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    updated: 26 July 2016: We split 45 into two builds, releasing 45 with cosmetics + animations. Training will become 46, and the other builds will be rippled down one version. People are asking for our up-coming roadmap so we've put an updated one together. Please keep in mind this isn't concrete and we often reorder features as needed. We do also have other stuff planned which isn't in the list, we do need to have some surprises for you guys Version 0.45.x We've already started on this just recently. This build will include two main features. First is several new robot character models, and allow customisation for each part. For example you can have legs from one robot, arms from another, and head from another. They're looking really cool in game and we'll be showing some work in progress as we progress. We're also re-doing the animations (as seen in the main menu todo list), the old ones are really rough and the new ones are adding a lot of character to the game. update: training was pushed to 46 Also planning on adding some additions to casual mode, and planning on doing the grenade launch art pass. Version 0.46.x Training has been pushed to 46 in favour to get 45 out earlier: We're planning to have a training game mode & also some simple training maps to get people started in Reflex. These should describe the basics of the movement, weaponry and items. The training gamemode will allow workshop maps to utilize all the training components we build and we're really looking forward to what people can do here. More info will follow as we flush this out. Version 0.47.x The big one for this build is the curated workshop. We'll start with having Lua scripts available on the workshop. We want to have it directly plugged in to the menu system so you can simply browse for the widget you want and subscribe to it. Extending past Lua scripts we'd like to also get to having a style guide & the ability to submit workshop melee weapons. We've been wanting to add triggers & movers (aka doors & shootable targets) for a long time, it's scheduled in here. Really looking forward to this. For the art side on this build we're planing to finish the shotgun which some of you have seen, and also do the bolt rifle. We'll also be adding a "mutator system" and the first gameplay mutator of instagib. The idea here is you can vote for a game mode + mutator. For example: CTF + instagib. Version 0.48.x This builds main focus will be matchmaking. It may just be queue based to start with, but ultimately we want to get the game flow all sorted, and get people using it. The last two weapons will have their art pass this build, RL + plasma gun. Version 0.49.x We're getting pretty far down the line here, but the core plan for this build is persistent match history. This should allow you to browse through the recent games you've played, get access to the replays & your statistics. We'd like to have a central database which can be queried by web API here too. Also have lots of other small bits and pieces after this to clean up, a friends list, particle improvements, liquids etc etc. These aren't really sorted yet and will quite possibly have been squeezed in with the above builds anyway. These are the core things for each build. A lot of other little polish and fixes also happen along the way. We'll also continue to do on-going experimental gameplay changes & improvements for each build, and be working on those unlisted surprises. Cheers lads! Enjoy your Reflex!
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    This provides an alternative way of editing and laying out your HUD without having to use sliders and guess positions through the widgets menu. UPDATE 1 (2016/08/09) Show/Hide widgets Snapping Widget Options Anchor Based Grid Installation Make sure to delete any old versions of the pak. Download Here Locate your Reflex installation directory. Typically it’s found at Program Files/Steam/steamapps/common/reflexfps/. Place the .pak file inside the /base folder. Steam Workshop (2017/03/16) Now available through the steam workshop. Instructions While in a game go to your widgets menu, and press the “Hud Editor” button.
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    Optional Themes Custom Colors Other Features - adjustable alignment - show/hide award name and xp UPDATE 1 (2016/08/12) New Themes - added text drop shadow option - you can now preview text in options - fixed banner theme animation - performance improvements (results may vary) Installation Make sure to delete any old versions of the pak. Download Here Locate your Reflex installation directory. Typically it’s found at Program Files/Steam/steamapps/common/reflexfps/. Place the .pak file inside the /base folder. Steam Workshop (2017/01/25) Now available through the steam workshop. Instructions Enable "br_Awards" in the widget menu.
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    Reflex 0.36 Preview

    Upcoming changes in Reflex Alpha 0.36 Art style change As the following shots will make pretty clear, we've decided to change art style again. This time, we've opted for a stylized, deliberately low-poly, faceted, textureless look and it comes with a ton of advantages for both developers and players. Over the course of development, we've had as much praise for our minimalistic, dev-texture look as we have for the high detail art and we think the new theme finds a good balance between those two looks. As a bonus, it will also unify the standard/high-vis system into a single, clear, unique look. Art development is much, much faster -- Our little art team can smash out a handful of new meshes faster than we could previously create a single asset. Unlike the previous style, it also doesn't require months of renderer programming to get it looking its best. It's ready to go right now. We've also got a whole lot of previously un-seen art that can be quickly updated to our new style and released. More themes, more flexibility -- One of the original motivations behind the Teslapunk theme was to reduce the art workload. Building and supporting 3 unique themes to an AAA style was going to take years of development. Now that art flows much faster, we're able to create all the core assets required for a new theme in a month. Assets are also far more reusable between each or our environment themes (or entirely new, user created ones). Better performance -- In the future, we will continue to tweak the Reflex engine with the new style in mind, creating a much leaner, faster renderer. Unique meshes for each weaponOne of the most long awaited art updates -- we finally have unique meshes for each weapon! We've still got some tweaks in mind for them (especially when it comes to animation and effects) but we're going to be shipping the first pass of them with the next update. More editor improvements Lua-powered UI -- We've moved all the editor UI over to the new Lua system so players are now able to create custom widgets for map editing. This means no more external content browser. Instead, we now have a new Lua based content browser with thumbnails. Scalable meshes -- Traditionally, scaling meshes is a bad idea because it effectively halves your texture resolution, making things look blurry and wrong. Since we're not actually using textures any more, you can now scale meshes all you want. This instantly makes meshes a whole lot more flexible. Custom materials and colors for meshes -- Meshes can now have their material type and color changed dynamically to suit whatever look you want for your map.
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    Reflex 0.45.0

    0.45.0 is our character & animation update. We've decided to split training into another release. This allows us to deliver the character & animation build earlier Training will become 46, I'll update the road map thread shortly. Character Customisation: We've added character customisation where you can mix & match different robot parts. There are now 5 robots: hostile, dedlock, sentinel, tracker & hornet. We've changed player colouring so you CAN set your own colour in non-team modes Added a "glow color" you can now specify Implemented new animations: We've done a full animation pass. We've added additive animations so the player smoothly looks around now. We've added IK so player feet stand on ground / ramps correctly We've added ragdoll (configurable in game options) We've made the feet lead to and pull away from the ground when jumping to make bunny hopping look "real" Drop system: Standard melees & robot parts now have a chance of dropping at the end of a match. Grenade Launcher: Grenade launcher has received it's art pass. Crouch: We've added +crouch It does change the hitbox, it's a smooth transition from big<->small When crouched you move slower You can crouch in the air, so you can jump into small gaps. Improvements: Cleaned up color overrides to be cl_colors_relative, cl_colors_enemy, cl_colors_friend. Color overrides only work when you are playing. When you are spectating it always uses the team color (or players color if not in team game) Profile UI now shows if you have multiple of an item Updated in-game roadmap Silhouettes can now be any colour Gibs/ragdoll colours & silhouette colours are now updated when you change team / colour override settings Added workshop buttons to title in scoreboard Clicking map title on scoreboard takes you to workshop Now get +10xp for a kill Carnage effect no-longer makes player go black. (helps with readability) Shotgun experimental now in core game Plasma experimental now in core game Flag Drag experimental now in core game Bug fixes: Fixed time-code display in replay editor Known issues: No swim animations yet Golden morning star isn't attaching correctly, will fix in first point release
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    Reflex 0.44.1 - Awards!

