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xy7 - Battery

by: Xytaglyph
with art & design help from: messik

This is a 2 atrium 1 versus 1 map with a design philosophy similar to cpm3a or catalyst. The map is fairly standard with 1 Red Armor, 1 Mega Health, and 2 Yellow Armor. The defining feature of this map is the fact that there is no Bolt Rifle, while being a map where Ion Cannon is very strong.

Thank you to all testers, specifically: bn, hoyt, metrical, kalameet, and soh

And Thanks to Visitor for the XY7 logo
And Promeus for some art/design ideas









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pls add a bolt and some kind of hole to spam grenades into the mega area from ya and you have a good map, cpm3a dead end mega is so boring 

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