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    46 kills vs bots on FFA: Fusion

    I think it was a 5 min limit before. I upped it to 10 and now have 92 kills in 10mins. Phenomenal skill
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    Reflex to Quake 3 Map Converter Tool

    I believe this tool had been broken for a bit but is now functional again with assistance from Donald and donny. All credit belongs to scuti, Donald, donny, and the other folks who helped to make this tool. You can download the .zip here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Pg4rVdB2_r7XYa3sQM585wEHYadZDWXw Copy+pasta from the README.txt: reflex2q3 - Map conversion from Reflex to idTech 3 engine This is a command line application for Windows. Sample usage: reflex2q3.exe input.map output.map -e sample.ent Help and all command line options: reflex2q3.exe --help For extra information refer to: https://blog.teknik.io/antares/p/370 Source code repository: https://git.teknik.io/scuti/reflex2q3
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    Hello there, This is my minoan project for HenHouse, ra3map12, by Firestarter! Work in progress... First, this is some minoan remains: And now, my actual minoan work, have fun: Have Fun! Addictus © ⰏⰉⰐⰑⰔ. © Dieu faune Nicolas Urvoy.