    New Supporter Weapons: As voted by the public, we have released two new supporter Melees: Short Sword and Mjolnir Added Awards: We've added 44 awards which are awarded for doing various cool things in game. There's an award screen which you can use to see what they are and which one's you've received. Added XP system: XP is earned by receiving awards. XP is a fun stat which gives you progression for playing Reflex, and allows you to see how long your opponents have played Reflex too. We'd like to attach XP to player drops further down the line. Added Steam Stats Integration: We've added some fun statistics to allow you to track your adventures through Reflex. UI improvements: Added KillFeed with lots of new unique death SVGs Added SVGs for each custom melee weapon! You can see this in the weapon rack & the kill feed. Added Profile Tile to main screen Replay editor: Added re_setfov & re_setfovlerp -- you can now specify FOV for your key frames, General Improvements: m_advanced_acceleration now handles negative numbers cl_country is now flood protected Bug fixes: Fixed spawn issue which was favouring wrong spawn when NO valid spawns were found (really this only happened in test/empty maps) Flags should now appear on pickup list in competitive mode Mapping: Added skeleton arm mesh - MAD_JIHAD request Lua improvements: Added Lua var player.weapon[].isAllowed which indicates if you're in a weapon restrictor SVGs can now scale in Lua without a huge performance cost SVGs can now be blurred (they are converted to single colour in the progress) Exposed nvgLineHeight() Added weaponDefinitions table so you don't need a player to get weapon name & colours Added global steamId of local player Large avatar of local player is now available Gameplay (changes pulled from experimental to core): Ramp fix Melee trace range 64 -> 80 units Melee trace radius 8 -> 12 units Rocket explosion radius 96 -> 112 units Spawn LOS check angle 120 -> 360 degrees Spawn LOS distance 768 -> 1000 units Gameplay changes: Casual TDM is reduced from 15 to 10 minutes Weapon respawn is now 25 seconds in competitive TDM mode Experimental changes: Plasma cell speed changed from 3000ups -> 1500ups Plasma cell damage changed from 12 -> 15 Shotgun reload changed from 1000ms to 800ms Flag drag, over 640 ups your speed will be limited with flag. After feedback here Reverted previous IC changes, going to try something else in the future. Let's Dance!
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    Tech Fixed multiple reflection probes for shader quality 0 Added simplistic network compression & encryption, seeing a reduction of around 33% traffic (server->client only) Changed default sv_steam_port from 25797 to 25788 Reduced jittering of all entities client-side Reduced jittering when colliding with other players Added comment support to config (.cfg) files Connect coomand is now just <ip:port> Use "password <blah>" in the console to supply a server password This format is required for steam:// links We now load player steam friends list, and their avatars Allowed friend info for players you meet in a server (to get their avatar + steam info) Dedicated servers IMPORTANT: Our dedicated servers now require the Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable (x86) to be installed. Steam is supposed to install it automatically but that doesn't seem to work with SteamCMD. We expect we'll end up including this in future releases but for now we don't. Weapons All weapons again obey weapon offsets Updated IC: revised mesh, updated beam and impact effects, additional animation and glow effects when firing, new sounds based on states Fixed ioncannon beam clipping through ground visually in some instances in first person Added player hands in first person New first person weapon animation system Shotgun, boltrifle, plasmarifle casings eject from their correct positions again New first person melee animations Art Optimisation pass on egyptian meshes Optimisation pass on japan meshes Effects Blood decals are now larger and moister with smoother normals (helps look a bit thicker) Gib decals have more velocity spread (more likely to go on walls) CTF carried flag wisp toned down (might need another pass still) Blood on melee weapons now correctly matches blood in the world. Robot blood is now some kind of blueish coolant or something Stats Added in-game stats for weapons, powerups & generic player info (calculated server side) We also now track top 5 race times (and distance / topspeed / avgspeed), and store these for each player too Stats are all pushed to lua Stats are currently only available during matches -- no fancy web API. Scoreboard Implemented new scoreboard to showcase stats Scoreboard is different per gamemode Scoreboard is interactive By default hold +showscores and rightclick to enable cursor. You can click on another player to view more info about them, including adding them to friends / viewing their profile You can re-bind the scoreboard cursor release in the options menu. Either with the "showscorescursor" command for a specific key, or "showscorescursorhook" which allows you to hook it in to an existing key "Jump" / "Attack". You can now see player steam avatars on scoreboard Tou can now see friend status / add player to friends list on scoreboard Added flag for each player to the scoreboard, this is toggled with cl_country (cl_country default is pulled from steam) Gameplay Implemented /roll command (WoW style). To use, type "roll 20" in console Improved the feel of projectiles by pushing the projectile spawn position from 8 to 28 (and fixed all the bugs that usually would have caused). Editor Added ReflectionProbe entity. The old effect based reflection probes still work but are deprecated. Added me_showclip Added "Show Clip" to MapEditor.lua titlebar, which controls me_showclip Bugfixes Players will no longer get stuck inside each other Instead, they will have their collision disabled until it can be resolved. Internally, this is now known as "Patrick Swayzeing" Fixed bug where overlapping guns could prevent pickups. i.e. if player full on burst ammo, and burst gun overlapped RL, RL was blocked. Steam defaults are now applied after config load (this was probably causing steam defaults to be stomped :|) note - they are only applied if cvar is at default value! Clicking on ReflectionProbe no longer breaks it Fixed issue where prefab names with a space in them weren't properly being parsed in on map load. Fixed issue where end of game sound would sometimes play on connection Right click friend->join game should now work Known Issues Players are Patrick Swayzeing more often than expected. Again, our Dedicated Server currently requires Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable (x86) to be installed Race times in scoreboard are not sorted properly Race times do not reset properly And finally... Reflex 0.40.0 marks the first release using a new set of internal development tools. While developing, we often find ourselves going back to the Steam build to play random peasants and are immediately stuck by how much it sucks compared to the development version we've been using. With these new systems in place, we should be able to release smaller updates more often, instead of holding on to good features for 3 weeks waiting for other features to become shippable. We're not entirely sure what our release schedule will be like yet, but the take away for players is that you can expect to see features within a couple of days of them being ready.
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    Official 2v2 TDM Mapping Competition

