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plays a audio clue when you fire a weapon below the low ammo warning

local lastActiveWeapon = -1;
local lastAmmo = 0;

local widgetName = "bonusAmmoWarning"
local widget = {
  draw = function()

    local player = _G.getPlayer()
    if not player then return end

    local activeWeapon = player.weapons[player.weaponIndexSelected]

    if lastActiveWeapon ~= player.weaponIndexSelected then
      lastActiveWeapon = player.weaponIndexSelected
      lastAmmo = activeWeapon.ammo

    if activeWeapon.ammo < activeWeapon.lowAmmoWarning and lastAmmo > activeWeapon.ammo then
    lastAmmo = activeWeapon.ammo

_G[widgetName] = widget


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