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    Pill's 1v1 Demo Reviews

    Since the game is really active after the MM update, there are a lot of good match ups happening and (from what I've seen) a lot of players wanting to improve, so I've decided to start reviewing demo's. The first one is a game of my own, but I'm also looking to review demos from others, both to analyse a great game between great players and to provide low to mid level players with a gameplay critique. You can contact me through the global Reflex Discord or forum PM (or just message me on steam if you're on my friends list.) I'm also considering to do videos on my views on in game improvement, if there's interest in that.
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    I would also like to suggest a new shotgun reload/cocking animation. The current one is very simple and doesn't give a good feeling that a BOOMSTICK should. Compare it to something like Doom 2's super shotgun or trench gun from CoD2 and you can see how it's lacking. That and making the weapon move back more when shot would give it an entirely different feeling.
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    [0.48.2]Reflex Menu not Loading

    Alright got it, cl_player color1 was 64. Thanks for everything!!!
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    I can't play like this, can we go back to the old Competitive Ruleset...? +fwd rockets and +back rockets has become stupid good. Yo I might be a half assed player and I might not perform nearly as well as the other bigger fish but you gotta all admit the Rockets are fucked and the IC isn't the IC without some knock back. The Bolt Rifle is fine no one gives a shit about the Bolt Rifle. Can we also acknowledge the potential of the Plasma Gun?
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    I think @capodecima is talking about the feeling and not the actual damage of the weapon. I agree that it feels underwhelming shooting it and I only get satisfaction using the shotgun if it kills in one hit. I would appreciate another visual fx or sfx showing more impact for shotgun as well.
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    [0.48.2]Reflex Menu not Loading

    Should be clamping that number internally, fixed so it can't happen again. Thanks lads
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    [0.48.2]Reflex Menu not Loading

    good job lads
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    [0.48.2]Reflex Menu not Loading

    case closed boys
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    Matchmaking Wishlist

    2v2 team queue
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    Matchmaking Wishlist

    I was a big pusher of the "morph matchmaking server into lobby server" as it lets you talk to the people you just played against, lets you run around / see the map you just played on and toy with things. IMHO it's a lot nicer flow than instantly loading you back out of the server. I can see however that on duel games (which is primarily been played), it's of relatively high chance you'll be in the server by yourself (as there's only 1 person who has to leave) What do others feel about this? is it of popular opinion to just load you back out to a lobby server (potentially not with the person you just played against)?
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    Some minor improvements

    @devs Here's my take on what to possibly improve upon after the latest MM update, there's some other threads about this but i think i have some specifics not mentioned before. - Right now, when you receive your challenge you can either accept or decline, but you can't see who it is until you accept it. Pros: players can't 'back off' from playing certain people (maybe afraid to lose rating), Cons: Maybe you'd like to rematch vs a guy you just played and not vs some other player, or maybe you keep running into this player who disconnects halfway through the match. Personally i would like to know beforehand who i'm matched up against (and what his level is). - After both players agreed to the challenge, the game automatically starts after 20 seconds. I think it would be better to have the game start automatically after 60 seconds or so, and that you can ready up earlier if you don't want to wait that long. Sometimes you run into a friendly player and it's nice to have a chat before playing or maybe your doorbell rings w/e and you can't make it back in time. Now there's no way to cancel or prolong the countdown and you will have to disconnect afaik. - Besides having the MM levels such as gold, platinum, diamond etc. it would be nice to have a dedicated stats page a la QLStats where you can quickly see leaderboards and what ELO players have (with search function etc.) I'm sure this is already on the TO-DO list, but for many players this is a huge motivation to keep playing so it's probably good to work on this first. - This one is requested alot: clean versions of maps and custom maps. Right now i'm being forced to play on for example vanilla 421, where i get spikes that drop my FPS to 30. I've heard other players with the same complaint. - When 2 players each pick 1 (different) map, the server randomly chooses one of the two, so one player gets lucky with his pick and the other one doesn't (EDIT: i think? can someone confirm?). I think a possible solution for this would be to always pick a remaining unvoted map, or, the server can match you up for 2 matches in a row so you both can get a chance to play your map.
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    I think fragging with all weapons is fantastic. ion, bolt, rl, plasma are awesome. gl too,.. the melee and burst are ok too. But the shotgun. It feels really so weird to play with it. The fragging is just not much fun with this gun. Like when you hit, it feels so dull to me. Well shooting pellets against steel robot is just not good. I am not actually sure how improve it, but it needs just the projectiles to be more agressive, something like they need to hurts the robot more, ( and i dont mean more dmg). It just needs to feel like you are hurting the robot, not feel like you are shooting steel wall. I was thinking about phosphorous projectiles could just mark the body with some color. Like you shot and you see the bullets in body for while. (something like some red astral super bullets i dunno. :D) Definitely needs some change on this...
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    Consider that the dude who really destroys you may not always be a veteran. That could be one of his few good games a day and normally he's the one getting wrecked.
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    A. Benz