    We're running a 2v2 TDM mapping competition! We're looking for the best 2v2 map which will then receive a full art pass and become the next official Reflex map. Prizes: 1st prize: AU$500 + your map will receive a visual pass from developers (new meshes, effects etc. will be made) and be made an official map. You will be fully credited as the original layout author. 2nd prize: AU$150 3rd prize: AU$50 What to do: We're looking for a 2v2 map layout - we are judging based on layout only. You are able to do some visuals if you wish to imply visual ideas, the theme is industrial sci-fi. Replays of matches on the final version welcomed and encouraged. How to enter: Create your map & submit to workshop. To officially enter reply to this thread with a link to your workshop map. If you're after additional feedback, create a thread for your map in the mapping forum. Rules: Existing maps can be submitted No ports, we're looking for new maps & you must own the map. Team submissions allowed, see legal section. Entries close: Midnight UTC September 18th How judging works: Judging will be ran from September 19th to September 30th. We'll have a public forum thread where anyone can vote for their favourite map. We'll have community judges privately voting their top 3 maps as well. Official judging will be done by Turbo Pixel, we'll take all votes into account and announce the winner on September the 28th. Legal: In order to accept 1st prize all contributing parties for the map will need to sign a legal document to assign non-exclusive rights for Turbo Pixel Studios to use your map layout. This allows Turbo Pixel to ship it in the final game, while it allows you to use your map layout in another game if desired. edit: The judges are in: Crazyal, Dacra, Draqu, Kovaak and Terifire thanks to our judges for helping! <3 edit: we're extending judging by another 5 days to 30th September, more play tests required Good luck! Let the mapping commence! Entries are: Bastion by F14m3z - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=670721026 Phobos by promEUs - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=716386516 Ironguard by irish - http://www.steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=626520198 deadzone by HunteR - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=734294350 Xonium by Xoni - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=736275128 Thermal Blast by def and mazu - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=741879425 The gravesite by def and fht - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=608448000 Dysnomia by Zohd - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=748211260 Nihilum by Tac - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=745760085 Defensive by Cooledcannon - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=750853706 Half Breathless by Kokos - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=661098854 Turbo Shape by Kokos - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=672273328 Dimensional Object by Kokos - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=735917890 Melting Shell by Kokos - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=736214868 Velocity Curve by Kokos - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=742339034 Doubled Tought by Kokos - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=750309097 Knee-Deep in 2v2 by Kokos and pakao - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=746017421 Highrise TDM by sndrec32 and Forest - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=735962069 Misty by Cooledcannon - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=760406728 Faraway by Sab0o - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=660520243 Wheresoever by Sab0o - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=660520239 Sphinctified by Smilesythe - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=764552988 Impulse By Tac - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=763588309 Sterile by Spessu_sb - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=765270352 Dystonia By Spessu_sb - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=618548083 Def-Control By Irish - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=765290345 BD_2v2 #1 By BlazeDillon - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=762300420 Moruga By Gramz - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=765388375 b.i.a.s. By Lumpp - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=765621615 Quantized By KvanttE - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=766115864 dm_collapse By Visitor - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=632111904
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    A look at first pass new animation

    Here are some new gifs I just created of what the devs are working on. A first pass of the new animation. Hype away!
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    So, I spent Sunday and Monday furiously writing up notes and recording videos since I wanted to get to as many of the newer players to the game as I could (yay Steam sales). Many of you have already seen the end result - 10 episodes (about an hour and a half) of videos going from the very basics of Reflex to some more advanced strategies to employ in duel. Here's the full playlist. Or, here are the individual episodes: IntroductionMovement BasicsGame ModesHealth/Armor Systems & PowerupsWeaponsConfigurationCombat tipsSubtletiesAdvanced dueling strategiesHow to get betterIf you prefer to read text instead of watch video, I transcribed my notes into something more intelligible and put them on the Reflexfiles wiki here. My intent is to try to keep this series relatively up to date with changes to the game. I separated the series into so many episodes so that if I need to re-record something, it won't be a major hassle. Also, as I mentioned at the end of the last video, I am planning on doing some informal demo reviews when I get a chance here/there. Players of any skill can send me a replay (just message me here, on IRC, Steam, or Reddit to coordinate), and I'll try to give it a fair review of what I thought could have been done differently. I'll let you know what I think you missed. I just request that the game you played be something where it wasn't a complete blowout in one direction or the other, and that you were engaged with playing the entire game (not spacing out).
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    Reflex 0.43.0 - No puns, I'm tired

    Server: Netcode optimisations to reduce traffic, this helps previous lag experienced in high player count matches. (A lot of) CPU & memory load reductions. This helps with performance (and stability) of high player count matches. App is now back to CLI Now shows load % to give you an idea of performance. Fixed issue where crash reporter was deadlocking Improvements: Added com_logfilename, can use to log console on client/server Content browser now keeps selection on hide You can now mouse-over a server in the server browser to get a player list of people in server re_export export now correctly names images *.png (was previously writing *.tga despite them being pngs) Renamed "Callvote: Match" -> "Change Map / Mode" Dropped pickups now collide with PLAYER_CLIP Added rulesets casual/competitive/experimental (sv_ruleset, sv_startruleset, callvote ruleset) General bug fixes: Adjusted range on FOV slider (was -200 -> 200 now 70 -> 170) Fixed reflection probe issue where they occasionally broke across map change -- please rebuild your maps and upload to workshop! Fixed issue where IC beam sustain sound wasn't correctly being positioned on 3rd person weapon Fixed issue in ATDM where suicide damage was counting towards your points Editor bug fixes: Fixed bug where sky fields were listed twice Fixed a bunch of lua errors thrown when bogus values added to edit boxes Restored "Apply Selection" UI button in EntityVolumeSelect Experimental ruleset: An experimental ruleset has been added to allow for rapid iteration & testing without impacting the core gameplay (i.e. tournaments). When pre-jumping on angled ramp you'll now be effecting by ramp angle Spawn system: increased spawn blocking angle check to 360 & distance to 1024 IC trace is now "fat" (it has volume, instead of being a point trace). IC damage reduced to 5 Plasma cells now have volume Slightly increased Melee range and radius. Casual ruleset: Added casual ruleset designed to just be loaded up and played. It's the default ruleset for Reflex. Reduced 1v1 timelimit to 5 minutes and team game time limits to 15. Competitive ruleset: Added competitive ruleset designed for competition play Item respawn times are not exposed to Lua Timelimits are standard 10/20 mins. Known issues: Double kill bug still exists. Double flag (!) flag is popping out when people don't die some times, seems releated to double kill bug. Triple jumps are apparently are not working in experimental branch. com_logfilename seems to not be writing everything correctly.
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    Reflex 0.39 - Arbitrary gibberish

