints to your map Decide where you want to have checkpoints, a good default would be narrow chokepoints of your map that everyone has to go through. Try to keep the map segments logical and not just put checkpoints in random spots. Also keep in mind that players can come up with crazy shortcuts. Place TriggerVolumes to mark the checkpoint zones. Make sure they are big enough so people don't run past them or (rocket) jump over them. Attach a "Message" to each TriggerVolume with the text "Checkpoint #", where # is the the number of the checkpoint in order of traversal, starting with 1. You can have 2 or more checkpoints with the same number, if you have alternative paths. Just make sure the player has to traverse the map from Checkpoint 1 to Checkpoint 2 to 3 to 4 etc. without skipping any checkpoint number Merry Christmas!