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    Reflex 1.2.0beta

    Hey lads, So the long-lasting 1.2 is finally upon us! Quite a few changes have occurred! We'll be going in to beta for this one to ensure things are stable as a lot of things have changed under-the-hood. Custom Rulesets: Let's go through a bit of history Over the years people have given great passionate feedback about their balancing concerns. This has been both exciting to see and also a very fine line to walk as everyone has a different perspective. We started with just one "Reflex" and modified the game accordingly. After a while we split Reflex into two rulesets, "casual" and "competitive". This allowed us to have a "casual" version for new/casual players while keeping the high end play wrapped up in the "competitive" mode. After some time with this setup we wanted to try out different balancing options. We didn't want to just change the "competitive" ruleset around often for two reasons: it was used for competitions, and we wanted a standard known Reflex. So what we added here was an "experimental" ruleset which we could change more quickly without affecting things, and it would allow us to iterate faster with the community. This worked rather well, but it took up a lot of time. We only had a very small team, and it was easy to be spend a full day or more balancing / testing things. And while we were going through this, people wanted quicker turn-arounds, and different groups of people wanted to try different options. We needed another solution. From here, we went to "experimental plus". This idea of "experimental plus" was to allow the community to modify the games "experimental plus" ruleset themselves. We had different feelings about this. Allowing the community to try/test rulesets was fantastic, it was near-instant turn-around, and different groups could try different settings as they pleased. At the same time however, we were concerned people might break the game doing silly things. So we limited the "experimental plus" builds to a small group of players who were giving the most gameplay feedback. We kept it to this group only as the games presentation means a lot to us, we want to be seen & experienced in the best and most consistent way. So this catches us up to recent times. What's happened recently is the experimental plus build was obtained by quite a few people and they started tweaking the game as they desired. On one hand this was great to see and it had more people playing! On the other hand it was dividing the community and complicating the user experience with the requirement of special builds and servers. Ultimately it feels unfair as not everyone gets to play with it. We had some discussions / decisions to make. The last point release disabled the experimental plus build, and we continued our internal discussions. We had a lot of feedback in the discord which was great. We also had a lot of internal discussions about this. To us, modifying rulesets is people wanting "modding". While full modding is out of scope for us, it is an interesting way to look at it. At which point we pivoted and started to consider delivering the system in that fashion. So what did we do? Going with this new thought, we've integrated custom rulesets directly in to the game. You can now create a ruleset_fred.cfg in your game/ folder, and set a whole lot of variables in it to define your ruleset. This will allow you to "callvote ruleset fred", and correctly present ruleset "fred". Any client can connect & will have the ruleset correctly applied on their client. Rulesets will appear in the server browser so it's obvious what you're joining in to. We have also exposed the stakegun to the game constants, so people are able to play with this if desired too. The official matchmaking servers will continue to run the internal "casual" and "competitive" rulesets. But this will allow the community to update / refine their own rulesets & experiment as they have desired. New Weapon Skins + Curated Workshop: We have planned to add curated workshop support to Reflex for a long time. With 1.2 we have achieved this! Players can now create their own skins and submit them to the workshop to be voted on and ultimately added to Reflex. We've added an in-game forge where you can tweak & see live updates of your custom skin. Please check out the documentation provided here for how to create your own: http://www.reflexarena.com/documentation/forge/ We're greatly looking forward to see what the community comes up with! To prepare for this, all (non melee) weapons have been further optimised, uv'd and had full art passes in readiness for community skins. We have also added dozens of official weapon skins to be collected. As seen in other Steam titles, curated content that makes it into the game has the opportunity to earn the creator money from marketplace sales. We're also considering selling community group items directly on the store to help support their efforts. Purity checks / sv_pure: Purity checks essentially ensure people are running non-modified assets on their client. Such assets could include modified sounds, lua scripts, damage counting widgets, particle effects etc. The goal of this is to ensure an equal playing field for all parties. This is desired for high level play as obviously it is an unfair competition if one player is playing the stock game, and another is playing the game with lighting disabled + damage counters + armor timers + mega airhorn sounds + etc etc. So the big question is how should Reflex handle this. Internally we've discussed & tried quite a few different options / solutions. We started off with a solution which would simply prevent you joining the game if the server was set to pure mode and you had custom addons. This functionally worked but it required players to manually uninstall all their addons, which completely fails on usability. Extending this, we had Reflex hot loading/unloading assets as you join sv_pure servers / normal servers. This way the user can have all their addons installed, and it just hot-unloads them all for sv_pure servers. This was good, and we took it further by hiding sv_pure and associating it with the competitive ruleset. While functioning, this ran into further issues, where now the user has to maintain two HUDs. Their "normal" custom one, and a stock HUD. While implementing solutions to this, things really didn't feel right. A lot of what makes Reflex unique is customization. People love their custom huds, sounds, weapon packs, extra addons. The majority of these addons add to the game without pushing past the bounds of giving an unfair advantage. Just forcibly disabling all addons really fights directly with what Reflex is all about. At this point we discussed other solutions such as white listing (which was rejected as it's going to turn into a nightmare - both technically and socially). We discussed simply blocking certain assets being modified only in sv_pure. But really none of them fully work. At the same time, we didn't want to break all the addons in the workshop + force people to update things. So that pulled us back to the drawing board, we had a solid thought about what Reflex is. Really what it offers right now is great. Rather than coming along with a sledgehammer and totally changing things, we can take smaller steps to remove things people are doing we disagree with, and keep the entire ecosystem people have grown to love still functional. So the decision we came to was to prevent modification of several assets we deem core to the game. These include weapons, sounds etc. Armor, Mega respawn & fade sounds will be locked down, as part of this we've tweaked and increased the mega expire sound volume, as yeah it's been a little too on the subtle side. We recognise that a large portion of the community has been playing with reduced particles for a while now, and while we're not totally fond of it, it is very popular (top in addon workshop), so we'll be leaving that one alone for now. Also, we've restricted access to lm_clear inside the level editor as it was made for the level editor, NOT the game. To combat the "darkness" people are complaining about, we've increased the upper limit on the gamma slider. We'll also be hiding