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    everything that you can do in lua should be okay to use.
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    Reflex Race Videos (Youtube Playlist)

    I've made a playlist for all Race Videos on Youtube. No Race Movies, just runs. Not all are records, but who cares. (Last Update: 20th March 2017) Hit me up if you miss anything. Maps so far: rr_bejzbob LA Rocket Hunt rek-downhill_ext1 rr_cubism rr_bejgreen ambrek-gren rr_rek-helios rek_halcyon_ugly LA Rocket Track fs_ecute Castle Run rr_bejred rek-mesa LA Dreams rek-real rr_hexrun bejrek-Sandzibar LA Darkness rr_bejskyfall LA Lacuna rek-stim-alpha fs_orangebud rr_rek-talos fs_xvc8 AD_One naughtysausage Lavarun Pornstar-Asspipes fs_cub The Edge Abyss Bull Straf rr_bejblue rek-inda_wip2 rr_rek-plato LA Tetris Strafes Fallen Fortress Wonky Owls rek-reserve Escape LA Frozen LA Nipponia rek_orion Doomed to Run Run robot, run! bull-highway rek-messiah-wip-1 Encounter the Monolith br-sonic rek-royal Morbus rek-rushed2 LA Red Gravity bej_black br-sonic (with weapons) rek-Staro ud-ritalin5mg bej_red (new) br-mint LA Hattberg br-drive br-vacation br-swift Dam r7-redd LA Lagoonia rrcup4 rrcup5 rr_efficia rflx_race1 wh1te-haze Aeronaut rdk-18 rek-royal tsar-tri Vortex
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    ion one more time

    Nades are scary as f in Reflex. In CPM they were amusingly ineffective but in Reflex, they're scary. Seems to me that all weapons are pretty potent. Plasma, bolt, ion cannon, shotgun, nades. They can all be very deadly in the right situation. Burst gun is only weapon that seems weak but that's good. It should be. Weapons in Reflex seem properly balanced in that respect. Shouldn't be who is most skillful with a certain class of weapon but rather using the best weapon at the best moment most effectively.
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    [dp5] furnace

    http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=721275367 furnace [dp5] experimental v1 (ya / rail version) http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=721752989 furnace [dp5] experimental v2 (hallway version)
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    Circlejump Stats

    Hi, I made a widget for those who wish to improve their circlejumping, it tells you how fast your prestrafe and overall speed after the circlejump was. It's pretty bad and may screw up now and then due to the dodgy way it checks things, but it should work well on flat ground for practicing. Feel free to modify it if you're a coder, and any advice on the code inside appreciated! What it shows The top number is your prestrafe speed, the bottom is your end circlejump speed. The prestrafe speed will reset to 0 once you hit the ground, but will be printed to console along with your circlejump speed. I'll adjust this at some point to keep it on screen for a bit in some form, perhaps show a list of the last 10 jumps somewhere on the HUD. The on-screen text will colour based on your performance, basically compared against mine (I'm bad but probably better than a lot of new players.), here are the ranges: Prestrafe > 419 BLACK 420-439 RED 440-464 YELLOW 465-479 GREEN 480-490 BLUE (I've never hit this, don't know if it's possible) Circlejump > 499 BLACK 500-539 RED 540-569 YELLOW 570-589 GREEN 590-600 BLUE (I've never hit this, don't know if it's possible) Beware that circlejumping over a gap and on flat ground are a bit different due to being able to step up onto platforms. CirclejumpStat.lua
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    Reflex Race Videos (Youtube Playlist)

    Three runs for sun because its funday.
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    I CAN HAZ switch on empty ?

    Even if there is a mod this should be a default feature.
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    Post your WIP screenshots!

    Progress going slow and steady
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    Reproduce: Walk against a diagonal wall at an angle, then pull out ion cannon Effect: arm goes linguini Intended effect: arm does not go linguini devs please cook ion cannon arms al dente next time thank you
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    ion one more time

    Personally I feel that now rockets are buffed, the Ion Cannon is balanced as is. My main problem with it before the buff was that it was quite easy to rush somebody down with IC and the only way to counter it was to hit significantly better IC than your opponent, but now I feel that with the increased rocket splash, two things have changed. One, you can lock down a choke point, so it's much harder to get into mid range if the opponent is positioned correctly and is spamming the right corners. Two, unless your name is Terifire and you're bullying your poor fellow Dutchmen, you can no longer stand in someone's face with IC out and win the fight. IC is still very strong in certain situations, as IMO it should be. Strong IC allows players to punish reckless aggression, like dropping down on somebody, or jumping on an item before you've secured the area, or trying to bumrush your opponent. You have to plan your attacks more carefully, which leads to a more defined out of control vs in control dynamic. To put it facetiously, before the IC buff, getting back control was a matter of getting into close range and praying to the rocket gods, before the rocket buff, getting back control was a matter of getting into mid range and praying to the IC gods. Now getting back control is a matter of maneuvering, spotting opportunities and picking the right fights. At least, that's been my experience so far.
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    ion one more time

    I've brought it up on Discord a few times that I think the knockback is too powerful. I definitely don't think it should be removed but I think it needs tuned down.
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    Reflex Race Videos (Youtube Playlist)

    1) New run by @slobo^- 2) Welcome Empyrean to the race playlist
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    cpm28 - Unbalanced (now packing ammo)

    Based on tree's conversion of this map. I did complete visual overhaul to it, fixed items and spawns to original cpma count. Pretty much all cpma version jumps are possible in this one, from double to all the triplejumps and rampjumps. Have fun. Map creator: Acid Map converter: Tree Map visual work: spessu_sb http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=610448978 13.1.16 - Fixed wrong colored brushes - Fixed bugged box moonjump thing - Fixed the angled wall where got stuck - Added non-cryptic map name 4.5.16 - Ammo pickups added - Lighting fixed and updated