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    i made some thoughts to what would make the game easier for new players and give a growing playerbase in general please be nice while discussing and stay on topic. Tutorial - tutorial starting when you start the game for the first time (can be redone from home screen any time) that would be scripted ingame "press forward button, press jump, crouch, do doublejump etc." Matchmaking - remove server browser, but add option for "private match" - private matches would give an option for a grouped party (current count 4, need to be higher then) to create a full custom match, hosted in the turbo pixel server farm (like matchmaking). you could set everything on your own like timelimit, map, gamemmode, mutator, map editing, etc. - non-steam server would still be possible with console "host/connect", which is needed for editor / LAN - that means all actual gameservers would spawn off the turbo pixel server farm, like matchmaking - every match would be done with quickplay and listed on homescreen and able to spectate, which results in less splitting the community (matchmaking + serverbrowser) and give easier access for everyone - make all casual modes being filled with bots, which get replaced when a real player joins and get back when a player leaves (except race) Replays - disable saving replays on server, but give the option to download it from the server after match has ended (ingame, e.g. ending screen) - add a replay browser from the menu (make them finally accessible) Nice to have - add leaderboard accessible from the menu - add inventory to menu where you can see all items listed (like in your steam inventory) - add option to trade ingame with players in your party
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    [race] rr_smile3

    Some challenging and unique jumps. Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1183487713
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    Ishdm12 - Angarr's Gate

    An article I made about this on +Forward : https://www.plusforward.net/reflex/post/38106/Reflex-new-map-"Angarrs-Gate"-mapper-interview/ Thx to Promeus & Irish, and Tsarenir for feedback.
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    I always thought that "remove server browser" was a meme. I really value the freedom reflex gives players in setting up their client and matches, it's a rare thing in gaming these days. I feel like removing the server browser and effectively the ability to host your own servers would take away a large portion of that freedom.
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    Probably an unpopular opinion, but I think the game should prioritize on player experience over viewer experience. It's obvious at this point that Reflex won't be the next big thing in eSports, so maybe stop treating it as one. Loosen it up from areas where the strictness of competitive ideals takes precedence over fun, properly finalizing stake launcher as a core weapon would be a good way to start in my opinion. Perhaps add some variety to map scale and the way items are distributed, two megas, two reds, only two yellows, one mega-one green.. one rocket?.. have some experimentation with taboos like these.
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    Add Competitive Race and I'm sold. Some additional thoughts: Have a "PLAY NOW" option where it puts you into any casual game w/ players regardless of mode. Always keep 1 server active in various regions with active bots so newbs can always find a game instantly. An option at the top for "MAP EDITOR" or something like that which will jump you straight into an map in editor mode. "Change Map" window includes a drop down option for "My Workshop" (queries only items in your workshop
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    I think the serverbrowser should be kept along with custom hosted servers. As @Grybzt mentioned it's just not as personal without it. Everything else looks good to me
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    We don't need that many competitive modes. Only those modes that playerbase could keep active should be kept. There is absolutely no point to delude new players that they can find 4v4 competitive games at any time. Further more, those options existence hurt playerbase suitable gamemodes. Code base is already there for those modes, if Reflex will keep growing, there shouldn't be too much work to bring them back when playerbase is big enough to support them. Removing public custom games is bad idea and at least should be followed with more detailed solution. Match making neglects mutators - casual players most loved thing. It also remove sense of in-game community, Article that hits soft spot for me. Further more, CA players most liked maps are not in map pool. I also wonder how race without public servers would work, since map changes are more like when people feel done, not when timer runs out. Other than that look good