damage done (per weapon) during match to combat damage counting widgets. Ultimately, we want Reflex to be a fair environment to compete in, but we need to be careful to not to remove what makes Reflex unique. - Change log - Cosmetics: Luchador Head Lunk Head Knight Head Horned Head Goat Head Knight Torso Knight Legs Knight Arms Speed Legs Tech Shield Barricade Shield Berserker Shield Skins: Radiant Burstgun Winter Camo Burstgun Polygonal Burstgun Black Honeycomb Burstgun Neon Grunge Burstgun Radiant Shotgun Winter Camo Shotgun Polygonal Shotgun Black Honeycomb Shotgun District Shotgun Radiant Grenade Launcher Winter Camo Grenade Launcher Polygonal Grenade Launcher Black Honeycomb Grenade Launcher Scorcher Grenade Launcher Radiant Plasma Rifle Winter Camo Plasma Rifle Polygonal Plasma Rifle Black Honeycomb Plasma Rifle Neon Plasma Rifle Radiant Ion Cannon Winter Camo Ion Cannon Polygonal Ion Cannon Black Honeycomb Ion Cannon Unit Ion Cannon Radiant Rocket Launcher Winter Camo Rocket Launcher Polygonal Rocket Launcher Black Honeycomb Rocket Launcher Carbon Rocket Launcher Radiant Boltrifle Winter Camo Boltrifle Polygonal Boltrifle Black Honeycomb Boltrifle Prototype Boltrifle Mapping/Meshes: Abandoned Shelter (DP4) has had an official art pass tyre pallet garbage bag traffic cone more cable variations standard signage font bench Code: Implemented new menu flow Implemented crates Implemented skins Implemented forge Implemented custom rulesets Thumbnails now baked in game rather than generated on load (to reduce VRAM usage) Implemented texture streaming, r_texture_memory_stream_cache controls cache size seen as "Texture Stream Cache" in settings Custom rulesets: Added ability to load separate .cfg file for each ruleset (eg ruleset_frag.cfg) gconst_ cvar's now always exposed and attached to active ruleset callvote ruleset will report on client list of available rulesets Added gconst_stakelauncher_enabled cvar Added ruleset column in server browser Purity checks: Asset system will now (silently) ignore assets that are modified but not allowed to be Assets in internal_skins/weapons/* are not allowed to be modified Prevent megaspawn & megacooldown sounds from being modified Prevent armor pickup sounds from being modified .ttf fonts can now hot-update .wav files can now hot-update Game: Updated megahealth expire sound Accuracy / stats are now hidden from players during game Increased r_gamma range from 1.4 -> 3, to 1.4 -> 4 r_lm_clear / r_lm_build now only available in editor mode Known issues: Rare error in Menu.lua when opening last crate Visual clarity addon is being blocked when it shouldn't RL has visual issues in preview with r_mesh_quality 0 Speed legs cause issues on ragdoll/gib
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    We've had a lot of great feedback and extensive testing over the past previous months. We'd like to extend thanks to Rama and crew (sorry if you're in the crew and not named specifically, we have no way of knowing everyone involved, but we appreciate you just the same! Even just for playtesting (update!: here's the list of everyone!! https://reflex.fun/special_thanks.txt <3) for his work with his ruleset and hosting custom servers to make that all happen. The progression and documentation through all the iterations as well as theory behind all the changes are really what made it a comprehensive write-up. This is the result of months upon months of testing across a variety of skill levels. For the full write-up please see: https://reflex.fun/ruleset This is the gameplay changes moving forward and will obviously be part of 1.2, but we're providing this portion early so it can be used in competitions people are running. We loved being able to provide everyone in the community with the experimental plus ruleset, which internally we called more of a "sandpit" to let people play in. This was explicitly stated to be an exclusive testing and development circle in order to reduce noise and dilution among the community. Somebody has taken a massive shit in the sandpit and as a result it has now been removed. Reflex monthly cup melees have also been added and awarded to the winners. Congratulations to everyone involved with this cup, both the players and organisers/admins!
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    Reflex Monthly Cups

    Reflex Monthly Cups Player Profiles (EU) : Vigur RMC EU#1 - 2nd Place RMC EU#2 - 3rd Place Player Profiles is a fun project that allows us to learn a little bit about our fellow competitors. These interviews give an interesting look at the best duelers competing in Reflex Monthly Cups. Vigur 1. Could you share a little about yourself? (Gaming background, IRL hobbies, job/studies, etc.?) Hello, my name is Hardi, im 21 and i hail from Estonia. I finished serving in the army last year and currently work in forest maintenence (The gist of it being just cutting down trees with a trimmer). My first arenaFPS game was Quake Live. I was introduced to it by my brother when it was still in open beta. Played it on and off for a few years until i started Reflex. 2. What's the story behind your in-game nickname? No real story to it, started using it at some point because it sounded short and nice. Its an estonian word which is kind of hard to explain but the word itself should translate to mischievous or frisky ;). 3. How long have you been playing Reflex? (Hours according to steam? First played when?) As of writing this, steam says ive put 700 hours on reflex. I believe i got a firsthand experience of the game in 2016 but started to really get into it in 2017 4. What do you think defines your playstyle? Your strengths and weaknesses? It depends on how i feel and who im up against. Whenever possible i like to have my opponent be the aggressor, since its easier to deal with when you expect him or know where hes coming from. 5. What are your settings (dpi, sensitivity, resolution, fov) and hardware (mouse, keyboard, monitor)? 800 dpi, 8.25 ingame sensitivity (24cm/360), 1920x1080 resolution, 103 fov. Hardware: zowie fk2, random logitech keyboard, LG 24GM79G 6. If you could add/change only 1 thing in Reflex, what would it be? Cant think of any new cool feature so i would just add a new duel map that people would actually start playing 7. Why do you think Reflex isn't more popular? There are already a small number of players playing games like this and those that do are usually loyal to one game. 8. Do you have any advice for new players? Find a player you like to play against or someone equally skilled to practice with. 9. Are there any specific Reflex players you enjoy spectating or playing against? Any rivals? Ive had some fun games with Ivan O and czm is always interesting to play with. There are people id like to beat but i dont consider anyone a rival. 10. Could you, in a few words, tell us what you think of the strengths/weaknesses of each of these players: Vigur, Czm, LKO, Luftwaffel, and Danfel? Ramagan - Hard to break his control, decisive, experienced. czm - Times mega :D. LKO - Gives up too soon. Luftwaffel - Patient, all around good player . Danfel - Plays well when levelheaded. 11. Are there any non-Reflex players you'd like to see starting playing Reflex? Pretty much all of the quake pros. If id have to choose one id love to see ddk play the game again. 12. What do you think of the Reflex Monthly Cups so far? Anything that could be improved on? Taking the playerbase and the amount of people behind it into consideration then i think its going swell enough. 13. What melee/player cosmetics are you currently rocking? My trusty morningstar and owl head. 14. Favorite "frag" or "defrag" movie(s)? Favorite fragmovie: Cypher Cypher Cypher (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wY3LZ6Wh0yM) favorite defrag movie: A Journey? (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uozFX0MX1Cc) 15. ESREALITY: Cancer or benefit to all mankind? PlusForward (>,<,=) ESReality? I prefer esreality, can get a good chuckle out of it. 16. Anything else you'd like to share? Shoutouts or whatever you want. I have always been a firm believer of respecting the Paco. Thank you to Vigur for taking the time to participate in Player Profiles! Good luck to him in RMC EU#3 this Sunday and respect the Paco.
