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    Getting votekicked from a public server

    I feel like this thread should be closed. People are not even willing to read 2 comments above and ask same questions. This topic got more attention that it needed. Also, now some people want to start it all over again instead of just reading what is posted already...
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    PM me, I will give you guys a free server in Germany to prevent you potentially ruining people playing on public servers. And to answer your question, no, it's not fair to anyone you kick. That should be common sense, you don't get to ruin others experience because you're too ignorant to setup a server for yourselves to play on. This community is small enough.
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    CTF Draft Cup: !add edition

    About two weeks ago I posted a poll to see if there was any interest in a small CTF draft cup. I think there's definitely enough interest to make it happen, so I'm hereby announcing the very first Reflex CTF Draft Cup: !add edition. Draft Date: 26th of May, 9PM GMT+2, check ins start at 8PM GMT+2 If you can't make it to the draft, please let me know beforehand. Tournament Date: 27th of May 9PM GMT+2, check ins start at 8PM GMT+2 Discord/VoIP server: Please join https://discord.gg/0yQw7q7KHRaqcS8k during the tournament, using the same nick you used to sign up. If you want to be captain, PM me on Discord. Obviously some knowledge of the scene is preferred (aka the more you !add, the more likely you're gonna be captain) The format will depend on the amount of signups. 16-19 players: 4 teams in one round robin group, half competition, BO1 into BO3 grand finals. 20-23 players: 5 teams in one round robin group, half competition BO1 into BO3 grand finals. 24-31: 6 teams in two round robin groups, full competition, BO1 into BO3 grand finals. 32+: 8+ teams in two round robin groups, half competition, BO1 into BO3 grand finals. The basic idea is that every team is guaranteed 3-4 games. By half competition I mean you only play the other teams once, full being playing each other twice. Map picking: BO1: cointoss for first drop (real men are allowed to decide by axe fight), drop drop BO3 (one group): leading team gets first pick, pick pick BO3 (two groups) cointoss, pick pick The preliminary map pool is: Monolith, Spider Crossings and Camper Crossings I'd much rather host a cup with just Reflex maps, but unfortunately, at this time Monolith is the only Reflex CTF map deemed competitive by the community. Camper Crossings plays somewhat awkward without wallclipping, but the only available alternative is Skytemples, which doesn't suit competitive play (nor was it intended to). If a good new map gets released before the tournament, it will be included instead of Camper Crossings. Spider Crossings could also potentially get replaced by something else, but it'd have to be one hell of a map. This will be an EU based cup, played on the following servers: Qualx, NL, 8 slots: Guilt's Server, FR, 16 slots : Terifire's Barn, DE, 8 slots: AFPS servers, DE, 12 slots: Teams can agree on a different server. Operative word is 'agree.' On microphones: Obviously having a microphone is preferred and will get you picked faster, but it's not mandatory. If you do not have a microphone, bind the following: bind game [key] teamsay In/Out LOW LOW LOW bind game [key] teamsay In/Out HIGH HIGH HIGH Previous experience with CTF is highly encouraged though not a condition for playing. If you want to play in this cup, but you haven't played CTF before, I highly recommend going to the pickup channels in the Reflex global Discord server and adding up. Streams: ArenaFPS
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    I understand your point of view. Please notice that i (or we) never intended to be toxic. As an ex q3cpma 24/7 okidoki arena 5on5 arena dm6 player i know what you're talking about considering community matureness and consistence. I always felt comfortable in this (felt like) elitist community with friendly people creating it. Its special, and im glad even tho i didnt have the feeling we were, that this percepted toxicity finds its end now. Your salt shouldnt be nessecary anymore, lets get over it. I want to add apologies at the end and ask for forgiveness, as i honestly thought it wouldnt be a big issue in the first place... to have enraged you (warven) feels retrospectively harmfull to my karma... Have a good time in reflex, this is an awesome game, sorry for having scratched on the beautifully polished environment this game had built up by the community and the devs. Greetings from berlin germany Elef4nt
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    Yup, I think we reached the end here. Guys got their server, saltiness was evacuated. We should move on.
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    First step to make reflex semipopular

    Server not dying with more than 8 people
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    Getting votekicked from a public server

    Nice you managed to find a solution, maybe we can continue playing reflex now. To devs, it would be nice if the votekick functionality would be tweaked in some way so we can prevent drama in the future also. So Linden doesn't need to give free servers to all friend groups wanting to play together ;D
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    Getting votekicked from a public server

    Like I said, no hard feelings, and I'm not one to hold grudges. Apologies accepted of course, your karma may be restored now Okidoki was the bomb ! I used to be LanVegaS at the time (LvS), so much nice memories over there Have fun, lets support the devs and each other, and blast rockets through our faces sometimes ! Cheers.
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    Getting votekicked from a public server

    Ask the person joining. "Hello, I'm trying to play a1v1 with my friend, would you mind spectating/leaving?"
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    Getting votekicked from a public server

    See Elef4nt, Premium and Outer ? You are so blind to how wrong you are (even after multiple people gave you examples, analogy and such), that it makes a stand up dude like Linden offer to gives you a whole freakin' server to yourselves so you'll stop being toxic for the community. How about that for an example, huh ?
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    Dedicated Server Hosting

    Added a new task that can be scheduled to automatically wipe replays after 45 days. It is not imposed by default. (Thanks @Ramagan)
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    Getting votekicked from a public server

    elef4nt, i hope you understand (and don't take it personally) if you will be votekicked from every reflex server in existence.
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    Getting votekicked from a public server

    I think the serverbrowser needs to take this in consideration. For now the serverbrowser only tells that there is servers, with or without people, with this map and mode being played. It should be more like: Do you with or without your friend(s) want to play? What mode? How many players? What map? Do you want to be interrupted?, causal play or dead serious? preferred skill? You perhaps wants to play with your friend and fill the server with other people? Focus on the options of game not the servers. Like someone said. You can callvote mode, so the servers that is listed is all arena servers. Not just those that is listed as "arena"