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    Reflex Monthly Cups

    Reflex Monthly Cup Hiatus after RMC NA#6 Reflex Monthly Cups is taking a break until player counts increase or development for Reflex resumes. RMC has given Reflex it’s first sustainable framework for competitive and dependable tournaments. Unfortunately, it is clear that interest in Reflex or competitive Reflex is at an all time low, so Reflex Monthly Cups is being put on hold until conditions improve. The infrastructure behind Reflex Monthly Cups will stay untouched and the tournament cycle can be easily resumed in the future. Reflex Monthly Cups NA#6 is the final planned event: June 17th @ 01:00pm EST We hope that Reflex can flourish again so that we are able to continue creating entertaining, high-level tournaments for you to enjoy watching and playing in. Let us know what you think - we’d be happy to hear your thoughts going forward and are open to suggestions for what you want to see in the future. It’s been a pleasure, RMC Staff. Stats and References Unique participants : 82 Number of tournaments: 10 + 3 Number of matches: 270 Total cash prizes: $1282.00 -RMC NA#1 : Final Bracket - VOD - Replays - Prizepool -RMC EU#1 : Final Bracket - VOD - Replays - Prizepool -RMC 1st Editions Highlights : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D09-7wBvV2 -RMC NA#2 : Final Bracket - VOD - Replays - Prizepool -RMC EU#2 : Final Bracket - VOD - Replays - Prizepool -RMC 2nd Editions Highlights : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EE7IpHDVznw&feature=youtu.be -RMC NA#3 : Final Bracket - VOD - Replays - Prizepool -RMC EU#3 : Final Bracket - VOD - Replays - Prizepool -RMC 3rd Editions Highlights : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JeTiPOIQyvQ -RMC NA#4 : Final Bracket - VOD - Replays - Prizepool -CR2 AU : Final Bracket - VOD - Replays - Prizepool -CR2 JP : Final Bracket - VOD - Replays - Prizepool -CR2 2v2 : Final Bracket - VOD - Replays - Prizepool -RMC EU#4 : Final Bracket - VOD - Replays - Prizepool -RMC NA#5 : Final Bracket - VOD - Replays - Prizepool -RMC EU#5 : Final Bracket - VOD - Replays - Prizepool -RMC NA#6 : Final Bracket - VOD - Replays - Prizepool Official RMC youtube channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCt3JBOnzAk4WD1dgnHGOvJQ Official RMC challonge organization : http://reflexmonthlycups.challonge.com/ Detailed prizepool stats: RMC prizepool Spreadsheet Thanks RMC has always been a community-driven effort, which means that we owe everything to you, the fans and players who give up their hard earned time and money to spend improving aspects of the game and its community, purely out of fun and good competition. Thank you to all the the volunteer staff, streamers, donators, and players who made these events possible. Current and Former Staff: Ramagan (Head Admin, Tournament Admin, Server Admin) – joined 01.11.2017 DazedSpartan (Head Admin, Tournament Admin, Public Relations) – joined 01.11.2017 bitstream (Tournament Admin) – joined 20.02.2018 Goulox (Public Relations) – joined 05.12.2017 Zuluu (VODs) - joined 20.02.2018 Nacho (Public Relations) – joined 21.05.2018 lolograde (Highlights Movies) – joined 01.11.2017 cupcake (Highlights Movies) – joined 01.11.2017 erad (Tournament Admin) - joined 25.11.2017 cat_smoker (Highlights Movies) – joined 09.01.2018 RMC Event Broadcasters: Delementary (RMC NA#1, RMC NA#2, RMC NA#3) GMT (RMC EU#1) Tyronesama (RMC EU#2, RMC EU#3) DazedSpartan (RMC NA#2, RMC EU#2, RMC NA#3, RMC EU#3, RMC NA#4, RMC NA#5) defTV (RMC NA#4, CR2 2v2 Cup, RMC EU#4, RMC EU#5) Pan1c(RMC NA#4) Phylum (CR2 AU Cup) kenneth (CR2 AU Cup) Zuluu (CR2 JP Cup) Xytaglyph (RMC NA#5) Special Thanks: s.i for creating the original RMC logo Reflex developer Yasashii for creating the RMC Shovel melee prize https://imgur.com/a/1aW8c Custom Ruleset 2 Custom Ruleset 2 was developed through RMC and community effort, and the final product has become the standard for competitive play. Thank you to all who assisted in the testing and feedback process. The ruleset will always remain available here : https://raw.githubusercontent.com/custom-ruleset/custom_ruleset2/master/ruleset_CR2.cfg Installing custom ruleset 2 on your server: - Download the CR2 Config file : Link - Place the config file in the folder where Reflex is installed - Use the command "callvote ruleset CR2" to apply the ruleset - You can use the command "sv_startruleset CR2" in your dedicatedserver.cfg to automatically load the ruleset Thank again to everyone who played a part it making this happen, we hope to see you all for RMC NA#6 on June 17th !