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    SushiFlex Mapping Competition

    Closes 15th of July 23:59 PDT (click image above to go vote) MAPLIST sohtourney3 by soh: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1382886199 Driven by Greed: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1381687701 hdm13 by hoyt98: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1310247061 sharqdm1 by Sharqosity: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1319828393 Aberration by def: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1378824625 ORIGINAL THREAD Hey, the SushiFlex guys are hosting a mapping competition in our continued effort to bring a more diverse and accepted map pool to Reflex. Submit Your Entry Donate to the Prize Pool This competition is a map layout competition for 1 versus 1 (duel), so do not be worried about art. Depending on how this competition goes, we will host more mapping competitions in the future for different modes. Competition Process: Contestants will have until the specified deadline to complete their map layout. Judging will begin immediately after and continue for ten (10) days. Map voting list releases and a three (3) day grace period ensures. A potential tournament will be held with the map pool being the map voting list during this grace period. Community voting begins once the grace period ends and will continue for seven (7) days. The winner will be announced within a reasonable time frame after voting closes. Submission Requirements: Map must be capable of one-versus-one deathmatch (duel). You may submit up to 2 replay files with your submission (if possible , please send us SushiFlex ruleset replays!) Existing maps may be submitted as long as they were submitted to the Steam Workshop no earlier than January 1st, 2018 00:00 GMT. UNLESS the map has had a substantial layout change (ie. something that effects how the map plays ((eg. Re-scaling, teleporter changes, item placements, etc.)) later than the previously stated date. You can submit old maps as long as they have had changes since the start of the year. Multiple entries are allowed, but only your highest scoring entry within the initial judging process will be able to place. Judging Process: Judges will initially weed out any maps that are unanimously deemed poor / incomplete. Judges will then grade the remaining maps on multiple categories using the Sushi Rating Scale (SRS). Judges also will provide a short reasoning for their score as well as may provide potential feedback on the map. SRS - Sushi Rating Scale: ⬥⬦⬦⬦ - Low Quality ⬥⬥⬦⬦ - Average ⬥⬥⬥⬦ - Above Average ⬥⬥⬥⬥ - High Quality Judging Criteria: Base Score (B) is determined using this criteria with each criteria using the SRS. Enjoyment Is the map entertaining and fun to play on? Structure Is the map geometry well designed and properly utilized? Item Placement Is the map item placement well designed and properly utilized? Potential Stability Does the map stand out compared to others in the current map pool? Approach-ability Is the map able to be played among all skill levels? Interaction Does the map encourage healthy player interaction? (inc vs. ooc dynamic enjoyable?) Experimentation Does the map successfully execute new ideas? Judge's Score (P) uses the SRS and is weighted fifty (50) percent less than the base score. Overall Score: (2B + P) / 15 Judges will then be required to give a short reasoning for the score they have given and optional feedback / constructive criticism. Community Judging: The community will then be able to vote on the top entries rated by the judges. Community members will be able to give an overall score to each map within the pool using the SRS. Selecting the Winner: Final score is calculated by: (0.6 * average judge score) + (0.4 * average community score) If a tie develops between the top 2 entries, the judges will reassess both maps. If a tie is developed between the second and third place entries, both maps will be awarded the second place prize. Prize Pool: First Place 40% of Matcherino Prize Pool 120 Sharqcoin within the SushiFlex Discord. Map is added to the SushiFlex Official Tournament Map Pool for the next available tourney and has the potential to remain within it. Second Place 20% of Matcherino Prize Pool 80 Sharqcoin within the SushiFlex Discord. Map is added to the experimental SushiFlex Tournament Map Pool. Third Place 12.5% of Matcherino Prize Pool 50 Sharqcoin within the SushiFlex Discord. Fourth Place 5% of Matcherino Prize Pool 30 Sharqcoin within the SushiFlex Discord. Fifth Place 2.5% of Matcherino Prize Pool 30 Sharqcoin within the SushiFlex Discord. Honorable Mentions 25 Sharqcoin within the SushiFlex Discord. Judges 20% of Matcherino Prize Pool 60 Sharqcoin within the SushiFlex Discord. Submission: https://matcherino.com/tournaments/10027/participants Click join and you will be asked to fill out a form and submit your entries! You may only join once so be sure everything is correct. If an error is made send us a message here or on discord and we will clear your entry and you may re-enter. Donating to the Prize Pool: We are doing crowdfunding for the prize pool via Matcherino! It would be awesome if you donated to allow us to not only reward our winning entries but our judges as well. Donate Here: https://matcherino.com/tournaments/10027/description Information: Ask in the thread for more information or share your concerns. Judges receive the remaining 20% of the prize pool. Our Discord: https://discord.gg/FXGdfjC Hosted by dog | Judges: Bjarke, Cthulhu, dog, Duck, Komier SUSHIFLEX MAPPING COMPETITION