    Some minor improvements

    - def. a big no - yes - to-do - have i missed those requests? i haven't read nearly as much clean-map whining as i imagined tbh. a big no to clean-maps from me. To quote shooter: " should play and look good " - i think it picks a random map out of the 3 ... in general i'm sure this whole voting system will get an overhaul anyways also:
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    Lobby System or not?

    I would love to race while in queue so badly please do
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    What makes a good duel map?

    this is a good place to start. its an old guide, but most of the stuff regarding item/health placement, or number of rooms still holds up. don't try to innovate everything at once. http://cpma-news.org/guides/content/leveldesign
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    What makes a good duel map?

    Just my two cents: 1) Vertical rather than horizontal space. Vertical space creates more interesting combat. It can also emphasize the value of positioning more than a "flat" map (due to Reflex's fast player movement). A mostly horizontal/flat map ends up having two problems: combat/positioning is limited and the map's meta will inevitably be dominated by aim-only play because a respawning player will probably be safer off the spawn. It also makes it easier to avoid fights and run away. Good examples: Catalyst, Simplicity What-not-to-do: Toxicity, Campgrounds (iconic but just too big for duel) 2) Balance is a red herring. A map that makes it too hard to control all armors ends up being all aim. You can make it too hard by making the map too big, have too much armor, or put armors in places that are too easy to defend. Long story short: The harder it is to cycle armors, the more often both players will stack up, and therefore more fights that boil down to aim. Instead, it is okay to create a map where, feasibly, a player can run fairly quickly (5s-10s for a complete loop) between all major armors (yellows and red). And it is okay if the map feels somewhat "one sided". The reason is due to Reflex's tiered armor system which prohibits a player from picking up certain armors if they already have a certain amount of amor. This makes it inherently more difficult for the in-control player to cycle armors perpetually. Good examples: Wicked, Use and Abuse, Phrantic 3) Always atriums. The most common layout is two atriums with connecting hallways but it commonly ranges from 1-3 atriums. Any more and you risk making the map too big and/or open. A map of nothing but hallways will quickly become boring. Atriums, as opposed to hallways, are where most of the fun happens. Use item placement to create interesting situations and spaces that allow for difficult or fun shots. Good examples: Aerowalk, Catalyst, Pocket Infinity 4) Teleportals make maps smaller. Good use of teleportals can turn a big map into a smaller one. By creating teles that go from one side to another side (or from outside to middle), you can make the gameplay faster and map feel smaller. Good examples: Wicked, Catalyst 5) There are no sacred cows. If I've learned anything in my 10+ years of dueling in AFPS games, it's that there's a tendency for people to want to recreate the same duel maps over and over. Personally, I've had the same inclinations but it's a waste of time. There's already an endless number of well made but similar duel maps out there. I say, don't be afraid to do something new or different!
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    Matchmaking Wishlist

    I like the morphing lobby server thing too. Also echoing what others said about a ready up time so we can coordinate teamwork pregame
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    Matchmaking Wishlist

