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    The Ki Tournaments are the Sushiflex Organization's main line of tournaments hosted tri-monthly for the two main modes of Sushi ruleset play: Duel & 2V2. CURRENT STATUS: DUEL TOURNAMENT REGISTRATION (ON HOLD) _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ IMPORTANT LINKS: DISCORD - All entrants are required to be within the Sushi discord. North America Bracket & Registration Europe Bracket & Registration Prize Pool Donation Links: North America Matcherino Europe Matcherino _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ SUSHI KI TOURNAMENT ONE SKT ONE is the first event in the Sushi Ki Tournament and will run an altered format than the future line of tournaments. This altered format is used to support change within Reflex and provide something new to the table. SKT ONE has dropped The Catalyst, the most played map, in favor of adding the top two (2) maps from the mapping pool giving us a six (6) size map pool. These tournaments are REGION LOCKED _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ MAP POOL: A-LIST: Pocket Infinity, Simplicity, Furnace, Ruin B-LIST: First Place Winner of Mapping Competition, Second Place Winner of Mapping Competition BRACKET STYLE: Double Elimination Lower Bracket Set: Best of One Upper Bracket Set: Best Of Three Lower Bracket Semifinals: Best of Three Upper Bracket Semifinals: Best of Five Grand Finals: Best of Five (+ Best of Five is LB Finalist wins initial set). TOURNAMENT STYLE: 2X Random Ban at the start of each set. Roll for first map Pick Advantage. Before the start of a set 2 random maps from the A-List will be banned for the entire set. If the set is a Best of Five, no map will be banned. Both players will then roll to decide who gets pick advantage among the remaining 4 maps. PICK ORDER: L = Roll Loser, W = Roll Winner Best of One and Best of Three Sets: W: Ban L: Ban W: Pick (First Match Only) Each consecutive match afterwards the loser of the previous match picks the map. NO MAP MAY BE PLAYED MORE THAN ONCE. Best of Five Sets: L: Ban W: Ban L: Ban W: Pick (First Match Only) Each consecutive match afterwards the loser of the previous match picks the map. NO MAP MAY BE PLAYED MORE THAN ONCE. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Poster (SKT ONE) _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ DISCLAIMER (SEA and AU REGIONS) SEA and AU tournaments will have their registration and prize pools released once we have found suitable tournament admins for them. SEA is also in need of Sushi Ruleset servers. Sorry about all of this. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Day of Tournament Rules: Incomplete This will be a livestreamed event.
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    First, some low-hanging fruit: In-game replay browser. Lists all replays and subfolders within the /replays/ folder. When a replay is selected, it displays map, players, mode, timelimit, and other details in a preview pane. Click "PLAY" button to play. Official race mode leaderboards. Tweak the existing Steam tables so that custom rulesets and mutators are recorded separately. The steam table updates each time a player achieves a personal best time (i.e., you do not need to wait until the round ends to update the time). Also, if you reload the map later, it'll show your personal best on the personal records list widget. Some movement/race related stuff: Adjustable speed when in map editor or replay editor (editing mode). Set your player speed when you're editing. Faster to get across maps quicker or slower for more precise detailed work. Materials that affect movement. Ice (slick, no friction), tar (sticky, extra high friction, can't jump if you land on it, only walk over it) Metas that affect movement. Low gravity within meta volume, one-way collisions (can move out of meta volume but not back in), etc. Checkpoints. A new meta volume that acts as a checkpoint in race mode. Audio/Visual stuff: Liquids, rain, snow, and smoke. Make lava, water, and slime look more like liquids (moving/undulating slowly). Rain, snow, and smoke materials/effects. Better sound engine configuration. Tweak existing sounds so spatial awareness is easier. New shaders/effects in drops. New race trails, IC beams, BR bolt trails, RL smoke trails, GL smoke trails, different types of explosions/gibs, etc. New materials. Keeping with the minimalist look, add some new materials that have subtle bump/specular-mapping (like devgray has). Geometric patterns or materials that looks damaged/distressed. Pip-dream stuff: Greater functionality for addons. Mods, custom weapon models, game mode scripting, etc. Fully modeled stakegun! Expanded draw distance. Triggers & movers. Export sound when using re_export. More camera interpolation options in replay editor. Chat tokens. For example,#NearestTeammate would display the name of the nearest teammate to whoever used the token. Others might be, #NearestEnemy, #NearestItem, #CurrentHealth, #CurrentArmor, etc.. Match Timeout/in. I'm sure everyone can think of something they'd like to see in the 1.3 changelog...
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    Reflex Racing Cups