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    Reflex Arena on Plus Forward

    Hello! For people who don't know about it, Plus Forward is a community website dedicated to ArenaFPs. It is quite a comprehensive platform for people to gather information about such games : you can post news, articles, guides, movies, etc. On top of that, there is a database of tournaments and matches with a nice looking interface. So, I think this is an awesome place to gather content about reflex. That's why I decided a while ago to add more content and to keep the reflex part of the website updated, as other players did before me. I think publishing content about the game this is a good way to keep it alive, to raise the interest and motivation for players. You have a game filter on the website so that you are able to display only the reflex related data in all categories : https://www.plusforward.net/reflex/ (you can also create an account, and select your games preferences, as well as other parameters such as theme) Here are some examples of the pages you can find : Guides : https://www.plusforward.net/reflex/guides/ Movies : https://www.plusforward.net/reflex/movies/ VODs : https://www.plusforward.net/reflex/vods/ Events : https://www.plusforward.net/reflex/events/ Matches : https://www.plusforward.net/reflex/matchlist/ Players profile : for example Vigur's one https://www.plusforward.net/player/1800/Vigur/10/Reflex/results/ Rankings : https://www.plusforward.net/reflex/rankings/10/Reflex/24/Duel/ : pretty cool. it gathered the data from all reflex matches logged in the website (but only displayed active players with 5 or more matches) Participate in tournaments, and make it grow ! The tournament pages contains lots of info : participants, rankings, challonge brackets (integrated), matches, statistics (about maps, but it requires accurate matches results logging ) For example, this is from the last RMC cup page : So don't hesitate to visit this website to keep updated with reflex intense activity , and to give feedback. I think we could gather in this website some more old content also, like videos & guides, as it is done here or also on this thread : ---> If you want to help contributing to the site : news & articles writing, logging stuff, correct a mistake, share some content, or whatever feel free to contact me on discord : @goulox#6374. Any ideas are welcome to improve. cheers!
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    To celebrate the launch of this series I will be hosting a newbienight Sunday, March 18th! Information : http://forums.reflexarena.com/topic/4729-reflex-newbie-night-announcements/?do=findComment&comment=36884 Reflex itself is an extremely hardcore game, and yet we have such a great new player friendly community. It's something special to have both, and our responsibility to maintain that by investing in future competition and future competitors. These tutorials have been a long term project of mine where I've tried to incorporate everything I've learned from teaching players into a compete series that will give all the guidance necessary to become competitive at Reflex in a short period of time. Thank you to all the new players who indirectly (or directly) helped out with this series. Watching you guys improve at Reflex has been a ton of fun for me. This series is split into [Basics] and [Patterns] sets. Since the goal is providing the best tutorials possible, I will be releasing them in groups so I have the ability to improve the later videos based on feedback. [Basics] [Reflex Basics 1] Getting Started in Reflex [Reflex Basics 2] Introduction to Duel [Reflex Basics 3] Basic Item Play [Reflex Basics 4] Factors that Determine Fights [Reflex Basics 5] The Secret to Improvement [Patterns] [Reflex Patterns 1] Things that Matter in Duel [Reflex Patterns 2] All Starting Spawns [Reflex Patterns 3] The Catalyst Guide [Reflex Patterns 4] Pocket Infinity Guide [Reflex Patterns 5] Furnace Guide Link to Playlist : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLoszoDtQjpErdTa8k21We228JOwZnkhRV Feel free to ask me any questions on discord and I'll answer as soon as I can - DazedSpartan#3488. If you are a new player, add me on steam and I will help matchmake you with other new players to play- http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198042185286 I encourage competitively minded players of all levels to participate in Reflex Monthly Cups- Most importantly: play more Reflex!
