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    Hello, Sorry for my absence, I had been hacked, I just started mapping the first new map of e-sport ATDM 16v16 players 3+3 coaches: aAa_Vil1HenHouse_alpha (from ra3map12, Arena: Hen House !) ! The finals maps will be X4 biggest than the classics Rocket Arena map from Quake III Arena Pack maps. First screenshots coming soon ! Remember: ATDM Vil1 pack map (at the moment): Vil1Overkill_alpha (work in progress...) And now: e-sport ATDM Vil1 pack map (at the moment): aAa_Vil1HenHouse_alpha (work in progress...) (aAa is just the actual 16v16 tag, of my project !) (Thanks to: lolograde for the conversion of: ra3map12, ra3map4, and ILP2001 !) (nota bene: sorry for my english, I am a political dissident tortured in europe.)
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    Thanks! Work in progress... Have Fun! Addictus
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    Hello, Just some first screenshots : Work in progress... Have Fun! Addictus
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    CCCP #2 - Newbie Tournament

    Reflex Newbie Tournament Sunday November 11th, 2PM EST/11AM PST Register Bracket/Registration Prize Pool/Donate Make sure you're in the official Reflex Discord Streams Upper bracket coverage: Cthulhu Lower bracket coverage: Sharqosity Map Pool The map pool consists of the 3 most popular duel maps for your ease of learning. The Catalyst (thct7) Pocket Infinity (thct2) Simplicity (thcdm13) Map Picking All sets are best of 3: Both players type roll 100 into console. Loser of roll picks first map, winner of roll picks second map. The 3rd map is played as a tiebreaker. If you have any questions about the tournament, don’t hesitate to ask a CCCP Organizer: Poma, Sharqosity, Cthulhu, or Slowdive. Prizes 1st Place: $10 + Your very own copy of Kovaak’s Aim Trainer! 2nd Place: $10 Prize split may be extended to include 3rd & 4th place if the prize pool increases. Thanks to KovaaK for providing a copy of his wonderful aim trainer! Servers Server Picking: This is primarily an NA tournament. If NA vs. NA, use common sense to pick the best server. If NA vs. EU, play on the best server for the NA player. List of servers with the official Sushi ruleset (PM Sharqosity if your server is not on this list): East/Central servers: Eggplant Chicago #1-7 Eggplant Newbie Hangout Chicago Sharq’s Tea Party Server (Ohio) Owl’s Sushi Saloon 420 (Chicago) REEflex (Texas) REEflexin (Texas) West coast servers: Eggplant Los Angeles #1-7 Eggplant Newbie Hangout LA [US-W] Big eZ UK servers: Eggplant London #1-2 Owl’s Sushi Sauna Owl’s Authentic Norwegian Sushi Owl’s Sweaty Sushi Foursomes
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    Q3 .map -> Reflex .map converter

    Hi, sorry I don't speak french but I can try to help. You'll want to first get the .map for ra3map12. If you only have the .pk3, you can do this by unzipping the .pk3 and getting the .bsp. Then use NetRadiant to convert the .bsp to .map. Once you have the .map for ra3map12, you should be able to follow the steps on page 1 of this forum thread. If the above doesn't help, contact me on Discord and I can try to convert ra3map12 to Reflex for you. You'll still need to do a lot of work to make the converted version ready to play in Reflex, though.
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    Hello everybody, Some new screenshots available: Work in progress... Have Fun! Addictus
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    Hello everybody, Some new screenshots available: Work in progress... See you soon! Addictus
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    If it helps anyone, here's a brief guide on how to convert a q3 map's .pk3 to .map. (You'll need the .map format for the Q3ToReflex program to work.) Unzip the .pk3 and search for the map's .bsp. It is typically in the /maps/ folder within the .pk3. Save the .bsp somewhere (doesn't matter where). Use NetRadiant (http://ingar.intranifty.net/gtkradiant/installation.html) to convert the .bsp to .map. You can do this by opening NetRadiant, go to File --> Import, and select the .bsp. Your NetRadiant window might give you an error (about textures or entities) but you can ignore this. It will also likely freeze for a moment while it decompiles the .bsp. Once the map has load (you will probably see a lot of caulk, pink and black checkerboard pattern), go to File --> Save As and save the map as a .map inside the same folder as Q3ToReflex.exe. Now you should have a .map version of the map you want to port. Simply follow the steps for the Q3ToReflex. (Open commandline prompt, navigate to the Q3ToReflex folder, and then use the appropriate commands per the readme.)
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    Sharq Qenya Qup 4

    yeah sure go ahead
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    Hey, Lately in my experience I noticed it's more efficient to find games on steam than in discord. But everyone don't have all the remaining active players in their friend list. So, for people that wanna try the new steam feature, I've created a group for reflex players to find games : https://s.team/chat/CByKMzD0 cheers
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    ColdFire - TDM2V2/3V3/FFA