    Workshop: You can now grab maps directly from the workshop when starting a server or callvoting a new map via the in-game menu. Added new console commands: "wmap <id>" and "wmatch <id> <mode>" for voting workshop maps Maps can now be published to Workshop directly from our map editor via the "Publish" button in the top toolbar. You can also rate, favourite and subscribe to maps during the end game screen. Gameplay: Spawn system overhaul Fixed broken biasing giving wrong spawns You can no-longer spawn at same spawn as last time (10 second timeout) Added line-of-sight check LOS checks can favor/block potential spawns depending if person viewing it is friend/foe. In team games it's modified by number of people viewing spawn. i.e. 2/4 team mates looking at a spawn, will increase the change you can spawn there by 50% of the existing chance. Existing chance is based off normal distance biasing. Added fall-back in team/FFA games where all spawns are not available. It will allow any spawns except ones assigned to other team (ctf) or if a team mate is standing on it. Added initialSpawn property to player spawns -- these will be used for the first spawns of the game (provided there are enough available). Burstgun now fires 6 shots, at staggered offsets, and do 7 damage per pellet Editor: Removed modes a1v1, atdm, affa from worldspawn -- these are now just attached to 1v1, tdm, ffa, respectively Added weaponclip magic material -- blocks shots but not players. Game won't end due to few players if there's a player in editor mode. (i.e. you can solo edit race maps while game is in progress now) Added EntityWorkshopScreenshot -- saves out high quality screenshots on publish so you can quickly update additional screenshots via the Workshop website Improvements: Screenshot/screenshotWithDepth now save to PNG format Added support to auto-convert old netcode revisions to live version AKA "we can load old replays (from now on)" Improved connection/mapchange handshake-- maps can now be pre-loaded if client can source the same map. (from either disk or workshop) Improved load screen, no-longer triggered just on gamestate download. also displays client/server workshop download percentage. Added hands in 1st person (only partially visible on burst gun so far, WIP) Scoreboard will now list people queue'd for teams under the correct team. spectators / editors are still always on the left under team ALPHA. Added ready up text Implemented fog system Added end of game camera wobble & sound Added game finished flag to replay file. (only flagged if gamestate is gameOver on save) Replay recording are now correctly saved & stopped on map / mode change. You can now see yourself in the end-game screen. Replays created from workshop maps are now prefixed with TITLE instead of mapname (5939432432) Removed r_ssao & our SSAO implementation (we still have r_hbao) Renamed "SSAO" in options menu "HBAO+" Bugs: Fixed replay editor toggle bind in UI (wasn't hooked up properly) Fixed incorrect material assignment - brick_gothic_wall_cnr Fixed AmmoCount.lua from stomping lua weapon colour (so it appeared white) "com_maxfps" limited to [10->inf) or 0. quick fix this prevents issues caused when playing < 4fps Fixed subframe bug where mousewheel events would be triggered when console was visible Fixed issue where clicking JOIN ZETA button wouldn't work (as it was performing two cvars on same frame, and correct data wasn't being sent to server) Fixed issue where cl_playercolor* would stomp some player state flags when it shouldn't. (such as changing team index to 0) Replay file names are now purged before saving to disk (previously bogus character names in players were preventing files from being created) Fixed script bug where "FRAGGED" would be displayed when you're queue'd to play. Binds are no-longer passed to game now when in the menu. (this fixed weapon being changeable in menu + also editor working in menu) Disabled crosshair in end of game screen Fixed spawn biasing to actually work properly (see more info in the "Gameplay" section) Callvote dialog no-longer hides & re-appears when die. Start server button (in menu) now performs "disconnect" first, ensuring it's a true server restart, and not just a map change. Optimisations: Removed some redundant/old textures to free up some VRAM Updated hostile (has new normals, improved lods) Updated ivy textures: simplified albedo look a bit and halved res (1.7mb on disk to 440kb on disk) Updated pipes to have smooth normals Maps: Updated PRDM3/Ruin -- bolt platform lowered, new blue tele by the mh/yellow armor Maps shipped with Reflex have now been renamed to their proper titles (such as Ruin.map) instead of arbitrary gibberish Transitioned a heap of previously included maps to workshop Servers: Renamed sv_public to sv_steam to avoid near-constant confusion Implemented sv_allowmodes -- server will prevent changes to anything NOT in that list. If list is empty, all modes are allowed. Arts: New Burstgun mesh (still a work in progress) Industrial mesh set optimisation pass Optimised effects: environment steam Optimised effects: lots weapon trails and impacts Optimised effects: pickup smoke Ivy leafs now all support albedo overrides Ivy performance increase Lua: Added Lua variables: serverConnectedToSteam, player.inventoryMelee, world.mapWorkshopId, timeLimit, timeLimitRound Added Lua function: meGetPrefabList() Exposed camera position to lua Fixed bug where data saved by widget:saveUserData() wasn't saving correctly if called in widget:finalize() Fixed issue where widget cvars were not saving correctly to .cfg Exposed vote information to lua Callvote popup implemented in lua -- we get pretty pictures now :) Fixed bug in WeaponRack.lua where it was stomping weapon colour to white Fixed issue where right & middle mouse were flipped for lua mouse regions. Misc: Removed laughably out of date readme.htm Added match <mapname> <mode> command to save doing two seperate votes Implemented screenshotClean - generates high quality constant FOV screenshot. Can specify custom resolution here (and take 8k screenshots etc :))
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    Reflex 0.44.3

