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    Small suggestions/bugs

    that can be easily done with a workaround. like i just put on my maps description keywords, that will also get used for the search. like map furnace has dp5 in the description. if u search for dp5, u will see all furnace version of mine
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    Small suggestions/bugs

    Then I would like to call out to all the mapmakers, please put description words to your maps so that they are easy to find
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    Small suggestions/bugs

    The search feature for maps inside the game can be improved, for example if I write "reflex" or "train" it does not find the "Reflextrain" map. I need to write "reflextrain" in order to find that map, but it is just easier to remember parts of the map names and being able to search them that way.
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    Reflex Monthly Cups

    Can I be approved to spectate/cast aswell? I had a healthy Polish playerbase on my streams, pretty sure they would like to watch best players compete again in reflex.
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    Feature Request: REPLAY BROWSER

    Dear Turbo Pixel Studio Gods: I humbly request a built-in REPLAY BROWSER for Reflex Arena. It would be nice to be able to search all replays in your replay folder(s) and be able to select/play them that way (without needing to copy files names and paste into Reflex). It would be especially nice if you could select a replay and it would preview some of the replay details like: map, mode, player(s), scores(s)/time(s), etc.. In the event the devs are spread too thin, perhaps the replay file system can be exposed in LUA and those in the community with the skills can create a browser? Somewhat related: It would also be very nice to have the option to download the game replay immediately following the completion of a game. Perhaps there could be a "DOWNLOAD REPLAY" button on the end scoreboard?