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    Shooter's AMA (19 January 2018)

    I've done my best to select tidbits from Shooter's impromptu Ask Me Anything ("AMA"). Obviously the devs are still working hard on 1.2 so give them respect and flexibility. I don't think anyone should hold everything said as rock solid but this is just a glimpse of what the TPS devs are working on. I've added some NOTES in brackets throughout where I thought more context was needed but did not want to post a ton of Discord comments to do so. 1.2 wen? GoaLitiuM - Last Friday at 4:45 PM :wave: is it time shooter - Last Friday at 4:46 PM haha not yet but it's slowllllly getting there so many loose ends in this build About shooter's avatar Skytoon - Last Friday at 4:48 PM What's the story behind your profile picture shooter - Last Friday at 4:48 PM My profile picture is awesome :smiley: googled it many years ago - stuck with it About the Reflex movie (name TBD): GoaLitiuM - Last Friday at 4:48 PM how was the movie shooter - Last Friday at 4:48 PM the movie was good man, i think gamers will dig it :smile: shooter - Last Friday at 5:37 PM Pretty insane seeing Reflex on the big screen shooter - Last Friday at 5:37 PM Not exactly what we had in mind when we started the game :smiley: It's humbling shooter - Last Friday at 5:38 PM Outaimed isn't bad too :smiley: It's up to @CaNi & his crew ultimately :smiley: Send your votes his way :smile: About sv_pure shooter - Last Friday at 4:49 PM adding some sv_pure'y stuff which is taking a bit, but i want it done cleanly shooter - Last Friday at 4:59 PM the svpure stuff is quite clean shooter - Last Friday at 5:00 PM (so far :)) Volume - Last Friday at 5:00 PM Just for mm, right? :^) shooter - Last Friday at 5:00 PM It's for competitive ruleset :smiley: shooter - Last Friday at 5:01 PM They [NOTE: timers, other lua, etc.] will still work in casual/experimental/race etc. shooter - Last Friday at 5:02 PM People are begging for a competitive mode, they want a consistent platform to compete on. This is what competitive ruleset is. Volume - Last Friday at 5:04 PM Ruleset discussions are not for shooter AMA hours! @shooter are custom sounds allowed or no shooter - Last Friday at 5:04 PM atm, nay shooter - Last Friday at 5:14 PM All the custom huds / assets will still work in casual mode (including through *MM)(edited shooter - Last Friday at 5:17 PM People are going to abuse any system out there. Expecially in such a competitive environment. Doesn't really surprise me that big game companies have huge ban waves now and then(edited) Volume - Last Friday at 5:43 PM Is r_lm_clear allowed in sv_pure shooter - Last Friday at 5:43 PM haha Volume :smile: That's going to be a fun one isn't it shooter - Last Friday at 5:44 PM r_lm_clear was made for the editor! shooter - Last Friday at 5:44 PM It is definately not intended. [NOTE: Some banter in chat about using r_lm_clear for regular play. He means r_lm_clear is not intended for regular play] shooter - Last Friday at 5:45 PM use r_gamma shooter - Last Friday at 5:45 PM game looks horrid without them shooter - Last Friday at 5:46 PM every time i see a stream with no lights, sun, fog (i said it :p), lighting, effects, particles turned off.. omg, i die inside r3x - Last Friday at 5:49 PM shooter, im just going to say this about any pure "locks" you are planning on doing- its gonna be extremely unpopular, alot of people dislike sparks,particle effects, darkly lit areas, etc. The default hud is ugly as shit(sorry!) one of my fav things about reflex is how much you can customize, and im fairly sure im not alone, so please don't reduce the playerbase to even lower levels simply cause you like your hud shooter - Last Friday at 5:54 PM @r3x I'm always open to constructive / respectful feedback. The flip side is there competitive ruleset is far from an even playing field. People are using damage tracking widgets, playing with full bright setups, particles disabled. It's not fair at all. Competitive is supposed to be an even playing field. Players want an even playing field. It's been said & heard over and over. So what we do we -- we can either disable lighting / particles / everything for everyone. Or on the flipside, we can force everyone to use extreme particles & dark lighting. I think something in the middle is best, but It needs to be standardized at the competition level. Reflex was designed with visibility in mind, it's already clear, high contrast etc. I'd rather fix the "ugly as shit" HUD so it's good for everyone. I quite like it tbh, if you have suggestions on how it can improve, feel free to send them. Sharqosity - Last Friday at 5:55 PM I thought sv_pure was for tournaments only? If I want to play some practice matches on competitive, I don't want to be restricted to low fps and default hud shooter - Last Friday at 5:55 PM @Sharqosity it wont' restirct you to low fps. You still have all the in-game options Volume - Last Friday at 6:18 PM @shooter is weapon offset allowed in sv pure shooter - Last Friday at 6:18 PM yes shooter - Last Friday at 6:18 PM all in-game settings are Owl Ragnar - Last Friday at 6:20 PM last requesty thing, if we're gonna get pure, can we get a better crosshair widget as default? so we dont have to config fuck shooter - Last Friday at 6:21 PM @Owl Ragnar put something together please :smiley: and show us, IIRC the default crosshair has several settings, they're all not okay? shooter - Last Friday at 6:28 PM i'm standing by the sv_pure About draw distance lolograde - Last Friday at 4:49 PM @shooter any chance of draw distance being expanded? shooter - Last Friday at 4:50 PM @lolograde it hurts perf, it also causes more Z fighting closer to camera... lolograde - Last Friday at 4:50 PM could it be turned off for just re_export, @shooter ? since perf is not an issue then shooter - Last Friday at 4:50 PM you can't just turn it off :smiley: it's how the math works :smile: lolograde - Last Friday at 4:50 PM oh dang shooter - Last Friday at 4:50 PM it's not like i just added it for fun haha shooter - Last Friday at 4:51 PM you can do crazy things like two scene renders and composit them :S but that's kinda mad GoaLitiuM - Last Friday at 4:51 PM reversed-z? shooter - Last Friday at 4:51 PM ah goat knows this stuff aye About MM ladder seasons Skytoon - Last Friday at 4:51 PM @shooter is there a reason the seasons aren't automated? shooter - Last Friday at 4:51 PM @Skytoon we are talking about exactly this.. but shh :smiley: LKO-,- - Last Friday at 5:02 PM @shooter any plans for MM season rewards or other ways of incentivizing people to keep playing ladder? shooter - Last Friday at 5:02 PM I think Skytoon hit that nail on the head before. @LKO- Owl Ragnar - Last Friday at 5:47 PM @shooter I'll be cheeky and throw in a question - any thoughts about how long seasons are gonna be and what kind of revamp you are looking at? (dont know how much you can say other than the vague answer you gave lskytoon) shooter - Last Friday at 5:48 PM @Owl Ragnar We have cool ideas -- i don't want to promise anything though at this stage. 