    My new map : ColdFire http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=918483665 A map for TDM 2v2 or 3v3. Could also work for FFA. For those who tried a previous version, the carnage is now under the bridge Any feedback is welcome, mostly about the items balance... Byebye, Have fun
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    I miss those days when you used to cheat. good video
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    Sepulcrum - FFA & ATDM

    Hey, It has been a long time I didn't publish a new map. Here it is : Sepulcrum http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=845286875 A fresh new FFA and ATDM map ! Don't forget to leave a feedback !!!
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    Tamb [ATDM,FFA]

    My new map : Tamb http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=797341224 Made for ATDM, it also works for FFA. The visual aspect is quite simple yet and may be totally changed if I find deep inside me the motivation (so, don't wait too much...) As always, now its your turn to help me to improve it with your feedbacks ! Have fun !
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    Impulse - 2v2 TDM

    Hello, This is my second attempt for a 2v2 tdm map : Impulse http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=763588309 It's small but there are some cool tricks to make. Classic itemization : 1RA, 1 MH, 2 YA, 1GA Weapons : each x1 + 1 RL The main particularity is the energy shields, mostly around the RA, which should lead to dynamic fights. I say "should" because I've only tested it a few games. For each feedback you make, a panda will be saved !
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    Hey, Campground++ is ready ! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=752910835&searchtext It was known as CA_Vil1DM6 and was inspired from dm6++ from q3. It's a bigger campground, with new rooms, and more open. Some like it more, some players hate it. I think the flow is nice for atdm. It's also good for bigger FFA! There is a quad / 1MH / 1RA / 1YA / 2GA / 1BigHealth / 2RL / 2GL / 2SG. I've also made a Campground++_turrets : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=753123987&searchtext It sounds crazy, but I wanted to make a test with turrets on a fighting map. There are 3 rocket turrets on the top floor. Be careful, they shoot before the game starts in arena mode. Feel free to react to this new idea! (if it's just to say that it sucks or I can die and burn in hell for such an insanity, no need to post it here, you already did it in game).
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    Admodum (CTF)

    Admodum is a CTF map in space ! It was called Bazinga a few months ago, but since I used the name for another map I make a new topic. Admodum has been updated according to the tips you gave me. CTF is not really my thing so all feedbacks are welcomed !
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    Mirari (a1v1)

    Mirari is a map made for a1v1. It is very small but you can easily trick your ennemy. It also works for a2v2 I wait for your feedbacks !
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    Bazinga (ATDM, TDM and FFA)

    Ca_vil1Bazinga : my first original ATDM map. Also ready for TDM and FFA http://reflexfiles.com/file/534 Thanks for all the feedbacks I get. Special hug to Fragile for his help! Byebye Tac
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    CA_Vil1Overkill ATDM map

    Hello, You can download my last ATDM map here : http://reflexfiles.com/file/293. It is a remake from Overkill. The map is quite close to the original, with a few modifications like 2 new teleports. I haven't worked on the lightmap yet. I wait for your comments !
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    Hello, I'm far from being a ctf expert but I wanted to give it a try since the mode will be released soon (or at least I hope) so I've built : ctf_Bazinga I've uploaded it on ReflexFiles (http://reflexfiles.com/file/437) so you can help me to improve it. Moreover, your answers may help other ctf beginner mappers. Short presentation : 3v3-4v4 map. Very open bases, close middle medium size, each team got ; 1RA, 2YA, 1MH, 1 x each weapon. There is a carnage at the center. My concerns and global questions : - Is there enough health/armor ? Should I look at the most played quake ctf map and just input the same number, or is it more map related ? - The map is too small for a 4v4 ? To big for a 3v3 ? how to define the team size ? - all weapons ? Is it necessary ? Of course, I think the best way to get my answers is to try it on the field but maybe there are some basic rules to follow. I'm sure there will be a guide soon enough anyway. Thank you for your comments! Tac
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    ATDM maps

    Hello all, I would like to share with you some maps I've worked on. These 3 ATDM maps are remake of well-known q3 maps. My idea was to avoid camping spot and make them more dynamic. - CA_Vil1Theater : http://reflexfiles.com/file/277 from Theater of pain (ra3map1) - CA_Vil1Rising : http://reflexfiles.com/file/279 from Jupiter Rising (ra3map10) - CA_Vil1dm6 : http://reflexfiles.com/file/278 from dm6 I hope you will enjoy it. I wait for your comments, bad or good. Have fun
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    Sharq Qenya Qup 4

    yeah sure go ahead