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Now reflex has been out of early access for 1 month, what would you like to see in reflex?

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I would like different weapon balance for different modes. ATDM balance is pretty great atm, perhaps decrease bolt damage and nade radius because +back is boring. For FFA melee needs way less range and perhaps less damage too, rocket ammo needs be 15 max and IC air knockback reduced a bit. For duel melee needs nerfing and main weapons need to be much stronger. Atm it's hard to punish stupid yolo plays, especially at armours, it promotes random and ultimately unsatisfying gameplay. Can be very frustrating.

Overall I think the game could've done a better circle from map makers creating new maps, those maps being put into "new maps" pool for casual players to play on, then the good ones would be put in separate competitive Q, then good ones from there would be added/ rotated in standard comp rotation. This way casuals would play new maps, mappers would get feedback because their maps would actually be played and competitive would be more interesting with having to learn new maps.


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My #1 request would be an easy way to play replays of your matches. As a noob player, the best way to improve myself is to watch my own replays and also to watch replays of best players. Yes, I can return to desktop, open browser, go to ladder website, find my match, download the replay, put it to the replay folder, open up the game, open the console, write "play furnace_blablablabla_long_name.rep", BUT, wouldn't it be wonderful if your last 10 MM replays were automatically saved to local folder and you can access them via menu (visually), and just click on it to play it? It would take 5 seconds to go to your replay without any effort.
Also it would be nice if we could drag&drop downloaded replay files onto "reflex.exe" so that it directly opens up with that replay playing. This would make watching downloaded replays of other players a breeze.
So, #1, making replays easy to play.
#2 is great but could be better, and real-time. Everybody likes seeing his progress, his statistics etc...
#3 would have been new maps and cosmetics to keep the game fresh but it is already addressed in latest patch. Hopefully we will keep the ladder fresh with a few new maps every now and then. And the new cosmetics look great.
#4 nameplates widget which shows the players' names and health/armor on top of their heads can be official since it is so useful and simple.
#5 there is probably a hud for this but still: when watching a replay it would be nice if we could see both POV player's and the opponent's weapon/ammo information in the same screen so that we can know who has what without changing the POV. I might do a mockup for this to express it better.
#6 I use third party solution and it works well for now, so it is not urgent but a borderless windowed mode would be nice.
#Bonus It does not matter much at my level but at high ranks, players are complaining a lot about the sound engine. Maybe it can be improved as well?
I will add as things come to my mind.
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Mutator Options

I'd like to be able to set available weapons on any map, and not have to rely on the weapon restrictor tool (think Arena with only rockets or lg or whatever).  Setting starting HP and armor amounts would be handy too.  I would also like to see some more interplay between mutators, especially CTF and Arena.  I really think CTF with player elimination, round-based scoring, and a full reset after each flag cap would be a lot of fun.  It could be the modern update to Clan Arena that gives it a much needed objective, rather than just out-damaging the other team.

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Posted (edited)

  • I would like more customization on the looks of your enemy, colors, melee cosmetics and robot parts. That way I can always fight a hostile full green robot with the default melee. That would fix the problem of people using a widget to change the color of their robot all the time. If none of the other things matter to anyone else, I think at least adding the option to have a completely green enemy would improve the experience a lot, considering someone can pick the color of your crosshair and make it a bit harder to tell where it is.


  • I don't remember anymore and don't care that much but I know another passionate guy on discord tried telling people about this. :P There is a problem with spectating teammodes. For example I have Enemies green and teammates magenta. if i spectate team ALPHA=RED and ZETA=BLUE and spectate "player1" on APLHA the enemies will be green. The killfeed will show that "player1" fragged "player2", and the score will show that ALPHA is in the lead 1-0 over ZETA. Now if I switch to "player2" on ZETA, it will be the opposite again and that's good.

    If I decide to go freecam everything goes nuts as "player1" who is on ALPHA... his robot is red while his enemy is blue but the widgets keep the same magenta and green colors!
  • If I set the color of my robot to be yellow, my robot will still be the teammate color I chose, if I have weaponmodels on or after the game is over.
  • Burstgun has sparks you can not hide, and grenades have trails you can not hide :(
  • In the picture I posted in this comment there is a crosshair thatis not centered, there might be a way to fix that, but I don't know about it. Please tell me how if you know and btw I am using PerWeaponSettins and I am not disabling it.


Edited by Luft
Added the burstgun line
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23 hours ago, ZuLuuuuuu said:
I use third party solution and it works well for now, so it is not urgent but a borderless windowed mode would be nice.

Can you please elaborate? Are you using a hello kitty crosshair with that? Do you get some sort of borderless with that?

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Here some thoughts: 

- An easy one-click method to play replays from sites like . Maybe a url schema would work like reflex://, which upon selection would open reflex with the selected replay.

- The soundsystem could use some attention. Sometimes sounds don't play, like pickups. I'm far from a top player so it's not like it would improve my performance in games. And I'm already having a lot of fun playing. However I feel it's inconsistent with the current state of this great game: it's come quite far with so many improvements over time, however this thing is still there.


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I'd love to see new mutators. Some suggestions:
Remove the arena mutator and split it up into

- Round based mutator (arena modes can be played continuously without it, other modes can be played round based with it. I would love playing 1v1 in the fashion a1v1 is played, ctf would be the same salad suggested)
- no self/team damage
- full stack
- explosive stake (stake explodes if it hits the wall in a very short time allowing to use it as a rocket jump alternative for stake instagib).
- no pickups

Some additional scripting stuff would be great as well.

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