1.2 has taken so long, hopefully it's received well, and we can grow things further from there. About rulesets (Ramaflex v. Sushiflex) and exp_plus ruleset shooter - Last Friday at 4:53 PM Yeah there's a lot of rulesets going on now as people are getting access to expplus build... Really not sure how i feel about it. I like it to be known that when you play Reflex -- this is what you get. shooter - Last Friday at 4:53 PM I also like letting people mod stuff though too -- so yeah, kinda thinking/watching this space :smiley: [NOTE: There was some banter about which ruleset would be adopted. Then shooter responded as below.] shooter - Last Friday at 4:56 PM The ruleset was done in the 1.2 branch months ago shooter - Last Friday at 4:56 PM It was discussed on forums shooter - Last Friday at 4:57 PM It's very hard to please everyone :smiley: Which is a big part of why i put expplus out in the first place :smiley: shooter - Last Friday at 5:08 PM Warlord ruleset discussions have been made & decided on forums, Electro took care of it. I don't want to step on his toes at the moment. Newborn wanted the guns to be useful in Reflex IIRC. If we want to take gameplay discussisions further i'd prefer it on the forums where the original discussion took place! shooter - Last Friday at 5:09 PM I'm still undecided if exp_plus will live the day in 1.2 :smiley: About movement changes shooter - Last Friday at 4:54 PM chaging movement is dangerous! the old 0.37 taught us all this :smile: shooter - Last Friday at 4:54 PM I'm realllllly not in a hurry to change movement :smiley: Warlord Wossman - Last Friday at 4:55 PM yeah movement was changed in 37 for ctf but nobody plays it and the other one feels better for combat :> shooter - Last Friday at 4:55 PM It was changed in 37 yes, it was changed a lot of the way back towards 36 in 37 minor updates too. About steak (sic) gun Volume - Last Friday at 4:57 PM Any news on stakegun? shooter - Last Friday at 4:58 PM Not really unfortunately - it's still there in exp_steak or whatever it's called :smiley: Soh - Last Friday at 8:49 PM does anyone know if stake still has the tele glitch where u come out and ur stuck' @shooter shooter - Last Friday at 8:50 PM steak in the face (i don't know :p) About borderless windows, resolutions GoaLitiuM - Last Friday at 5:04 PM wen borderless, resolution scale? shooter - Last Friday at 5:05 PM directx 11 IS fullscreen borderless always AFAIK?? use console to release mouse? About new cosmetics Volume - Last Friday at 5:06 PM Shooter I know the cosmetics aren't your department per se but are there any that you're particularly excited about?(edited) shooter - Last Friday at 5:08 PM @Volume new cosmetics are great :smile: shooter - Last Friday at 5:08 PM I dig them About new hires, volunteers, and community work shooter - Last Friday at 5:09 PM We can't hire anyone, i don't even pay myself lol #indiedev shooter - Last Friday at 5:10 PM The question of help comes up a lot. I really admire it, and it's a lot of the reason we put effort into map editors / scripts / exp_plus etc. About greater access to Reflex's code for community GoaLitiuM - Last Friday at 5:10 PM just give us all the power to tweak the rulesets, they are very useful in private games too shooter - Last Friday at 5:13 PM @GoaLitiuM As for editing the core game code, it makes things a bit harder. Expecially when it turns things in to security, IP ownership etc. It is a buisness, I am liable if it gets sued. It's something I've thought about a lot over the years. It still really doesn't have a good solution/answer. It's interesting/curious to see Unreal making a difference here (this is the first time i've seen a big company take diffs from the open world) -- I like what they're doing, i'm unsure of the legailities / logistics. Puma - Last Friday at 6:28 PM shooter hire goa & kyto pay them in supporter weapons Volume - Last Friday at 6:29 PM No, just ask them if you can put their Huds in the game They'll say yes. Give them a shovel or something. Lol shooter - Last Friday at 6:29 PM We've done this before, can talk to them in private about it. shooter - Last Friday at 6:29 PM I like the idea of improving base game for everyone. About Discord integration GoaLitiuM - Last Friday at 5:12 PM any thoughts on discord integration? like voice and chat but also inviting people into games via discord shooter - Last Friday at 5:14 PM @GoaLitiuM we were in talks ages ago about discord integration. But we talk about a lot of things :smiley: Talk is easy, integrating to production ready is less easy :smiley: About Discord channel, mods, behavior, etc. shooter - Last Friday at 5:19 PM Oh, someone commented about EU mods before -- Yeah we need more mods. And yes this discord needs to be nicer :smiley: shooter - Last Friday at 5:19 PM I don't really see a lot of the chat (it's when i'm sleeping / working), but ... yeah shooter - Last Friday at 5:21 PM CoC is there for reason. It's a place to come and talk, and be nice. Treat someone as you would in real life really. shooter - Last Friday at 5:21 PM And treat the mods with respect! They have a hard job, and we're all greatful for what they do About MM map selection system Volume - Last Friday at 5:29 PM @shooter one last question, is aerowalk going to still be in the map pool, and will the "pick 1 of 3 maps" still be the method of map selection? shooter - Last Friday at 5:30 PM @Volume I think it works well? Embarassing logs, tbh Skytoon - Last Friday at 5:30 PM @shooter was it you or Erectro that had the blessing of working on the Shrek karting game shooter - Last Friday at 5:30 PM haha @Skytoon how do you know about this :smiley: shooter - Last Friday at 5:31 PM Hey I even worked on a Barbie game :smile: lolloll shooter - Last Friday at 5:32 PM We did a scooby doo game too, 3d person platformer. That was fun :smiley: shooter - Last Friday at 5:33 PM :smiley: Software engineering is my day job Linux support erad - Last Friday at 5:41 PM 1.2 linux support [NOTE: picture of a Linux penguin holding