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Found 56 results

  1. This map is made to put heavy emphasis on flicks and reactions while also minimizing camping. It is only made for instagib. It has no pickups at all. 16 spawns, 8 for each team. Note that this isn't meant to be a balanced map or competitive. It is only made to get your arm going.
  2. Hi, back with more of my stuff. Map designed for duel. Not tested at all. I designed it with space as the focus, what with so many duel maps being really cramped. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for playing. Enjoy the map. Steam:
  3. So with matchmaking on the way, I think it's a good time to start talking about gamemodes and the flaws surrounding them. Right now almost every mode is seriously broken in some way. Let's make a list of the problems. I'll split them into two categories: flaws/bugs and missing features. Note that this isn't really the place to dream up new modes, its more focused on fixing the ones we currently have. FFA flaws/bugs Joining players are automatically added to the game, causing afk joins while they load the map. Disconnecting players are lagged out instead of removing them, causing afks and hitbox/model disconnect no autoremove for afks, again causing afk players.. missing features Gonna include workshop sorting issues here, because finding good maps is pretty important to the pub ffa experience TDM flaws/bugs No teamsize or lock team options. 2v2 does not exist in the game, despite having a 2v2 mapping contest.. pause match/timeout missing features Team info widgets in default hud is really important to tdm weapon drop CTF flaws/bugs Teamsize/lock team Arena mutator removes flags from map missing features team info by default again would be really important here callvote timeout flagdrop/weapondrop/quaddrop scoring for non-cap events Race flaws/bugs Weapon movement is terrible with ping spectating deletes score no option to hide other players missing features checkpoints leaderboards persistant records ghosts to race against, of fastest player or personal best Duel flaws/bugs spectators count towards votes Occasionally the order of the people in queue is mixed up. (Xytaglyph's post for details) missing items at start is still a thing changing name moves up in queue missing features Forfeit option while preserving stats All things considered, duel is the most complete mode I think. Would love to hear some issues others have with it.
  4. After multiple requests, I have returned to finish updating tehace's thct5 - The Sane Asylum with a more modern, clean look; in the vein of the [Clean] version of thct7 - Catalyst. This project started as an archival project during the switch from ReflexFiles to the Steam workshop in an effort to bring old maps up to snuff with the then-standard of map design. I picked this map not because it had any serious competitive play rates, but because it was always a personal favorite and I didn't want it to be lost in the transition or forgotten to history. Thanks to both tehace for permission to update the map and to /fragile for providing some late game feedback. You can find it here on the workshop:
  5. 1v1

    WIP. Remake of the classic Duel/FFA map from Quake 3/Live. Some minor changes to make the map more Relfex friendly. Feedback would be appreciated. Cheers, and enjoy.
  6. Here is some fancy layout for a medium-large (gothic?) styled TDM / FFA map. I'm probably not going to finish this so I'm throwing it here. Lighting is done pretty poorly and might even cause performance issues. Workshop link: P.S. Hate working with meshes and it killed the motivation. Had fun up to this point though.
  7. Hello! My first time posting here, with a medium scaled FFA/TDM map. Feedback would be greatly appreciated, and have fun! Steam link:
  8. Hello guys, a few days ago a friend asked me to team up with him and play Unreal Tournament 4 in 2v2 TDM on Electronic Sports League (ESL). I think it's important for Reflex promo to have Ladders on popular leagues like ESL with competetive maps and rules (current experimental ruleset?) .. Personally I would like to play teammodes in a fix team and in a ranked system. I'm not experienced in Tournament organisation but maybe we as a community could suggest to add Reflex support on ESL and then somebody could be admin for Reflex Teammode Ladders on ESL. I think it's important to have some kind of 'open' mappool (like every team could suggest their favoured homemap from steam workshop when they register for the Ladder. If that map isn't already in the pool, admins should make a vote whether or not to add the new map to the competetive mappool.) What do you think about that? Is it too early to play team based gamemodes in a ranked way? In my opinion we already have enaugh duel touranments and we should push the interesst for teammodes a bit more.
  9. Workshop Link A remake of QuakeWorld's DM6: The Dark Zone, scaled to 120% Please note that this map was made back in 2015. I've simply taken this map and added ammo, and fixed missing static meshes. I did not create the original map, nor the original copy of the Reflex remake. Credit for both is due to their original authors. Original map (QW) by Tim Willits Reflex remake by nabique / recluse / psycho_luv Ammo added by Goober
  10. 2v2

