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I want to make frag movie using yours frags. This frag movie will be about a community. No matter what is your skill level. If you have nice, sick, amazing actions in game send it to me.



-  i know how long it takes to make a movie. I have some experience with this. You can watch my old frag movie from painkiller here.  i think it took me 2-3 months to do it;

- All players can send demo or demos to me;

- Please send them to me demo by private message also I will be appreciate when the action begins it is help me save many my time. 


Thanks and cheers!





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Progress level: 15% 

Infos and statics: Watched 40 demos; Get 200 + awesome frags; Done final config for the movie; Recorded 4 frags.

It took 17 hours for this!

You can still send to me your frags.

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