RL on Sanctum ] shooter - Last Friday at 5:41 PM Making a picture is easier than porting it :smile: shooter - Last Friday at 5:42 PM I use my mac a lot, but yeah, Reflex is staying on PC. About r_sun and Reflex performance shooter - Last Friday at 5:49 PM r_sun was added for people with verrrry low end machines. In all honestly, i'm not sure the game needs the option now. It really should always be on IMHO. shooter - Last Friday at 5:50 PM my 780ti is like 4 years old, runs fine there shooter - Last Friday at 5:57 PM my 4gig i7 (it's like 3rd gen, maybe) + 780ti rocks high everywhere, tbh I turn on HBAO+ on top too(edited) shooter - Last Friday at 5:58 PM I don't have a fancy 120hz/144hz monitor :frowning: I have a 30" Dell which is so good for dev work i can't part ways with it :smiley: Yeah ctf does stuffer a bit, expecially on huge maps That's fair :smiley: [NOTE: not sure what shooter was referring to here. Maybe another comment but I left it in.] About the internet (and Reflex community reaction) shooter - Last Friday at 6:01 PM This is the internet, people always overract! :smile: About feedback (general) shooter - Last Friday at 6:15 PM It's easy to shit-cann anything or anyone. Actually building/showing something is the hard bit :smiley: We're going to run in to a lot of this I think with the pure changes. Create a forum post, show before/afters etc, and this will help us all understand & get on the same page. If we just say "that's shit fix it", it really doesn't help. About race mode lolograde - Last Friday at 6:21 PM @shooter is there going to be an official race leaderboard? Race mode needs love! shooter - Last Friday at 6:22 PM It does need love About the sound engine and sounds in general Volume - Last Friday at 6:36 PM @shooter can you give us any sneak peak insider info about any upcoming changes to the sound engine or directional sound in general? shooter - Last Friday at 6:37 PM not yet coz there aren't any :smile: lol... As before, easier solution is to look at the directional sound setup. I'd like to look in to this post 1.2 Xytaglyph ? - Last Friday at 7:37 PM id love to see hrtf implemented @shooter do you guys use x3daudio for reflex? if so, this might be something to consider, its free to use and distribute https://github.com/kosumosu/x3daudio1_7_hrtf shooter - Last Friday at 8:34 PM hmm @Xytaglyph ? this is interesting... yes we use XAudio2 in fact, we use X3dAudio too.. About rumored F2P plans shooter - Last Friday at 6:52 PM I'm not keen on F2P There i said it :smiley: lol shooter - Last Friday at 6:53 PM I don't want to say never, but at this point in time I don't think it's the answer
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    Reflex Demopedia

    Reflex Demopedia v0.2 Hey guys, I have been working on this on and off for a while now, I think its gotten to a point worth posting about Reflex Demopedia is... View your demos from directory play demos save descriptions + timestamps Favorites tab Some notes: Your replays folder should be located at steam \reflexfps\replays\ if you want to be able to play from app. Right now playing the demo is only compatible with QWERTY keyboards - switching your keyboard layout to US language should work, otherwise lmk and Ill look into implementing your layout. Also, it is a python .exe so its a bit large (60mb) If you have any suggestions, please let me know, Im open to adding any feature or w/e. Download (v0.2): https://www.dropbox.com/s/dbgzkfqrytwosbo/demopediav0.2.zip?dl=0 Source: https://github.com/wolfeman95/Reflex-Demopedia Thanks for helping test and suggestions - @boost @capodecima @dev @brandon @lolograde screen:
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    Sushiflex March Madness!

    1. General 1.1 Welcome Hello Reflexers! Sushiflex March Madness has finally arrived for Spring 2018 - a month filled with official Sushi duels and doubles tournaments every weekend, as well as other tournaments hosted by various community members. All information for the official events are in this post. The official tournaments have a base prize pool of $80 each, with donations open to the public. 1.2 wen Join the Sushiflex Discord! https://discord.io/sushiflex To get set up to play Sushi, check out #sushiflex-setup. 1.3 Schedule 3-3 EDIT: The NA and EU 1v1 tournaments have been moved back 1 week in order to encourage signups. House of Dubs Draft Cup #1 Sunday, 25th March 17:00 CET / 11:00 EST Check Sushiflex Discord #house-of-dubs for more info. Register: https://goo.gl/forms/uKWK6qaDL2eMc4A43 Bracket: https://challonge.com/hoddraft ACE Cup Saturday, 10th March 14:00 EST Forum post with more info: http://forums.reflexarena.com/topic/4738-sushiflex-ace-cup/ NA 2v2 Cup Sunday, 11th March 16:00 EST Stream: TBD Prize Pool: $80 Donate: https://matcherino.com/tournaments/10056/description Bracket: http://sushiflex.challonge.com/NA2v2 NA 1v1 Cup Saturday, 17th March 16:00 EST Stream: TBD Prize Pool: $80 Donate: https://matcherino.com/tournaments/10055/description Bracket: http://sushiflex.challonge.com/NA1v1 EU 2v2 Cup Sunday, 25th March 15:00 GMT Stream: TBD Prize Pool: $80 Donate: https://matcherino.com/tournaments/10057/description Bracket: http://sushiflex.challonge.com/EU2v2 EU 1v1 Cup Saturday, 31st March 15:00 GMT Stream: TBD Prize Pool: $80 Donate: https://matcherino.com/tournaments/10041/description Bracket: http://sushiflex.challonge.com/EU1v1 Please contact us if you would like to stream any event! Times: http://www.worldtimebuddy.com/ NA 1v1 and 2v2 Tournaments: Check-in opens: 15:00 EST | Tournament start: 16:00 EST EU 1v1 and 2v2 Tournaments: Check-in opens: 14:00 GMT | Tournament start: 15:00 GMT Please note, if you must leave for a period of time during a tournament, an admin may be able to schedule your game later – however, you must inform admin as soon as possible. If you do not let an admin know, you might get dropped from the tournament for delaying matches. 1.4 Demos Feel free to record or stream your own matches. Admins will review demos as necessary. Demos will be recorded on all servers, and all replays can be downloaded from their respective server links: Dallas #1: Dallas #2: UK #1: East #2: Sydney #1: Owl's Sushi Saloon 420 (US CENTRAL): Owl's Sushi Sauna :ok_hand: (UK): Owl's authentic Norwegian Sushi (UK): Owl's shamanic Sushi (UK): 1.5 Registration You can register from NOW until the tournament starts by: 1. Signing up on challonge (links above). Register your team for the 2v2 tourneys! 