    I really agree with you that it would be wayyyy to abrupt to instantly load back out to the lobby- it's also nice to have the time to chat with opponent if they don't just leave.. let them have time to deliver salt etc etc
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    the nades you need to pick them up to unlock more portals, the only reason u can open that entrance is to clear the way in case u die so u don't need to go all around the sewers again (there's also a faster secret way) : P
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    First of all I want to thank everyone who enjoyed the map and gave suggestions to make it better, people who still use this map to teach their friends was my main motivation to start a map from scratch, keeping in mind some of the features that were going to be added to training gamemode. This new map is a single player - tutorial that you need to play in training mode. I tried to help people understand better how to use the movement in this game since the tutorials the game has right now are kinda... not what i expected lets say. Keep in mind all of the rooms, sections, locations, props, missions, messages are really poor at the moment because I just want to have the progression done so I can finish off the map better when I have the whole thing even if it's not very finished. The unlocking system of the map is rather rudimentary as there isn't a working one. Edit: i just want to release it here so u can explore and give more ideas or fixing small things... would be appreciated. parkour_goat_ex.map
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    REFLEXTRAIN Reflextrain is a personal project of mine that aims to help players improve their mechanical skills regarding movement and also builds upon @Bonuspunkts reflexjump map Workshop link! In Reflextrain you will find sections to train strafing, circlejumping (with and without plasma hops) and rocket jumping. The map also features 3 reflexjump sections, 3 challenge rooms and a freestyle room! Any and all feedback appreciated! Enjoy! Thanks to @MAD_JIHAD, @Bonuspunkt, @memphis, @poub @Warlord Wossman, @DraQu, Night and @rekk0r for their various contributions and input on the map!
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    amgt2 - 421

    I like the little easter egg you put in
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    Audio Department Support

    here is a demo-clip showcasing a few sfx layouts for the player movement in four short runs: featured sfx are: hostile_jump.wav (4 versions) hostile_land.wav , hostile_land_var01.wav , hostile_land_var02.wav , hostile_land_hard.wav , hostile_land_harder.wav all sounds are made from scratch exclusively for reflex using raw materials in different approaches. please let me know what you think...
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    b0 - Movement training for Reflex

    Updated 25-05-2015, see two new screenshots and versioning comments Updated 03-08-2015, new flat area in main room Updated 09-04-2016, adjusted to player height, some decor, enlarged some rooms This is a training map to practice and refine movement skills. It was originally made for CPMA but carries over extremely well to Reflex. The principle behind b0 is that almost all of the moves and jumps have their original counterparts in existing maps. So by jumping around you don't practice an abstract skill of strafepads or double/triple jumps but actual shortcuts and moves you can use during deathmatch. Additionally the jumps have usually been made a bit harder (distance/height) so when you go back to the actual maps, the jumps will be easier to execute. The jumps are organized in four categories: "Training" (numbered, strung together as sequences, ascending difficulty) "Technique" (specific weapons or jumps like double, triple and stairs) "Special" (freestyle, puzzles, experiments) "Run" (crystalline teleporters, hybrid versions of sequenced jumps and/or freestyle rooms) The map, huge thank you to reflexfiles and goober is up here: http://reflexfiles.com/file/149 An awesome guide: Some pictures: What's next? Right now this is absolutely work in progress. There are a few missing brushes, texturing, lighting is being worked on right now. However, b0 is actually not supposed to exit beta, ever. Its purpose is to serve as a training resource. So it only makes sense that it is updated from time to time to remain relevant. Triple jumps are a great example for this. Changes in movement code are another. Intervals could range from weeks to years, whatever makes sense and time allows Versioning: 2015-02-07 - 001 - Ported from b0_final for CPMA, teleporters and navigation functional. 2015-05-25 - 002 - Added completely new playground room including easy (!) pads and opportunities to practice air control, telejumps and a few more things. Contains additional jumppads to help new players reach speed and practice moving at and maintaining high velocity. Triple jump room refined and usable, looking forward to who completes it 2015-08-03 - 003 - New flat 2400x2400 unit flat area adjacent to main room with line markers to practice circle jumping and running and showing off basics to spectators if needed. 2016-04-08 - 004 - Redid some areas visuallyfor fun and looks, more importantly fixed jumps that used headbumps