    We've been making good progress on the Character update, crouching is a lot of fun, keep an eye out for WIP updates on our social media outlets. We also have some team changes happening. I’d like to take a moment to thank Newborn(Dave) so much for being a big part of the Reflex development team. We wish him the very best in his future endeavours, and ask the community to give him a round of applause for being a great part of the Reflex family for years. While he is moving on from day-to-day development with us, we hope to play some matches with him on our full release launch! We’re currently developing the new pre-launch version of our website, which will include team bios for all the Turbo Pixel development family - including Shooter, Electro, Yasashii and Thaylia. The team is excited to share that Thaylia will be leading our community management, social media and general communications for Reflex, so say hi if you haven’t already! And for today's big announcement, we've also put together a point release to address several on-going things! See the change log below Gameplay changes: Melee range reduced from 80 to 68 Melee trace range reduce from 12 to 10 Award "pineapple" now requires direct hit to be fatal Experimental changes: Plasma cell damage reduced from 15->14 (is 12 in casual/competitive) Plasma cell speed increased from 1500->2000 (is 3000 in casual/competitive) Adjusted cell knockback for damage changes (KB should be same as casual/competitive) IC beam now has a thickness of 1u IC reload time increased from 44ms -> 50ms Shotgun reload increased from 800ms -> 1000ms (is 1000ms in casual/competitive) Shotgun pellet count increased from 14->18 Shotgun pellet damage reduced from 6->5 Shotgun pellet spread increased improvements: Falling out of the world, telefrag, overtime & suicide no-longer count towards damage taken Stats: games player, weapon usage, deaths, damage received/given are no-longer tallied in race mode Updated console error "client: disconnecting due to full input queue, server disappeared?" to "client: server stopped responding" Fixed issue where com_maxfps 144 wasn't working correctly (would actually clamp to 167) -- thanks cat smoker! Added cl_predict_items Added AwardNotifier sound Slight tweak to megahealth pickup Server now posts message to all clients if another client is disconnected due to steam authentication failure (may help track down disconnects) Lua: Weapon definitions table now updated when ruleset changed Updated Lua documentation "gameColors -> extendedColors" Exposed replay a whole bunch of replay editor variables to Lua Chat beeps now play from Lua Bug Fixes: Fixed award spelling "Vengeance" Fixed issue where setting sv_steam 1 in your console without Steam running would not allow you to create a server via the UI Fixed bug where CTF flag would disappear Fixed bug where burst gun did double damage at close range VAC timeouts are now retried up to 10 times before disconnecting a client Fixed issue where stats weren't properly writing when you quit a server (would rollback up to 1 minute) Fixed issue where re-connecting to a server would report you are not authorised (because your own self was still timing out) Fixed player collision vs brushes with sharp edges. (adding bevel planes) Replay Editor: Added re_setentityproperty Fixed issue where changing entity states via replay editor would occasionally cause next re_save to corrupt replay Fixed issue where local camera didn't have correct extrapolation applied when attached to a player entity. Fixes issue where camera when attach to a player was not using correct extrapolated position. Cheers lads! Shooter.
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    ​1. The current enemy model isn't final, but I don't expect the silhouette of the model to change significantly. This week though, we did implement special "hero lighting" for the players that helps bring out recognizable internal shapes in the character, regardless of the scene they're standing in*. After a certain point, these internal shapes are much more useful for reading a character than just the silhouette. 2. The animations are definitely going to be redone, but we don't have an ETA on them yet. There are technical reasons why the Keel model in Quake 3 is "conveniently standing around in his cilindrical hitbox" and gameplay reasons why 99% percent of players forced their playermodels to Keel, instead of something that backflips everywhere. Hitboxes in Quake 3 are axis-aligned bounding boxes, meaning they don't rotate on any axis, regardless of what the player does. AABBs are used it most games when possible because it's extremely fast to calculate collision and hits against them. QuakeLive moved to a cylinder hitbox for hit detection but I'm confident it always remains flat on the ground for similar reasons. So, most players used Keel because he was one of the few models that actually sat nicely within that AABB and didn't leave it. Quake 3 had some characters with far more interesting animations, but they were generally avoided because of how inaccurate they were. For example, the Doom model occasionally does a backflip. When he's upside down at the apex of his jump, his entire legs are outside the bounds of the hitbox (so if you shoot them, nothing will happen). But then at the bottom, there's half a player worth of "empty" hitbox (so if you shoot the empty space below them, you'll get a hit). While we want to make the animations in Reflex look good, they need to still consider these issues. We have a very small threshold for what we consider acceptable when it comes to player animations straying outside the hitbox, so we need to work with that. 3. The current hitbox for you guys is a standard AABB, same as Quake3. As you can see, there's issues with it. It's easy to have the player rotated in a way where he doesn't fill out the hitbox nicely and (since the hitbox is axis-aligned), there's certain angles that give a greater surface area to aim at than others. This was annoyingly inconsistent in Quake 3, so Quake Live eventually replaced them with cylinders to minimize those issues. The current hitbox we've created for the next update is a capsule shape.* This significantly reduces all of the issues above, to an even greater extent than cylinder hitboxes do. The hostile was actually designed around this hitbox shape and if you look at one of the early concepts created literally years ago, you can see the capsule design in the background. So yes, as of the next update, the hitbox will "coincide strongly with the model's geometry" -- although not CS:GO style. Despite seeming good on paper, capsule-per-bones systems like that have a ton of technical issues to go with them too. The most obvious (because there's 36,000 threads about it scattered around the internet) is that once you're sending everything over the internet, it ends up feeling less accurate as there's far more to get out of sync / incorrectly extrapolated between client and server. One potential solution to that would be client side hit detection, but that generally doesn't feel nice to be on the receiving end of (and is a cheaters wet dream). Doom 3 actually had per-pixel hit detection, but it was offline only for exactly these reasons. And really, a system like that doesn't even make sense in a game like Reflex. Given the movement speeds, shots to the lower half of a player would basically be a coin toss, even if we could magically have the hitbox immune to network issues. I'm pretty confident that if we implemented it, neither us developers or our players would be happy with the way it felt. 4. Ragdolls for non-gibbed enemies has been planned for a very, very long time. We were going to put it in before Kickstarter but we ran out of time and ever since then, it's been pushed back in favour of more important tech and art work. At the very latest, it will come when we update the characters and animations. It will also magically fix a bug with floating corpses (which is the reason why we don't use the death animations we've got and instead always gib players ;)). -- So yes, there are ways in which Reflex will never look as polished as something like the next CoD or BF title. But it's import to remember that there are solid reasons for this. The slow transition from AFPS to modern military shooters can be easily understood through these art concerns being a higher priority than gameplay and that's not the way we work -- gameplay comes first, even if it looks a bit stupid. Bunny hopping will always look a bit stupid, so you're not likely to see a modern AAA title that has bunny hopping. You can't have accurate crosshairs unless you fire from the middle of the view, so you get aiming-down-sights. It looks wrong if you instantly transition to aiming down sights, so you get the delay as the view lerps. It looks wrong if you instantly trigger animations, so you get less responsive input. It looks wrong if you switch weapons in 100ms, so you get extremely long switch delays. There are hundreds of examples of this, and the core difference between Reflex and other games is that we will always put gameplay first and do the best we can to make it not look weird not creating gameplay around what looks best. * All of this is a work in progress. Please don't send me giant angry rants about things that are a work in progress. Most of the time, the issues you've sent me a small thesis on are already well understood and simply not implemented. All the premature rage does is make me less inclined to show anything we're working on.
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    prdm1 - Ashur

    ​​ ​prdm1 -​​ duel / 2v2 map REFLEXFILES LINK Big thanks to Warlord Wossman for being my daily consultant​ ​And a thanks to all the players who helped playtest it! SCREENSHOTS
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    Reflex 0.41.0 - Boxes of bullets

    Ammo system Added ammo box pickups Boxes generally give half the ammo of a weapon pickup These can be placed by mappers the same as every other kind of pickup. Changed behavior of dropped weapons Players now recieve ammo for the dropped gun Players also recieve 50% of the enemies ammo for all other weapon types Changes + Improvements Improved the performance of SMAA 1x (by about 90%) Improved visuals and performance of HBAO+ (by about 5-10%) Changed how pre-load hashes are calculated, which should fix some issues with some Workshop maps not correctly preloading. Changed version of included MSVCP120.dll Updated the look of the weapon list to make ammo count more obvious. Updated maps Fool's Choice Use and Abuse Fusion Ashur Monolith Ruin Static Discharge The Catalyst Server stuff Removed sv_steamport Steam queries now use the same port as the game (sv_gameport). This should fix issues (that were totally not our fault for once) with connecting via steam:// links
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    Reflex 0.38 - Gooey

