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Beginner's duel

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This map is a prototype, designed for beginners to enjoy and learn duel mode while playing.

When I say "beginners", I really mean people who barely know the game or any other afps, or just don't know what is going on in duel.
I often play with such people, because I get my friends to test the game as soon as I can, and what I learned is that we don't even imagine what is difficult for them.

Obviously, 2 main components are :

  • WEAPONS (collecting and switching weapons, thinking of what weapon to select while fighting)
  • MAP (orienting themselves on the map is difficult, that's why they run ramdomly most of the time)
  • they don't even think about items at this point

Problem is, before having just a glance of the tactical interest of the game, there is a long way to go... Therefore for them the game is just about wandering and shooting what is moving, and of course getting crushed =).
My idea is to have a map that is way more simple than usual duel maps, but still fun =), so that it's less noisy, and easier and faster for beginners to come to focus on what matters (in theory).

So on this map, the main features are :

  • Only main weapons
  • 1 GA / 1 YA (ya armor is in middle of the map in the air so easy and fun to punish.
  • 2 25s hp and 1 50 hp
  • lots of double jump, 2 triple jumps in BR room (quite optionnal : one tele jump & one stair jump)
  • All the spawn points are very close to weapons
  • Very simple map plan
  • Just one 1-way tele

Feedback and ideas are welcome on 2 aspects :

- on the concept of having more simple duel maps for beginners.
- on the map in itself.


Map name : beginner_duel_1
Workshop link :

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