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    Announcing Newbie Night 5! We will be playing Sunday, February 11th starting 6:15ish CST! If you know any new players, please send them my way! Participants for the mini tournament must be at the skill level to have reasonably close games with brand new players. As for some previous newbienights players who are too strong for this now, I have something else planned for you guys. We will all be in the newbie nights voice channel : https://discord.gg/b7zXBKj and it will be streamed here : https://go.twitch.tv/dazedspartan We will start with some casual modes while we wait for people to arrive and then we’ll jump into the mini duel tournament. Please sign up here so the brackets are easy : http://challonge.com/tournaments/signup/b61Gb2QuZv The tournament is limited to 10 participants, so register early! The purpose of newbie nights is to give new players a chance to enjoy the best Reflex has to offer. Hope to see you there! Please message @DazedSpartan3488 on Discord, Steam, or forums if you have any questions.
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    Reflex Monthly Cups

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