    After a few weeks of teasing, its time to release 0.38 on to the unsuspecting public. Some of the major features to check out once your download bar hits 100%: A ton of new gothic themed meshes, many of which are showcased in the newly included map Ruin (PRDM3) by PromEUs.The long awaited mouse acceleration, with unmatched control over the acceleration curve. There's a ton of settings in the menu to give you the feel you want.Some minor gameplay tweaks with a slightly buffed Ion Cannon and a significant improvements to the player respawn system.The usual squashed bugs and tech cleanups (such as getting maps ready for workshop integration, fixing bloom, etc)Primarily though, this update brings a major refresh of our menu system, in preparation for features like workshop integration for maps and HUDs, matchmaking, XP, friends lists, etc -- all the Steamworks features that players have been not-so-patiently waiting for. As the very first step, we've integrated one of the features in surprisingly high demand: cosmetics. We know a small number of players (burned by other games) are a little uncomfortable with the idea, so we'd like to address some of these concerns here (rather than in angry forum posts). First up, some players feel that it's in poor taste to release cosmetics before the core game is considered complete and historically we've agreed with them. But for this update, we felt the time was right. On the code side, adding this support was pretty trivial, taking only a couple of days. Art of course took longer but with shooter busy on UI, they were a good candidate to be developed in parallel. During the development of these cosmetics we have also honed our art style to give a much improved look for weapons and we are eager to start applying this direction to the core weapon set. Being able to spend a couple of weeks developing our look like this has been hugely valuable and we've barely scratched the surface. The cosmetics also give players a way to support the project without us begging for money. We've never been huge fans of taking pure donations and things like Kickstarter or Patreon eat a surprisingly large amount of development time (easily more time than we spent on cosmetics). This is also the idea behind the more expensive, gold, "supporter" editions of some melee weapons -- they're a way for players to throw a bit of extra cash our way to keep us developing while getting some kind of tangible reward. And of course, any microtransactions in Reflex will *always* be purely cosmetic. We will never have items with different stats because we feel that goes against one of the core values of an Arena FPS -- all players spawn equal. This includes ensuring that no cosmetics ever provide a subtle gameplay advantage (such as reducing your visibility to other players). We will also never use them as a way to paywall off things like modes or maps. If you own Reflex, you'll always be able to play any map or mode in it with anyone else who also owns Reflex. If at any point in the future we break any of these promises, you are encouraged to track me down and punch me in the face. General Added a bunch of stuff and then took it out again. You'll have to wait until next year. Tech Upgraded to Steamworks 1.35Fixed a flicking/shiny bug occurring with newer NVIDIA drivers, only occurred when HBAO/SSAO was enabled.Added underlying inventory and economy systemsAdded mouse acceleration and custom curves (special thanks to povohat and kovaak)Added cl_input_subframe againDefaults to off for now, since there's definitely still bugs with itFind them and tell us about itFixed a bunch of keyboard focus issues between raw input & normal input when lua widgets had focus on subframe inputFixed melee decal projection directionAdded PAK file supportThis should dramatically decrease initial loading times for anyone not on a SSDIf you're one of those players who likes pawing through all our assets, pak files are just zips.Savemap is now clientside in preparation for publishing maps to workshopSavemap is also when .light files are written, so remember to savemap after building light.Moved directories: maps, screenshots, replaysIf you're a server admin using various scripts to update, you'll want to adjust them for the new pathsIf you've got custom and work in progress maps, you'll have to move themUpdated r_bloom (more updates to come, but so far it looks better and runs faster)Removed r_bloom 2/3Reflex will no longer load invalid files.If you've got custom assets, they'll probably fail with an error. Just delete them, they're broken anyway.If you're getting lots of failed to load asset errors, delete your reflex folder (using explorer, not Steam) and redownload. Game Fixed melee on back to be hidden while using meleeAdded cvar bindResetToDefaults for when you've broken everything horriblyFixed last player in game getting treated as the loser and dropped back into the queueAdded worldspawn properties: author, name, min/max players, modesInvalid lightmap message now only shows while you're in edit modeAdded fat trace for melees (rather than infinitely thin noodle ray)IC now does 6 damage (up from 5)Spawn system has been fixed/rewrittenThe way the spawn biasing works has been improvedBias is now correctly based on your killers locationClosest spawn is always eliminated UI Re-write of most game menus and structureAdded video links to LEARN section (thanks Kovaak and entik! credits section soooon)Added sign() function to reflexcore.luaWe now provide inventory instances & definitions to LuaLua function bindReverseLookup now takes bindState Audio Added new melee swing and impact soundsAdded some menu interactivity sounds Effects Added bloodmaps for melees (the more people you whack, the more bloody things get) Maps Added/updated prdm3, prdm1-ashur and ctf-monolith (by PromEUs)Updated dp4, dp5, dp8 (by def and fht)Updated thcdm13 (by tehace)Fixed CPM3 jumppads Art Added new cosmetic 6 melees (crescent wrench, crowbar, hatchet, machete, pipe wrench, pipe, supporter hatchet, supporter machete. Go get em!)Added additional LoD meshes for performance increasesUpdated fire effectsUpdated several material intensities for bloom (more still to do)Removed a bunch of unused micro textures (free'd up lots of vram for computers from a decade ago) New assets: Gothic (Stone Archways, Barrel, Brick Wall, Dungeon Door, Gargoyle, Angel tatue, Gothic Fence, Gothic Gate, Brazier, Skeletons, Pillars, Tombstones, Cobblestone, Gothic Window)Common (Individual Planks)Industrial (Jail Door, Jail Bars, Grates)Ancient Japan (Stone Wall, Raked Sand)Veg (Grass, Flowers) Known issues: Cancelling a chat message with escape will also bring up the menu if subframe input is enabledApparently disabling sun also disables showing your player on the profile screen.
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    If you are reading this, 0.36 has finally hit... and it's easily our biggest release to date. For players, the biggest additions will be the full weapon set and industrial assets -- all in our new style. It's been incredibly rewarding to see all of this come together over the last month and we're excited about some cool, (secret) thing that we're going to be able to do with this style. This is the start of Reflex getting a whole lot prettier. If you're a mapper, you've now got a fully customizable, Lua-based UI for the editor (including an in-game content browser at last). Since there's no textures for it to cause problems with now, you can also scale meshes and override materials on every object, making assets a whole lot more flexible. We've also unified our lighting system, allowing for faster build times, less lightmap stomping, no more nolight textures and a consistent look across brushes and meshes. For the tech geeks, we've made a lot of changes under the hood to support a vertex count that has jumped from 300 thousand to 30 million in the space of a month. Besides countless small tweaks, we've also added a batching system, multiple reflection probes, NVIDIA ShadowWorks HBAO+, Level-of-detail meshes and probably more I've forgotten. With so much changed, detailed bug reports (submitted on our forums) are going to be invaluable. We're really happy with how this update has come together and ready to start working on the next. Editor: Content browser for effects/meshes/materialsEntirely Lua powered now, so get customizing.All meshes & brushes can now have their material type and colour overriddenMeshes can now be uniformly scaled up and down.Prefab system (EntityPrefab, me_createprefab, me_breakprefab, me_updateprefab, me_destroyprefab -- full docs soon)Minor improvements: Increased UI mouse scroll speedme_snapangle is now a floatPickup positions now always exposed in replayChanged respawn & teleporter sounds -- many more will be coming with our updated sound engine.Added industrial ambient soundsRemoved a heap of profiling sections so cl_show_profiler 1 is no-longer uselessAdded r_profiler 2CPU & Memory optimisations for serversAdded weapon land impulseAdded weapon bob (see cl_weapon_bob)Added ultra quality settingsTech: Added static batchingRemoved lightmapping (we're now 100% probe-lit).probe files are now redundant -- all baked lighting is saved into .lightCan now load un-matching .light files (no more lightmap stomping the second you change anything)Added support for multiple reflection probes (requires DX10.1+)Added SMAA x1Added quality levels for FXAAImplemented NVIDIA ShadowWorks HBAO+Implemented LOD systemBug fixes: Restored UV rotation commandsme_getmaterial now works again when no faces are selected.Weapons no-longer rotate around crazy when building lights, much to newborns dissapointment.Fixed rotation on meshes when doing group rotationsEditors can no longer select/delete/created player, grenade, rocket, cell, burst, stake, temp, cameraPath, vote or damage entities. We kept that bug secret for ages!Quad & resist effects no-longer seen on weapons on 3rd person playersSeveral server bugs fixedDisabled stake launcher (for now)Lua/console Lua functions: nvgFillImagePattern(), nvgLineCap(), nvgLineJoin(), nvgMiterLimit(), nvgGlobalAlpha(), nvgTextLetterSpacing()Lua vars: providing selected entity properties, providing selected brush propertiesme_activematerial and me_createtype are now vars not commands (they'll be saved to config / are query-able from lua)Added me_setentitypropertyAdded me_activealbedo and hooked it up to UIArt: Added industrial theme. It's only a single bullet point, but it includes about a hundred assets and will include more over time.Added first-pass weapon art -- still some polishing to do.Revised carnage effectUpdated hostile to match the new art style.Optimised some effectsFully themed BDM3
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    Reflex Code of Conduct

