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    Comig back from Quake Champions I have to say that I much prefer Reflex Arena. The problem is that Reflex is pretty much dead besides some hardcore veterans playing and stomping me in duel 0 : 40 all the time. Team gamemodes don't get played at all (besides Clan Arena, which bores me quickly). Mostly I can't even find a Free For All match.. What can we do to get more people playing Reflex? There hasn't been an Update for the game since ~ half a year and I really don't know what the devs are working on right now. Maybe their strategy is to silently work on the game until the Quake Champions hype is over. I read somewhere that there aren't any new features planned, but they are improving the existing ones (which sounds good but anyway it's bad that nobody is playing gamemodes besides duel). Thoughts? Edit: I really like the sacrefice mode in Quake Champions. It has all the gameplay elements I like: picking up armors and weapons, timing Powerup each 2 minutes, moving fast, defending your base and attacking the enemy base... and it allows nice teamplay since you have to conquer the soul from the enemy obelisk. You can't just rush into the enemy base, get the flag and run out again. You have to work with your team to contest the objective... and I like that you can pass the soul over towards a teammate. This adds another layer of teamplay and coordination.