[Completed] 2016-03-06 | ArenaFPS One Map Cup - Static Discharge

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107916-Untitled-1.pngThe ArenaFPS boyz United Kingdom Gilanguar & United Kingdom GMT are back with another Reflex cup! This time it's an 8 player invitational featuring some of Reflex's top players.

The single map cup, featuring map Static Discharge by Denmark promEUs, Norway Owl and Germany Warlord Wossman will be held on Sunday 6th March at 17:00 GMT


icon_cup_goldKyto -- € 35 + Supporter Hatchet 6jsI9yX.png
icon_cup_silverDansen -- € 10

Invited players

Finland Danskq
Russia Lunokhod-2
Germany Dansen
Scotland Stalast
Finland Kyto
Russia DEZ
Finland LuGia
Ireland truck


United States of America lolograde -- € 35

Norway Owl -- € 10

Germany Warlord Wossman -- Supporter Hatchet

Admin: Scotland CrazyAl
StreamVOD: twitchArenaFPS
Links: ArenaFPS Discord, Challonge


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I really like this map, especially fond of the fights around the shield door. I'll be roping in a few friends to watch this weekend. Good luck to everyone!


...btw NA really needs to step their shit up. All those little flags are cool :)

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Great writeup X.. 

I've been playing this solely for about a week, and agree with the " i) who had a better initial spawn and ii) who can maintain a higher average aim " comment.

Agree with locking off the top from RA. You can control the whole map too easily from above. 5 ways to RA is a bit excessive. 

Also, 2 ways out of MH. One requires a boost.  <3  :)

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