    Hi Everyone, As the Reflex community continues to grow, we're introducing a code of conduct. Please take your time to read it. It will be standard around the Reflex online community. Is Cool We are all people. When communicating online, be it on the forums, Discord or in-game, act the same as you would when communicating in real life. Being nice to newcomers. Everyday, new people are discovering Reflex. Be helpful to them, teach them the ways of Reflex. Doing this ensures you have others to play with in the future! Giving Constructive criticism. When giving feedback on someone else's hard work, be sure to deliver it in a constructive and beneficial way. Think about how you would act in their shoes before posting your thoughts. We want to encourage a competitive but supportive community. Discussing game changes. We love to hear about the experiences you have in-game. Keeping these stories factual and constructive is the best way to have your thoughts heard and to give us effective feedback we can use to improve the game. Praising content creators. Play a map you really enjoyed? Tell the author! Found a new UI script which did just what you need? pay your respects! Love that Reflex recent stream? Tell the streamers! When people feel they are delivering good content and are given good feedback, they’ll be more likely to make more in the future. Reading an entire discussion before you comment on it. Get a good idea of what's being discussed before jumping in and adding your thoughts. Keeping your personal disagreements in a private channel. Not everyone in life gets along. If you have a personal disagreement in regards to another member, address it in private chat, no-one else needs to hear your argument. Keeping private discussions, private. If you’re having a private discussion with someone, respect their privacy and keep it to yourself. Don’t go copy & pasting private discussion publicly. Respecting the moderators. We respect and appreciate our moderators, and our players must do the same. If you are kicked or banned for any reason, take a step away from the computer and think about it, before posting any immediate knee-jerk reactions that you may later regret. Please thank moderators for the useful support they bring to the Reflex community. Is NOT Cool Illegal activity. Being rude or menacing. We don’t tolerate toxic or abusive behaviour. Trolling. Either online or in real life, trolling does not contribute to the conversation. Deliberately baiting other members of the community is not appropriate. Remember, every time an active member of the community is driven away, Reflex suffers. Conducting personal attacks, harassment and insulting others. Personal attacks and insults do not add anything to the conversation and will not be tolerated. Reposting deleted information. If something was deleted, let it stay deleted - it was removed for a reason. Excessive spam. Repeatedly posting irrelevant content adds nothing to the conversation and is not appropriate. Inappropriate Images or links. Posts of a pornograhic, racist, sexist, abusive or aggressive nature will not be tolerated. Excessively promoting other products. This is a place for Reflex discussion. While it’s fine to discuss other titles, excessively spamming/ advertising is not appropriate. The Reflex team (including moderators) can issue a single warning to a player or poster. If inappropriate behavior continues, the player will be banned and removed. If the action is egregious and causes serious harm or distress to our community, the player may be banned or removed with no warning. If you have any questions or feedback on our code of conduct, email support@reflexarena.com
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    Reflex 0.44.2

    Improvements: Score screen melee icon is now customized to your equipped melee Added award count to award screen Power-ups no longer drop in competitive TDM Added mouse-over description for "effectiveness" in stats screen Added XP Gained to scoreboard Added low ammo widget Remove ragequit stat Apply XP & stats every minute on server instead of only end of game (should help issue where people are experiencing roll back) Remove win/loss stats from race mode Added tool tip for when workshop download is taking a while Renamed sv_timelimit -> sv_timelimit_override to remove conflicts on old configs Adjusted award notifier in spectator to not overlap other UI elements Teleporter effect added to content browser Added s_music_volume Bug fixes: Adjusted first person hand position on melees Fixed bug where first/last played time showed 1970 if never played before Minimum time between daily bonus is now 20 hours (down from 24 hours) Fixed issue where gamestring.lua will error if reflexcore.lua isn't included first Fixed issue where avatar in menu wouldn't load properly if not already in steam cache GPU profiler is now fully disabled when r_profiler is set to 0, was causing stuttering issues on some hardware setups Fixed mouse sensitivity change from version 44 -> 44.1 when using m_advanced_power <= 1 Awards: DP & point blank awards no longer triggers when shooting team mates. Pineapple award is now correctly just a direct grenade (as opposed to a fatal direct grenade) Comeback/tanked awards no longer trigger in race mode Lua: Added weapon rate to lua weaponDefinitions playerstate.buttons is now correctly client-side predicted Lua player.position is now correctly provides the simulation position as opposed to raw net code position for remote clients
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    Reflex 0.42.0 - Blaze it

    Major features: Vastly improved sky system New official CTF map: Skytemples by PromEUs Fixes/Improvements: Increased sun intensity and updated bloom thresholds Fixed crash bug caused by delaying registration of Lua widgets (was occurring with kovhud + dp2hud) Fixed issue where local angles were sent during map change even though they were supposed to be zerod. SMAA is now correctly performed in gamma space (meaning it actually does something now). Added a bunch of new Ancient Japan themed meshes, all of which can be seen in the new Skytemples map. Made pickup holograms slightly more saturated. Notes for mappers You will want to update your maps with new sky settings. Any liquids in your maps will need their colors updated Any glowing materials you used may need tweaking
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    Reflex 0.37.0 - Mostly eggplant