    Hello, I am sharing a work in progress I've been doing with KOKOS for the past month or so. The map is intended for 2v2 TDM and FFA, but initial tests indicate that it could be played by 6+ players as well. The most recent changes are related to item placement (yet again). The map offers several options or routes to each item of importance and this, in combination with the map layout, which allows you to know where each player is most of the time, allows for flexible approaches to games and items rather than one pre-set strategy, with hopes of preventing snowballing as well as random grabs. Opinions with arguments are welcome, as usual. Decoration-wise, there are few themes I'd like to test on this map before deciding on the most appropriate. This, however, will have to wait for some free time, which I lack at the moment. Considering this is my first attempt at a CPMA-style 2v2 TDM map, I'd like to thank everybody who helped me with testing, ideas, or plain work, starting with KOKOS, who has taught me a lot in the process, but also everyone from 2R2H, LuGiA, Saboo, Toni43, Irish, myT and everyone else. We've also decided to submit this map to the 2v2 TDM mapping competition. Workshop link: Have fun!
  11. PRDM8 - Hieratic Hieratic is a large scaled team deathmatch and free-for-all map! Feedback is encouraged and highly appreciated. ----- WORKSHOP LINK -----
  12. Hey guys. Just looking for feedback for this map I made, for the 2v2 mapping competition. Slightly insipired by Campgrounds. Resist in the middle, Red+Green+RL+IC+Armor Shards on the bottom floor, with easyish access to Bolt on the top via teleporter. Plasma and SG on stairs. Red+RL+GL on top floor. I don't know the best places to put health bubbles/ammo boxes and light sources.
  13. There's no secret that there's lacking public teamgames, no one wants to play with constantly rotating playersizes, people dropping in and out, no communication and what have you. There's also the lack of som QoL improvements in teamgames, Ammo, dropping, flagdrag, lack of maps and whatever excuse people will come up with to not play teamgames. However, since the ctf update both the EU and NA scene have been doing pickups in varying degree of sucess and playerbase, So this is a friendly reminder that if you go to the reflex discord and type !add ctf / !add tdm (or other variants) into the #pickup-na and #pickup-eu channel, we might get more regular games With all the "silly nonsense" that I call it that trouble teamgames, playing pickups with strategies and voice communication is actually really fun and helps you get to know the community better. Don't worry if it sounds stressfull and you are worried about your skills. We use a captain system and we try to get as even teams as possible, and we're all willing to teach.We just want to play the game we love and have a good time. So hop on discord and join the fun. Hopefully some of the regulars can write more poetic and jazzy so we can get the scene booming. <3
  14. Half Breathless - tdm/ffa map (space theme).
  15. Hi!First time poster and first time mapper for reflex. So bare with me! a 2v2 tdm map, its a WIP, but any suggestions is always welcome ofcourse! Workshop link
  16. Hello! Yet another WIP tdm map, this time a 2v2map - The map is very early days still, I'll try my best to keep this thread updated WORKSHOP LINK Feedback is highly appreciated! Enjoy!
  17. TDM has always been one of the hardest modes to play, especially for new players. One reason for this is that team play in public TDM (and even in pickups) is mostly non-existent. The game could alleviate this by providing players with the information that their team mates are not, namely item times (though one could argue that timing weapons is more important in TDM, but thats another kettle of fish). A lot of people have strong feelings about item timers one way or another but what I propose is some kind of middle ground, partial item timers. whatever crazyal, get to the point Partial item timers as I envision them would provide timers to the team who last picked up said item. So if Team A gets the first red, they have exact timing on the next red but if they lose the next red to Team B then Team A's red timer disappears and Team B now has the red timer. One possible issue that arises from this is that if Team A have control of the red, Team B never knows when the red is coming up so they're never able to contest for it. A possible solution to that is that Team A gets an exact timing, where as Team B only gets a vague timing, say for example the timer only shows up 5 seconds before the item where as Team A can see the full countdown. Another solution to that issue could be that the team without the timing (or even both teams) would see a 3d timer only when they are close to the item (kinda like Quake Live timers). Note this should only give a vague timing, not exact.
  18. I've been wondering why there's not much team activity in Reflex. I like TDM alot, maybe cause that's how I started out with afps in q3a times... Is there still any problems to be solved with tdm, or is it just that unpopular?
  19. Hello guys! I bring some love from quake 2 to reflex. As a q2 player and map maker, I did remake of q2dm1. Everybody from quake 2 like this map, it is the most played map ever in q2. It's not finished yet. The Edge By KOKOS It's in workshop, enjoy !
  20. Hello nice people out there, here is a map i have been working on for a long time (roughly 3 months). Its a map themed out of the Bioshock franchise and hopefully you guys are gonna like it. the map plays as a slow duel map, heavily incentrated on control, it can also be played well in 2v2 tdm. Its not perfect by any means, i come from quake and I suck at reflex so any feedback would be immensely appreciated. Keep in mind the map is not finished, the outside environment is still missing but given how heavy the map is I still dont know if ill be adding any. Please tell me YOUR preference and ill do accordingly. To anyone having troubles running the map at high fps: i would suggest disabling r_dynamic_lights (0) and using r_lm_clear to gain some visibility lost by turning dynamic lights off, imo the map still looks pretty good if doing that and performance get waaay better. Remember tho that the map looks way better with shader on "high" because of how bad brass shading looks on low. Here is the link of the workshop pages where you can find screenshots: Thanks to all the awesome people that helped me doing this, special thanks to: Promeus, Guilt, _Pill, Kovaak, dansen and Brancaleone. (<3) /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// FUTURE STUFF //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Some things you should expect from next version (hopefully coming soonish): -balance tweaks stronger ga rooms (both), weapon position adjustment, more angles on ra. (an overall big help to ooc player on contesting control and item delaying and maybe easyier access to hitscan weapons) -lightning changes, maybe there will be no more pointlights if i can get a good lightning out, and everything will look sexyier. -more wall decorations with led writings and overall bioshock citations (and maybe statues and shit dud idk). -outside underwater city environment whith every performance issue resulting from thst (AYYY LMAO jk). PS: anyone willing to make a video showcasing the map is welcome.
  21. ffa

