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    Reflex Monthly Cups

    Reflex Monthly Cup NA#6 Results Congratulations to Sharq for taking home the shovel and big thanks to all those who took part. Thank you to everyone who came to watch, to the players, and to the Reflex Monthly Cups staff for another great tournament. Special thanks to def for streaming and soh for casting. This was the last planned RMC for the foreseeable future but it's good to see other community-driven tournaments & competitions have started up and can continue to make Reflex fun for players, mappers, spectators, casters and anyone else in between. : Sharqosity : Pomakik : ImRandyBaby Final Bracket : https://reflexmonthlycups.challonge.com/RMCNA6 Complete Broadcast : https://youtu.be/VtNijslpcKM Replays : https://www.dropbox.com/s/d5nm27yih58dyaz/RMCNA6_replays.zip?dl=0 Payouts : https://matcherino.com/tournaments/10957/payouts Upcoming Events : https://reflex.fun Thanks again to everyone who played a part it making this happen, it's been a great ride. Thank you for supporting competitive Reflex!