    Art: Early ancient Japan theme: bridge, shoji doors, candles, lanterns, crates, roof tiles, boulders, windowsEarly vegetation: monkey tufts, underwater_grass, seaweed_01, grass_monkey_01Added LODs for many (many) meshes throughout the game!Carnage pickup updatedCarnage player effect updatedUpdated melee weapon (more to come :))Added weapon decal assetsAdded effects: bubbles, drill effect, Editor: Added EntityVolumeSelect (can use to create persistent selections, select VolumeSelect, click select)Added 2d box select (hold control & click n drag)Added light overrides to effects, so it's now easier to make lighting fit correctly in custom maps.Added team materials -- these are magic materials that change colour with the team colours.Added "teamIndex" to pointlight & spotlight overrides. this allows you to colour a light by team colour.Added me_listprefabs to show list of prefabs in the current mapAdded me_purgeprefabs to remove un-used prefabs (client side only, can only do 5 at a time, bit rough but it works)Player visibility: Added hero lighting to assist player visibilityMap creators can specify team colours in the worldspawn entity for their mapClients can also override player colours locallyConsole commands are:cl_team_colors_relativecl_team_colors_overriddencl_team_color_acl_team_color_bcl_team_color_enemycl_team_color_friendOr better yet, just use the options menuGame: Added Capture The Flag mode (OMG HYPE!!1)Removed outlines for various technical and gameplay reasons.Added capsule hitbox for hit detectionAdded silhouettes (r_silhouette) -- wallhack for friendly players/flag carriers/gibs/etc.Increased player size to 72 units high / 36 wide for various artistic and gameplay reasonsRemoved "downloading gamestate" console spam when connectingIncreased bolt range from 4096 -> 16384Added "callvote shuffle" commandAdded bind re mutator (for replay editor), added default replay binds to game_default.cfgAdded error to server browser when we fail to connect to steam (rather than just seeing 0 servers)Quad damage sound now only triggers on initial fire for IC (too late to save Fleabittens eardrums).Maps: Added map CTF-Monolith by promeus & friendsAdded DM-Ashur promeus & friendsUpdate thct7 from TehaceUpdated f14p1 from F14m3zBug fixes: Flag/quad/mega/resist now dropped if you switch out of player mode (into spec/editor)s_volume now correctly applied as sound system is initialised (rather than a few frames later)Prefabs now correctly appear in replaysPlasma effect now reduces correctly on LOW effect settingPowerups spawn now delayed at start of matchFixed math bug where we weren't detecting camera was inside a scaled spotlight correctly (causing flickering)Fixed bug where replays with > 8 players didn't playback properlyFixed lua error in OptionsMenu.lua when adding bogus fields to widget positionsLocal player weapon fire sounds are now properly attached (no-longer lag behind player)Engine: Added NVIDIA clothAdded symbol to flag reflex.exe as a 3d intensive app on AMD mobile cardsAdded software occlusionParticle systems now sleep when occluded/notvisibleTweaked static batching to better support large mapsImproved profilers, see cl_show_profiler 1/2/3, r_profiler 1/2, cl_show_traffic, cl_show_lagmeterAdded r_fullscreen_forcestretch for $abooLua: Added extra lua flags to death message: "deathTargetHadFlag", "deathTargetHadQuad", "deathTargetHadResist", "deathTargetHadMega" Added CTF eventsAdded lua variable connectedToSteamServer Admin Notes: Expect an increased server load with 8-10 players on fully detailed Capture The Flag maps. RAM can jump from 30MB to 110MB and it's possible to be sending 30kb/sec per client.This will be optimised in the future but for now, keep an eye on your server loads.We are currently investigating a crash bug with the dedicated server software -- please send any crash reports.Known Bugs: Cloth occasionally vanishes -- just treat it as "Capture The Pole" until it comes back.This is a huge release so expect this list to grow. Please send all crash reports!Getting a few crash reports in the new occlusion engine. (fixed in 37.1 update)
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    Hey everyone, I'm starting a new Reflex clan called "Timers are Love; Timers are Life." The clan is focused on improvement - the intent is to have an open, no-ego environment where people can ask questions and learn how to play Reflex. Players of all skill levels are welcome to come join in. When I say it's an open clan, I mean that. Anyone can join as long as they want to improve their game or others. If you are already in another clan, I have no qualms with you being a part of this group as well as your other clan. The rules are simple - If you join the IRC channel or use the tag in game, you are indicating to other players that you want to learn or teach. So if you see someone in game with the tag, please take a look at the decisions they make in games and talk about what went well versus what went poorly. I encourage anyone who is involved to help teach others who use the tag. Personally, I will be focusing on teaching duels, but if anyone else wants to branch into other areas, that's fine too. So basically, I'm starting a pyramid scheme of teaching people how to play Reflex. A pyramid scheme without any money involved, anyway. A little crowd-sourcing never hurt anyone, right? Join the irc channel at irc.quakenet.org #tal2 - or use webchat: http://webchat.quakenet.org/?channels=tal2! Chat about game mechanics and strategy with other Reflex players! If you want to use the tag in game, note that ² isn't a character you can type in the console, but you can add it to your game.cfg directly. For example, open that .cfg file and search for "name" and change it so that line says "name TaL² <your name here>". Or if you're lazy, you can just type "name TaL^2 <your name here>". Personally, I think ² looks better :). And to celebrate the creation of this new clan, I have created a new video series teaching the basics of dueling on THCT7, followed by a few demo reviews of relatively high level players. I'm looking for content to review from players of lower skill, so don't be afraid to grab a demo from a server and send it my way!
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    0.40.1 Point Release

    Bugs Fixed issue where IC sound would get stuck on after firing Race times now sort correctly in scoreboard Fixed bogus second copy of stats.flagCaptured being sent over the network Made cl_weapon_bob work again Replaced broken delta score in race mode with - Fixed issue with old replays not working due to a change in the .pak format Left handed weapons work again Enemy players stats are now correctly hidden during matches Fixed connecting to a friends game through Steam (again). Improvements Connecting to a passworded server is once again "connect ip:port password" since it's better and changing it didn't fix the Steam stuff anyway. Players can now use % sign in chat Updated "Ruin" and "Static Discharge" maps Scoreboard now says "EFF" (for effectiveness) instead of accuracy. Queued players are now colored by the team they're queued for. Adjusted some of the first person weapon springs to make them less bouncy. Fixed the blue flag base emitting red particles by removing the particles entirely. First person weapon movement should now be properly framerate independent. Added cl_weapon_kickback and cl_weapon_rotation for people who only want to turn off certain parts of the first person weapon movement -- cvar all the things! Players in queue are now sorted by their queue position on scoreboard. Spectators/editors/referees now have their country flags visible (and are sorted by name). Added scrollbar to player list in scoreboard Added skull and crossbones icon (for dead players) You can now click editor and spectator names in the scoreboard (to add them to friends, etc). Players now have Flag Carrier / Powerup Carrier / Mega / Dead icons on scoreboard Added comments to dedicatedserver_default.cfg Server Added MSVCP120.dll to the dedicated server files (so you should no longer need to install it yourself).
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    Reflex 0.37.0 - Mostly eggplant

    From Newborn, Discord channel banter, 10-27-2015: fleacircus: So I don't know if there was any chat about it in discord after I went to sleep, but I did a pick-up last night to test a bunch of different movement balances and here are the results. fleacircus: Players were not told what the movement balancing was until after they'd played a match, so that they weren't just giving feedback based on the one they thought they were supposed to like best. Anyway, people don't actually like straight CPMA movement as much as they think they do. Admittedly, it's not a perfect match but people were instantly dubious of the feel after playing with it, saying that it felt heavy and slow. Post-game feedback was almost entirely negative. fleacircus: Next up was v37 movement. Some people liked it, even mentioning it felt "kind of like v36". Someone said it was actually too fast. Everyone noticed the gravity change and after the CPMA set some people mentioned that it now felt a bit too fast/slippery. One person liked the straight CPMA better. Generally the feedback was the mix of like/dislike we've already seen from the actual v37 release. fleacircus: After that we tried v36. Some people instantly liked it better, some people instantly disliked it. They definitely said it felt weird and since I've spent a month+ with v37 movement, I know those feels. Someone mentioned it was weird to have that much air control. The most popular feedback was probably "it feels better to play with but worse to play against" -- partly the speed, partly the gravity being heavier again. fleacircus: Then we tried v36 movement with v37 gravity and feedback went exactly as expected. "floaty as fuck", "way too floaty", "too easy to gain speed" etc. This is exactly why v37 wasn't just a gravity change. fleacircus: Then we tried v36 with v37 air control and that was hated too. It's definitely the part of v37 that people don't like but as the last test showed, without some air control changes, the gravity change just doesn't work at all. Mostly it seems like people who dislike the gravity actually dislike the slight change in bunny-hop timing. fleacircus: Then we played a tweaked version of v37 gravity/air control and that was generally agreed to be the best balance of everything. It felt a little less floaty, but not as heavy as the old gravity. Some people thought it felt a little fast, although it was actually pretty much just v36 speeds. Unfortunately, these tweaked values are in a sort of anti-sweet spot. There's a certain balance to all of these movement variables which does weird things -- having a bunny acceleration value of 70 might feel good, but at 65 you feel either a weird, slowing pull (part of what people didn't like about v37, though it can be much worse), OR you feel the opposite of it, which is a weird acceleration when you don't expect it, but then you change another movement value and all of a sudden 65 feels good again. fleacircus: So ultimately, despite all the "omg wtf worse game designer ever noobporn" sentiment going around, everything went exactly as expected. The gravity is an improvement but requires other movement to be tweaked. Keeping exactly v36 or exactly v37 is not the answer, the answer is probably continuing to tweak the v37 values, which is exactly what the plan always was before people lost their minds and tried to push for a revert.