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  3. RMC Hitscan Balance

    Mine and a couple others' opinion on the changes to IC and BR in RMC is that its too easy to hit now but is going in the right direction. Making the trace higher on hit scans was a good change but it was excessive. Plenty of the duels we've had have people hitting 50-60 easily in fights and hitting 60-80+ with BR. People in NA haven't been playing on RMC just because the spawn system being outdated. Opinions?
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  5. Reflex Monthly Cups

    How to play on the custom ruleset : http://reflex.fun/ruleset.html#Playing Using the latest version of Reflex available on steam, connect to one of the servers from the server browser or manually in the console: Europe (DE#1) : connect replays : Europe (DE#2) : connect replays : Europe (DE#3) : connect replays : Europe (DE#4) : connect replays : NA (Central#1) : connect replays : NA (Central#2) : connect replays : NA (West#1) : connect replays : NA (West#2) : connect replays :
  6. Reflex Monthly Cups

  7. Reflex Monthly Cups

    I'm pushing a 1.1.2 expplus build to the expplus steam branch for this. This will allow you to use the custom ruleset on the 1.1.2 build. note: If you go this way, only the server will need the expplus branch, connecting clients just need to callvote ruleset experimental_plus Been sitting on it for a while with anticipation that 1.2 would beat it - but it doesn't look like that's the case. Please let me know if there are any issues setting up the expplus servers.
  8. Cosmetic suggestions thread

    More chest, arms and legs variation would be great aswell. Atm most models in game still have this tankjr body style.
  9. CurtHud

    I wanted to mention, new update!!! Now we got us health and armor bars!!! For those that wanted it. Also wanted to thank you all, I come back to check out Reflex after not touching the game for like months to see my hud is the highest rated addon on the workshop! That's amazing! I never thought I could produce something so popular, and it is all thanks to you guys! Y'all are amazing. I only hope I have the motivation to continue working haha.
  10. Cosmetic suggestions thread

    yall still accepting suggestions? i'd love to see some rad demon-esque armor in the game, like heads with demon horns, clawed hands, etc
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  12. Interest in an NA CTF Tournament?

    I'm down for a draft cup too as long as I get picked first. Draft is kind of shit if you don't know the community tho. or community dont no u
  13. Weapon Stay 2v2 Modifier

    The CPM weapon stay was for the entire ruleset, iirc. Not map specific.
  14. Weapon Stay 2v2 Modifier

    Its just something that sounds like it would be fun to have, kind of implying they give us the tools ourselves to make things like that. Definitely wouldn't work on maps like t7 or t2, but the map I was running around where I got the idea was Simplicity which seemed a bit more like a QW 2v2 map. Would interesting to see if weapon stay plays better in reflex than cpm because of the armor values. What maps did they play in cpm weapon stay?
  15. Weapon Stay 2v2 Modifier

    Being able to find 2v2 teamplay matches in matchmaking in a reasonable timeframe is the most important thing to fix. I think the game needs an in-game ladder (which resets it's stats each month) for teampla modes with special rewards (for example some kind of player titles to show off to others). This will give players more reason to play teamplay. Current maps in the 2v2 pool (termal blast, phobos, iron guard) are rather big compared to furnace, catalyst, ruin or aerowalk. I think it's good to have limited weapons on maps. It makes weaker weapons like shotgun more useful when ammo on powerful weapons like rocketlauncher is limited. I think QW is more fun and generally better than Reflex but it's a completely different game (weapons stay, different respawn timers on major items, lower ammolimits, instant weaponswitch, no Q3 style srafejump, sharper aircontrol, smaller playermodels, lower viewheight, higher gravity, hitscan spawnweapon, no boltrifle, higher explosive splash range, more knockback, mostly tighter maps). I think it's rather unlikely that more aspects of QW will get introduced into Reflex in future. Q3, QL and Quake Champions community and popularity have way more influence on this game than ancient QW.
  16. So I accepted an MM instagib match, but the other two players didn't accept, so it went away but then it said 'competitive duel' and the other player accepted and that was it - basically the 'accept/cancel' option didn't appear on screen, it seemed to take my acceptance of one mode as acceptance of any mode. Might be a bug if a second match for a different mode is made soon after another match isn't made?
  17. Weapon Stay 2v2 Modifier

    The wording is a bit funny but I think I know what you mean. It's a philosophical question about what 2v2 should be like. If you had QW style weapon/ammo system but with Reflex's weapon balance, and played 2v2 on a duel map, it seems like it'd break any sense of map control. Just grab weapons and relentlessly rush. I've never played QW 2v2 but I assume QW's weapon balance has a lot to do with it working well in QW (RL has enormous splash/damage and LG does insane damage so it's harder to rush the "in control" team down). EDIT: Incidentally, if I remember correctly, CPM briefly introduced the QW-style weapon/ammo system (CPMA 1.34 or 1.35) and it caused a lot of controversy since it didn't seem to work well with the weapon balance. There was a large tournament on-going (Challenge Master Cup Extra Large, "CMCXL") which rapidly died halfway through after the update. I'm not saying it's a bad idea. It'd be fun to test. It'd be awesome if the devs simply introduced some room to make custom mutators or game modes so ideas like yours could be tested. However, I will say that I think the spirit in which in most enjoy 2v2 is that weapon control is part of the equation. It can be a lot of fun with the right balance and experienced players.
  18. Weapon Stay 2v2 Modifier

    Do I need to explain what weapon stay is or do you not like my idea. I know it wont get added since the devs seem to not care enough to fix even little things like locking teams.
  19. Interest in an NA CTF Tournament?

    I bet @OJ. is a good attacker and runner.
  20. Weapon Stay 2v2 Modifier

  21. Weapon Stay 2v2 Modifier

    In current 2v2 you can't play duel maps where as in something like QW 2v2 maps can be extremely small because of the weapon stay, it would be nice to see a re imagining of 2v2 with this option.
  22. It would be a tragedy if the server browser were removed imo. A better idea would be to put the top-5 (by player count) servers on the main menu, alongside the matchmaking games.
  23. Interest in an NA CTF Tournament?

    I'm interested.
  24. Interest in an NA CTF Tournament?

    Just a suggestion: How about a draft tournament instead? Less likely that one supergroup will form to rule them all. Four players are chosen as captains. They play a FFA on Fusion (or something) to determine who gets first pick, second, third, and fourth of the other signups.
  25. Interest in an NA CTF Tournament?

    I would be interested in playing as well. Everyone knows I'm a tournament player only so I could come back!!!
  26. Interest in an NA CTF Tournament?

    So down for this!
  27. Interest in an NA CTF Tournament?

    probably not random per se, but me and the other admins will probably seed the teams to make them as even as possible, or something to that effect but we will definitely try to minimize team stacking, the main objective is for everyone to have fun and close matches
  28. Interest in an NA CTF Tournament?

    could be fun, randomized teams just to have games instead of stacked competition?
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