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    Reflex Racing Cups

    Reflex Racing Cups It's time to give reflex racing the love it deserves, announcing the Reflex Racing Cups! ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ Info We will provide 3 different kind of tournaments: Live Cup ⟶ A small and casual livestreamed tournament that last 3 rounds for 12 racers maximum. Touring Cup ⟶ A monthly racing tournament based on skill tiers. World Cup And we'll start by scheduling the Reflex Racing World Cup 2018. ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ Events Reflex Racing World Cup 2018 That's right, the RRWC 2018 is finally here and it ain't no joke. But we need you to make it a tournament worth playing by joining it, remember the real goal is to keep the players together and have some fun in our little corner of the universe (a little challenge won't hurt either). First Round Round Start: Monday, June 4th, 2018 Round End: Saturday, June 9th, 2018 at 11:00 PM (UTC+0) Discord: https://discord.gg/g7gUxH3 Rules and Gameplay: https://reflex.racing/cups/world-cup Registration**: https://matcherino.com/tournaments/10752/participants Prize Pool: https://matcherino.com/tournaments/10752/payouts Info: https://reflex.racing/cups/events/rrwc2018/ Details: Map: TBA Ruleset: Default Leaderboards: Coming soon™ Registration closes on Saturday, June 2nd, 2018 at 11:00 PM (UTC+0) Please submit your maps to the staff by the end of this date. All donations will go to the prize pool! ** You can sign-up with any account, just make sure to fill out the registration form correctly and avoid sharing any private info. ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ Registration Sign-up to any of the events listed above by following these steps: Join discord. Ask on #registration for grade and location roles**, if you're not planning to race you can also choose whether to be assigned to the mappers or testers. Apply to upcoming cups on their respective forms once they get announced on #announcements, on the official RRC website or on the Events above. ** Not required for the World Cup unless you apply for mapping or testing. Make sure to read the rules before applying to a cup, see Info above. ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ Prize pool Prize pools can vary depending on the cup, if it requires game servers we will keep a small percentage to maintain them. 1st Place: 45% 2nd Place: 25% 3nd Place: 15% 4nd Place: 10% 5nd Place: 5% ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ ⧫ Support Feel free to ask the RRC admins for support: lolograde htprankster You can also volunteer as staff to help us keeping the cups up-to-date and moderating the RRC discord server. Staff can partecipate to any cup and the same rules will apply, racers won't have access to the #mapping channels while mappers and testers won't get any cup points. Don't forget to check out the official RRC website: https://reflex.racing (slick af I mean just look at that domain) Thank you for supporting us during the soon™ era, enjoy .
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    map is now in the steamworkshop -> https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1378824625mapname: Aberrationgametype: dueldescription: created for Sushi mapping competitioncredits and thanks to: bjarke, fht, mazu, jigsaw, 666, terifire, lugia and all those i forgotowner: def the map wont get any artpass for now, due to submission for the sushi mapping competition
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    Reflex Monthly Cups

    It could make sense to just add Abandoned Shelter and also keep ruin. This, together with the new map picking system would improve the variety of map played. I like this new system because it should reward players that are more versatile, that can adapt and play different play-styles on different maps, and it punish players that just over-learn one or two maps. Like people in QL that can just play aero/ztn. that's bad. In my opinion we could just make the map pool grow and keep maps that play decently good like ruin.
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    Reflex Racing Cups

    ROUND 1 of the RRWC starts in 2 weeks!!!!! The prize pool is currently at $467.77!! Thanks to all donors! Make sure to register by 2 June!
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    some minor fixes and a little rework of lower mega room done
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    DP10 HYPE!!!!
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    Reflex Monthly Cups

    Good Thank fucking god Not bad This is problematic. How does this solve anything? I'm assuming the issue here is that Ruin is very rarely practiced and played in tournaments, but what makes you think that dp4 will be any better? As far as I can tell, there has been no community vote, no real testing of the map apart from the extremely short ammo remix testing, and it seems like it's just a hastily made decision. What even happened to the mapping tournament that was planned during the first months? It's not like Ruin is a bad map either, it's just not played because only a few people from the main regions play it. Just look at the aussie boys, they seem to play nothing but Ruin. The issue with this decision is that you already fixed the problem: the map picking system. If you want people to practice the least played map in the pool, then just have people pick first instead of banning. If a player doesn't practice a map, then they risk having their opponent pick the said map on their first pick. If the map still doesn't get picked after that change, then feel free to ditch it out. If you just want more variety to the map pool, then don't keep the maps that have been played 24/7 for years now. Regardless of what you do to the other maps, people will always favour the usual trio of t7/t2/thcdm13.
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    I can confirm that, for me at least (on RX 480) the crashes have stopped after disabling Bloom and Sun.
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    Reflex 1.2.0

    Moving 1.2 out of beta, thanks to everyone for the feedback ! General Fixes: Fixed RL lod not working with skins Fixed Plasma lod not working with skins Fixed bolt rifle lod not working with skins Fixed issue where UI would crash when opening last crate Gamma now clamped at 2.7 when in menu (so menu is readable) Hid "buy (in store)" item in profile menu when selecting non-purchasable items not yet found in a crate Increased ui2EditBox/textRegion max length from 256 to 8000 so addon descriptions don't get truncated Main menu forge/map editor buttons now ensure sv_allowedit 1 is set Old replays using rulesets removed from game (experimental, experimental_plus, experimental_stake) should now playback as desired Gib explode directions should now be more consistent when playing back replays continously Removed 'blip' sound from menu.rep Forge: Fixed issue where UI would break when adding bogus values to text entry boxes Updated Reflex_Weapons.zip to include all base textures Added Digi Pink skin set Art: Fixed issue where Speed ragdoll legs crash the game Fixed previous optimisation pass which disabled several particles (such as steam, steam_lava etc) Fixed jump anim that was bugging out the arm Purity: Fixed issue where pak file assets were always taking precedence Visual clarity mod verified to work, as it should be Custom sounds now work too Custom Rulesets: Fixed issue where gconst_stake_enabled (and others) wern't properly reset when returning from a custom ruleset Fixed Crash in “map” with “sv_startruleset” used Fixed issues switching between two custom rulesets Custom ruleset are now always "based on" competitive. i.e. if you don't set a gconst, it will to default to what's in competitive. Exposed gconst_expose_timers_to_lua Exposed gconst_powerups_drop Exposed gconst_default_game_timelimit (keep in mind this will set to ALL gamemodes! don't specify if you want the default of different values per gamemode)
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    The EHT Series

    Heyyo, welcome to the EHT series of duel maps. This post is for me to put updates on maps previously released and maybe post new ones, without having to clog the forums for every new map. Any and all feedback on the maps would be greatly appreciated :D. EHT-01 - Backside of the TV: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=907379198 EHT-02 - Integrity Issues: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=933857442 EHT-03 - Mist Tide: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=873041382 Cheers
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    What do you want for race mode?

    A lof of good suggestions are listed here. For race I'd most like: 1. Fix getting stuck in walls 2. More map editor features 3. Official leaderboards or at least the ability to save times before round end 4. More triggers
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    Brandon suggested hiding a few global variables like player's x y z and speed since accelmeter needs those to work. I'd say to give the player an on/off safe mode button or whatever to enable those variables, if off then no record would be saved.
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    >Preventing accelmeter scores from being uploaded to leaderboards. I'll just move the topic here from discord and make it short. As the title says; that way we'd have a fair competitive scene without punishing new players that still want to use it.
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    Post your WIP screenshots!

    Dig it definitely looks nice with all the detail.....you should checkout the version me and Sebben did: http://reflexfiles.com/file/190