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    Fix the rankings page of MM. Remove every players from rankings calculation that have their last results older than 100d (or 6 months for example). This is pointless to keep the rankings with these inactive accounts. Display the number of players who are currently queued for a each game mode in mm.
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    gt5 - Driven

    Driven greed tourney 5 Steam Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1381687701 Welcome to my fifth duel map project also known as "Driven". The current version (beta 3) is my submission for the "SushiFlex Mapping Competition" and wont be changed until end of June. Feedback is still highly appreciated! Best served with fresh raw tuna rolls. Thanks to: @panikborke, @freddiaN, kallocain, j1gs4w, @666, @Soh, @fht, @def, @Xtortion, @maker,helltiger.cpm, @Messik, @vcrylic, @Cthulhu, @CrematoR, @TheFatCheetah, @Jaguar, intR [hrrrh], @LuGia, @hicksy, @uaedude @mazk1985, @Mazu, @lolograde, dog, @Furioness and everyone involved; have fun and happy fragging
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    Reflex Racing Cups

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    This would be more of a 1.2.1, but the devs need to some maintenance on the game with the framework they already have in place. - Push Rama Ruleset 2 as the official ruleset - Update the matchmaking map pool and testing grounds map pool - Add some skins from the workshop, maybe to a new crate They've added all these systems in place, why not use them?
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    Closes 15th of July 23:59 PDT (click image above to go vote) • (click banners to go to workshop page)
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    gt5 - Driven

    hey lads, just uploaded a short defrag clip showcasing some movement on the map with sushi ruleset, i hope you enjoy it as much as i had fun making it:
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    Reflex Monthly Cups

    Reflex Monthly Cup Hiatus after RMC NA#6 Reflex Monthly Cups is taking a break until player counts increase or development for Reflex resumes. RMC has given Reflex it’s first sustainable framework for competitive and dependable tournaments. Unfortunately, it is clear that interest in Reflex or competitive Reflex is at an all time low, so Reflex Monthly Cups is being put on hold until conditions improve. The infrastructure behind Reflex Monthly Cups will stay untouched and the tournament cycle can be easily resumed in the future. Reflex Monthly Cups NA#6 is the final planned event: June 17th @ 01:00pm EST We hope that Reflex can flourish again so that we are able to continue creating entertaining, high-level tournaments for you to enjoy watching and playing in. Let us know what you think - we’d be happy to hear your thoughts going forward and are open to suggestions for what you want to see in the future. It’s been a pleasure, RMC Staff. Stats and References Unique participants : 82 Number of tournaments: 10 + 3 Number of matches: 270 Total cash prizes: $1282.00 -RMC NA#1 : Final Bracket - VOD - Replays - Prizepool -RMC EU#1 : Final Bracket - VOD - Replays - Prizepool -RMC 1st Editions Highlights : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D09-7wBvV2 -RMC NA#2 : Final Bracket - VOD - Replays - Prizepool -RMC EU#2 : Final Bracket - VOD - Replays - Prizepool -RMC 2nd Editions Highlights : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EE7IpHDVznw&feature=youtu.be -RMC NA#3 : Final Bracket - VOD - Replays - Prizepool -RMC EU#3 : Final Bracket - VOD - Replays - Prizepool -RMC 3rd Editions Highlights : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JeTiPOIQyvQ -RMC NA#4 : Final Bracket - VOD - Replays - Prizepool -CR2 AU : Final Bracket - VOD - Replays - Prizepool -CR2 JP : Final Bracket - VOD - Replays - Prizepool -CR2 2v2 : Final Bracket - VOD - Replays - Prizepool -RMC EU#4 : Final Bracket - VOD - Replays - Prizepool -RMC NA#5 : Final Bracket - VOD - Replays - Prizepool -RMC EU#5 : Final Bracket - VOD - Replays - Prizepool -RMC NA#6 : Final Bracket - VOD - Replays - Prizepool Official RMC youtube channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCt3JBOnzAk4WD1dgnHGOvJQ Official RMC challonge organization : http://reflexmonthlycups.challonge.com/ Detailed prizepool stats: RMC prizepool Spreadsheet Thanks RMC has always been a community-driven effort, which means that we owe everything to you, the fans and players who give up their hard earned time and money to spend improving aspects of the game and its community, purely out of fun and good competition. Thank you to all the the volunteer staff, streamers, donators, and players who made these events possible. Current and Former Staff: Ramagan (Head Admin, Tournament Admin, Server Admin) – joined 01.11.2017 DazedSpartan (Head Admin, Tournament Admin, Public Relations) – joined 01.11.2017 bitstream (Tournament Admin) – joined 20.02.2018 Goulox (Public Relations) – joined 05.12.2017 Zuluu (VODs) - joined 20.02.2018 Nacho (Public Relations) – joined 21.05.2018 lolograde (Highlights Movies) – joined 01.11.2017 cupcake (Highlights Movies) – joined 01.11.2017 erad (Tournament Admin) - joined 25.11.2017 cat_smoker (Highlights Movies) – joined 09.01.2018 RMC Event Broadcasters: Delementary (RMC NA#1, RMC NA#2, RMC NA#3) GMT (RMC EU#1) Tyronesama (RMC EU#2, RMC EU#3) DazedSpartan (RMC NA#2, RMC EU#2, RMC NA#3, RMC EU#3, RMC NA#4, RMC NA#5) defTV (RMC NA#4, CR2 2v2 Cup, RMC EU#4, RMC EU#5) Pan1c(RMC NA#4) Phylum (CR2 AU Cup) kenneth (CR2 AU Cup) Zuluu (CR2 JP Cup) Xytaglyph (RMC NA#5) Special Thanks: s.i for creating the original RMC logo Reflex developer Yasashii for creating the RMC Shovel melee prize https://imgur.com/a/1aW8c Custom Ruleset 2 Custom Ruleset 2 was developed through RMC and community effort, and the final product has become the standard for competitive play. Thank you to all who assisted in the testing and feedback process. The ruleset will always remain available here : https://raw.githubusercontent.com/custom-ruleset/custom_ruleset2/master/ruleset_CR2.cfg Installing custom ruleset 2 on your server: - Download the CR2 Config file : Link - Place the config file in the folder where Reflex is installed - Use the command "callvote ruleset CR2" to apply the ruleset - You can use the command "sv_startruleset CR2" in your dedicatedserver.cfg to automatically load the ruleset Thank again to everyone who played a part it making this happen, we hope to see you all for RMC NA#6 on June 17th !
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    Reflex Racing Cups

