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Base problems of team modes

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We all love team modes (TDM and CTF) but they never took gravity in reflex. I just want to share my 2 scents why I think Reflex is not ready for team modes boom. And also invoke more discussions and possible solutions. There has been a lot of discussions and a lot of suggestion for features and etc. But I think issues start to pop up at the base level.


  1. Servers can't handle larger amount of players. 

Currently servers are struggling and crashing when there are more than 10 people in the server and this is really bummer for team modes. 
And here is why we need more than 10 playable slots:
For competitive play to exist, you need casual player base to back it up.
4v4 is good for competitive play, but for casual or public play teams have to larger. Because in public play, people are jumping in and leaving constantly. And when 1 person leaves in 4v4, teams balance is completely ruined and there is no break or wait for other people to hop in. But in case of 7v8 it's not that terrible, it's still remains playable and enjoyable.
This issue is also is very hard fix because networking bugs are incredibly tricky to diagnose and fix.

  1. Reflex can't handle large maps.

for 8v8 to be fun, it needs big maps, but sadly currently engine can't really deliver that. Even smaller "big" maps like Monolith are performing poorly. Counter argument might be "Have better PCs", while it's legit, but maps performance should be consistent. And fixing this is incredibly hard. Engine is already settled in, not only it's hard to improve performance, engine updates will possible create new issues.

Also low player base, I don't really want to dive into this much, since it's discussed enough.

So in the end, I don't think Reflex is ready for classical CTF that we're used to. Maybe Reflex should adopt some kind of hybrid to allow casual play with lower players count and smaller maps. Because these mentioned issues are tricky to fix and won't even guarantee that CTF will all of the sudden take speed.

What's your thoughts?

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I think having proper mechanics for TDM and CTF would be a start (a dedicated menu for team bindings in the options, high ammo caps, long respawn time for weapons, etc...).

I don't think that large amount of players per game is a solution, 5v5 is the most these gamemodes can handle.


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tdm and ctf are never going to be interesting again. no amount of features will change that. aside from there being lots of fundamental issues with the gametypes themselves that affect how enjoyable they are to play, there are far more interesting alternatives in other games. the only way to get teammodes to get traction in reflex would be to offer something interesting and more suited to teamplay etc. if reflex is the only place you can play this awesome teamgame, then people will ( i hope xD); tdm and ctf on the other hand can be played in countless other games (not that anyone does, the modes are dead pretty much everywhere).

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