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    Hello! I will start playing Reflex Arena and wanted to feel out the game and community a little bit I am 28 and come from playing CS 1.4/1.6, CSS, CSGO and recently Quake Champions Beta and Early Access. I think QC is very far from being playable, but I got caught up with the arena shooter part ^^ I have always loved the bunnyhop mechanics from CSS aswell and played countless hours on bhop Servers. I am very curious what the movement is like in Reflex Arena. However I see mostly good feedback for RA running stable and being competetive. I also read that the community is rather small wich I think is cool as long as I will find people to play with^^ I rather have a small dedicated skilled community with less cheaters and bullsh1t than a big one. Can you invite me to the Discord Server maybe? I am using the programm and need a direct invitation to join. However, nice to meet you Reflex Arena Community
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    Welcome! I have a background similar to yours, so I'm sure you'll enjoy Reflex as much as I do and did back when I started. The community is indeed quite small - currently it's the smallest it has ever been (for various reasons). Realistically, you'll likely have a hard time finding players of your skill level, although I strongly feel like that will change as the new and much anticipated 1.2 patch comes out. If you have any questions about anything, feel free to ask them on Discord - most people are very friendly and will give answers, advice and even coaching if you just ask for it. Use the Discord to find people to duel with as well, as it's much faster than the current Matchmaking feature! https://discord.gg/uThaFhF
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    Looks like it has been a while since this thread was updated. I'm not as experienced a racer, or mapper, as some but here are some random thoughts: Race is different from other modes in that it is much more linear. There is a start and a finish and what happens in between does not vary between each play through. You can introduce variety in a race map with alternate routes and types of movement required. Regarding the traditional/classic strafe-only maps, my personal opinion is that a map is improved with a variety of options, difficulties, and types of movements (strafe, ramp jump, double and triple jumps, etc.). Sometimes this variety emerges naturally from the structure of map, other times it is very much by design. My process is very organic. I start with an idea, area, room, or section and test it until I find it enjoyable. Then I add another area, room, or section and test the two together. Rinse and repeat. Once a start and finish are generally created, then I go back through and look for natural elements in the existing design where difficult shortcuts or easier "longcuts" can be added. It should be obvious that the shortest route should also be the most difficult, therefore rewarding skill/practice with a shorter time. For making interesting maps, it may be useful to think of patterns in both positive and negative terms. What is the actual pattern that exists and what are the patterns that do not exist? In a way, it is like music with on-beat and off-beat. If you repeat the same situation in a race map, over and over again, it can become boring. Instead, finding ways to break patterns by introducing something unexpected may be a useful way to think about it. Pat Howard wrote a very interesting article on architectural "connectivity". Although the article is intended as for duel/TDM food for thought, I think the same lines of thinking can be applied to race maps. How do various sections of your race map connect together? Do you put some trick jump between two areas or in the middle of the rooms? Consider all the movement mechanics and possibilities and all the potential combinations thereof. What patterns can you arrange with all these possibilities and how can you interrupt/break these patterns in interesting ways?