    Less than 1 week until round 1 begins! The prize pool is now up to $567.77!! Thanks again to all the very, very generous donors! Please also remember to register to race via Matcherino (https://matcherino.com/tournaments/10752/participants)! Once the round is finished, there will be a stream of the submitted replays.
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    v o t e d
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    What criterias of chose this list items? IMHO doesn't matter how good game if here no players, so increase player count is major. To get old afps funs (very restricted count) ur list seems good but here almost nothing that will bring and hold newcomers. Devs seems has almost no time and willing to work on reflex, so propositions should be most radical and easy to implement for grow online and show devs that the project is still actual. Something like this: Select for who next update will be kind of players like totally new, current reflex auditory, afps players at all for fun or for casual playing witch may means like prior to many different player mode or some singe, better tutorial or something like aim trainer mode... what's major atm - amount or activity Imagine use cases: what will they like and what not Select just few but most influencing features to implement I'm personally (without much thinking of above) would like what left after matches, like some advanced stats, that can show ur progress, best (and worst) moments demo generator like in CS:GO. Also embedded voice talking. Here no that structure as lolograde did cuz my message not about actually features, first of all need to decide way of thinking.
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    Reflex Racing Cups

    ROUND 1 of the RRWC starts in 2 weeks!!!!! The prize pool is currently at $467.77!! Thanks to all donors! Make sure to register by 2 June!
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    Sepulcrum - FFA & ATDM

    Hey, It has been a long time I didn't publish a new map. Here it is : Sepulcrum http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=845286875 A fresh new FFA and ATDM map ! Don't forget to leave a feedback !!!
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    Hey, Campground++ is ready ! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=752910835&searchtext It was known as CA_Vil1DM6 and was inspired from dm6++ from q3. It's a bigger campground, with new rooms, and more open. Some like it more, some players hate it. I think the flow is nice for atdm. It's also good for bigger FFA! There is a quad / 1MH / 1RA / 1YA / 2GA / 1BigHealth / 2RL / 2GL / 2SG. I've also made a Campground++_turrets : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=753123987&searchtext It sounds crazy, but I wanted to make a test with turrets on a fighting map. There are 3 rocket turrets on the top floor. Be careful, they shoot before the game starts in arena mode. Feel free to react to this new idea! (if it's just to say that it sucks or I can die and burn in hell for such an insanity, no need to post it here, you already did it in game).
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