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    Thunder FFA #1

    Yo welcome to FFA event. If you like FFA feel free to join and play. We play every week. Date: Thursday, March 15, 2018 Session Start: Central Europe: 20:00, United Kingdom: 19:00, Russia / Moscow: 22:00 Mode: FFA only Server: Capodecima's FFA server
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    I wish "gconst_playeronground_speed" didn't intervene with air movement. So in other words, kill the bind between ground and air variables first. Then add the following cvars: gconst_playerinair_wishspeed (to be 320 by default) gconst_playerinaircrouched_wishspeed (to be 120 by default) And other possibly handy cvars: gconst_double_jump_expiration (the time window during which the double jump has to be executed) gconst_wallclipping_expiration (the time window during which you have to have cleared away from the obsacle) gconst_stepheight (to be 18 by default) gconst_stepup (the stepup behavior used in stair jumps - 0 disabled / 1 enabled) gconst_crouchhop (enable jumping while holding crouch - 0 disabled / 1 enabled) gconst_autohop (enable jumping without releasing jump key - 0 disabled / 1 enabled) It would also be really nice, if air control and bunnyhop were not locked to W/S and A/D keys exclusively. There would be more freedom if the cvars were arranged as follows: gconst_aircontrol_straight (the only supported aircontrol direction atm) gconst_aircontrol_sideways gconst_aircontrol_strafe And the same logic for bunnyhop (note that 2 cvars each are required): gconst_bunnyhop_straight_accelerate gconst_bunnyhop_straight_wishspeed gconst_bunnyhop_sideways_accelerate (the only supported bunnyhop direction atm) gconst_bunnyhop_sideways_wishspeed (the only supported bunnyhop direction atm) gconst_bunnyhop_strafe_accelerate gconst_bunnyhop_strafe_wishspeed Also, a simple cvar to disable bunnyhop variables, so you don't have to play with all of these variables in order to replicate vQ3 or QW movement for example: gconst_bunnyhop (0 disabled / 1 enabled)
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    Reflex 1.2.0beta

    For what it's worth, here are the movement related variables from expplus (not sure if they're the same in 1.2 or not...): expplus_gconst_double_jump_velocity expplus_gconst_jump_velocity expplus_gconst_playerinair_acceleration expplus_gconst_playerinair_aircontrol expplus_gconst_playerinair_bunny_accelerate expplus_gconst_playerinair_bunny_wishspeed expplus_gconst_playerinair_decceleration expplus_gconst_playerinaircrouched_acceleration expplus_gconst_playeronground_acceleration expplus_gconst_playeronground_friction expplus_gconst_playeronground_speed expplus_gconst_playerongroundcrouched_speed expplus_gconst_wallclipping expplus_gconst_world_gravity I'm not an expert with this stuff, but I would guess the answer to your question is yes (to a certain extent).