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On 2017-5-20 at 11:31 PM, GoaLitiuM said:

Are you closing the game properly or have you set your game.cfg to readonly?


I usually close the game with quit in console. Don't think my game.cfg is read only. It's only the chat beep settings that reset.

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Biggo update:

  • BetterSpecControls module is now called BetterSpectator
    • Added auto spectator modes: follow killer, follow leader
      • Modes can be bound to different keys via options menu
      • Modes are also accessible via console with ui_goahud_spectator_mode <value>
        • -1: Cycle between different modes
        • 1: Disabled
        • 2: Follow killer
        • 3: Follow leader
    • Prevent following another player right after death in arena modes
  • New experimental module: BetterGameplay
    • Added option to instantly respawn after suiciding in Race mode
    • Added bind to respawn in Race mode only (ui_goahud_respawn 1)
  • Increased crosshair shape limit to 4 (from 2)
  • Added mode options for crosshairs shapes to control when to show them
    • Different shapes can be displayed after dealing damage or taking damage
    • Fade time is customizable
  • Elements of Messages widget (countdown, follow text, warmup text etc.) can be moved around with Brandon's Hud Editor
  • Added shadows for WeaponRack text and icons (enabled by default)
  • Display multiple CTF messages at the same time
  • Added customizable fade and show times for game messages
  • Zoom key is now bindable via options (shows (unbound) even though the key is properly bound, problem in the engine)
  • Messages widget is fully shown in hud editor
  • Fixed modules getting disabled after opening their options page
  • Fixed FragMessages being shown in menu
  • Fixed countdown messages being shown in menu
  • Fixed text shadows being fully opaque with transparent text
  • Fixed wrong player ready count in some modes (again)
  • Fixed Health and Armor widgets crashing at random times during loading screens
  • Fixed countdown messages and ticking not appearing in arena modes
  • Fixed PerfMeter showing when hud is disabled, added option to always display it (disabled by default)
  • Prevent zooming in game over screen
  • Timers are no longer counting up/down during countdown
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Bug fixes:

  • Fixed crash after pressing quick enable button in GoaHud options
  • Changed zoom binding option to bind the zoom to in-game only instead globally
  • Added a new experimental console command ui_goahud_set to change any options of any GoaHud widget that are not exposed to console:
    • Usage: ui_goahud_set <widget> <variable> <value>
    • Example for changing the zoom fov in Zoom widget: ui_goahud_set GoaHud_Zoom zoomFov 30
    • Example for enabling countdown timer in Timer widget: ui_goahud_set timer countdown true
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More bug fixes:

  • Fixed wrong placement number in Q3-style frag messages while spectators are present
  • Fixed Chat crashing with 0.48.3 build of Reflex

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