    This map is very much still a WIP. Any feedback is appreciated. Introducing "Interstellar", a high intensity, three room arena focusing on deadly engagements through its unique item set. Designed for 4-8 players. Weapons: 0x SG 0x GL 2x PG 2x RL 2x IC 2x BR Pickups: 1x Resist 2x YA 20x Shards 2x Mega 2x 25HP
  22. Ca_vil1Bazinga : my first original ATDM map. Also ready for TDM and FFA Thanks for all the feedbacks I get. Special hug to Fragile for his help! Byebye Tac
  23. A remix of Goldeneye / Perfect Dark's multiplayer FFA map Temple for Reflex. Pickups: 1x Carnage 1x RA 1x YA 2x GA 5x Shard 1x Mega 4x 25 HP 5x 5 HP Weapons: 2x SG 1x GL 1x PG 2x RL 1x IC 1x BR
  24. Currently, Reflex is lacking a good pool of truly chaotic FFA / TDM maps. This map attempts to fix that issue. Introducing "Under Pressure", a high intensity, single atrium pit arena focusing on one-way teleporters and vertical engagements; designed for 4-8 players (in my experience it plays best with about 6 people). This map is currently v1.0 and considered finished unless gameplay affecting bugs are found (or something that seriously doesn't work) and baring any future styling & ascetics. Weapons: 2x SG 2x GL 2x PG 2x RL 1x IC 1x BR Pickups: 1x Carnage 1x RA 2x YA 2x GA 10x Shards 1x Mega 2x 50HP 2x 25HP 18x 5HP
  25. fun map

    Hello, Download Biscuit Updated for 0.38! at last -upper some areas according to new player model -some minor changes Updated for 0.36! -removed stake -centered ga exit and fast jumppad exit as well -minor but major tweakings ... let's understand that statement... LAST MAJOR UPDATE = Thanks to Mad_jihad, i've broken and destroyed all prefabs in the map. Resulting gamestates amount= BEFORE 4.579.643 >> NOW 1.039.761 Smooth loading time and good for online fun Next update only when those meshes will have clip attribute available. well ... maybe new version of the map is on the noobschleuder servers [server number 16 is the newest and very stable] One more BIG thank you /Fragile a nice map made with the help of many testers. thanks to: sensit1ve and Nemedian for playing, testing, bringing some ideas /fragile for the feedback and the upload [of the first version] on the Noobschleuder servers finally OhhSeeBee for having pushed me in the right direction, giving more ways to escape and hunt. without him the lovely open area was in the pit of forgotten worlds. It was a hard time finding the right layout but the result worths the work I've put on it. UPDATE: Easy way to bolt is now really easy ! seeing it was really too tight to get it in fight situation, I raised up the block above the bolt and put some angle on the upper one to avoid being blocked by the brushes. UPDATE 2 : added some items suggested by quFIT. mainly life [25hp and one extra 50hp] added one stake gun and one more shotgun [= 2] Stake will be removed from 0.36 but it will come back one day, let's be confident. Fixed teleport jump for the one under the stairs. some ideas are great on the paper but real dick once you play UPDATE 3: fixed floor below lava [which has disappeared from the previous update... leading to instant kill - falling out of the map] the jumppad entry is now jumper friendly [raised up the height] added a triple jump to go on the upper tiny corridor without rocket jump. If you spot a player leading to this jumppad, you can embush him [I loved some fights in this sweet little corridor] Some OLD screenshots [NEWER are on reflexfiles] Last screenshot updated according to the last revision this map works really great in ffa and ATDM , action everywhere for 10 players have fun