2. Showing up in http://discord.io/sushiflex on the given date! 1.6 Admins House of Dubs Draft Cup #1 - CrazyAl NA 1v1 Cup - Sharqosity Sushi ACE Cup - Sharqosity NA 2v2 Cup - TBD EU 1v1 Cup - TBD EU 2v2 Cup - TBD Please contact us if you would like to help admin for any event! 2. Match organization 2.1 How-to We expect players to know the rules and be fairly autonomous when setting up/playing tournament games. Of course, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask a tourney admin for clarification. To set up your match, talk to your opponent and determine a best server from the following list. Know the map picking rules (section 2.3)! 2.2 Servers North America: Dallas #1: Dallas #2: West #1: West #2 (US-W Big eZ): East #1: East #2: 172.10617.210:28547 Central #1 (Owl’s Sushi Saloon 420): Europe: UK #1: UK #2: (Owl’s Sushi Sauna) UK #3: (Owl’s authentic Norwegian Sushi) UK #4: (Owl’s shamanic Sushi) Australia: AU #1: 2.3 Duel Map Picking Rounds before Winner Bracket Semifinal - Best of three (BO3): 2 map wins needed - Both players type roll 100 into console: - Loser Drop, Winner Drop, Loser Pick, Winner Pick - Last map is used as Tiebreaker Winner Bracket Semifinal and following rounds - Best of 5 (BO5): 3 map wins needed - Both players type roll 100 into console: - Roll + Drop-Drop-Pick-Pick-{{Pick-Pick}} -> If it ends 2:2 the remaining map is the decider. No draws possible. Grand Final - Best of 5 (BO5): 3 map wins needed - WB winner needs to win one BO5 - LB winner needs to win two BO5 matches 2.4 Doubles Map Picking Rounds before Grand Final There are only 3 maps - each team will choose a map, and the last one will be played as a tiebreaker if needed. Grand Final - WB winner needs to win one BO3 - LB winner needs to win two BO3 matches 2.5 Reporting Match Results Players can either self-report the result of a match in challonge, or post the result in the Sushi Discord #competitive channel after the match. Keep an eye on the bracket after your game so you can be ready to set up the next game with your opponent! 3. In game play 3.1 Game format 1v1 Duel Tournaments: Sushiflex v6.2 Timelimit: 10 2v2 Doubles Tournaments: Sushiflex v6.2 - 2v2 Timelimit: 15 (The only difference in the 2v2 ruleset is 80 damage melee vs. the duel ruleset’s 100) 3.2 Map Pool 1v1 Pool: gt3 MEdit Calendar xy10beta Furnace Sanctum 2v2 Pool: Ironguard Phobos Thermal Blast A match must be replayed if it was not played on these maps or if it was not played on the Sushi ruleset. 3.3 Map Pool Feedback A survey will come out after the conclusion of all the tournaments where you can provide feedback for the map pool, including which maps you'd like to keep, and any new ones that should be played. If you would like to support the creation of new competitive duel maps, consider donating to dog's Sushiflex Mapping Competition! 4. Prizes 4.1 Prize Pools 1st – 50% 2nd – 25% 3rd – 15% 4th – 10% 4.2 Donations We appreciate your donations - contribute to the tournaments with the matcherino links in section 1.3! Thank you to Tehmeh for donating $30 to each official tournament! Thank you to Volume for donating $50 to each official tournament! See you in the Arena!
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    Reflex Monthly Cups

    Reflex Monthly Cups Player Profiles (EU) : czM RMC EU#1 - 3rd Place RMC EU#2 - 2nd Place Player Profiles is a fun project that allows us to learn a little bit about our fellow competitors. These interviews give an interesting look at the best duelers competing in Reflex Monthly Cups. czM 1. Could you share a little about yourself? (Gaming background, IRL hobbies, job/studies, etc.?) Mostly Q1/QW, FVF/TDM/duel, 97/98 and summer 01, then Q3, TDM/CTF/duel, 00-06, sporadically after that. one tournament for each of the games CPMA (01), Tetrinet (01), RTCW (03). Always been a solid troll, programmed here and there, studied and still studying math 2. What's the story behind your in-game nickname? Started Q1 as "l3r0y", suggested by my uncle during our Heretic LANs. Switched early to "crezyman", a variation on a ROTT difficulty level. Abbreviated to "czm" because "SIK-CrezyMan" was too long for the IRC server used by QW players in Sept 97. Nowadays "czM", with the "M" to convey attitude, like a raised eyebrow 3. How long have you been playing Reflex? (Hours according to steam? First played when?) 200+ a bit hours, installed around June 2017 4. What do you think defines your playstyle? Your strengths and weaknesses? Playstyle: probably summarized well by games in 2nd RMC cup, most of which are probably on youtube.Strengths: usual stuff, maybe with plasma usage as an outlier. Weaknesses: movement and failure to maintain simultaneous awareness of all aspects of the game, like enemy status, item order and respawn timing, ammo, etc., which causes me to miss item spawns and opportunities for aggression. Still working on this, slowly improving. 5. What are your settings (dpi, sensitivity, resolution, fov) and hardware (mouse, keyboard, monitor)? I'm traveling and away from my gaming computer at the moment, so I'll try my best to remember: mouse: sensei, I think monitor: benq xl2420T keyboard: whatever came w/ my desktop dpi: 800, I think? resolution: 1920x1080? fov: default sensitivity: 5.8 in reflex, which amounts to about 13 cm/360 with my other settings. inverted, no accel. (same as I used between 03 and 06, but pitch-to-yaw 2:3 then, 1:1 now) 6. If you could add/change only 1 thing in Reflex, what would it be? Hmm, might be nice if matchmaking and monthly cups had the same ruleset. Would also be nice to have a personal movement trainer (i.e., a player who follows me around and gives me movement tips). I generally like how it is, e.g., the weapon balance. 7. Why do you think Reflex isn't more popular? I haven't followed it long enough to know, but let's see. On the one hand, games like this aren't as easy to get into for new players as most of the popular games these days, just because it's harder to achieve minor victories or measure progress, especially since most of the existing players are already pretty skilled. On the other hand, from what I've heard, the QW/CPMA duel scenes are a bit healthier at the moment. So I don't really know. 8. Do you have any advice for new players? I imagine most new players to a game like this already know most of what I could say, like that the goal is to improve slowly without getting demoralized, that the point of competition is just to help everyone step it uppp, and so on I always find it helpful and encouraging to take honest account of how much I'm messing up, by watching my own demos, noticing the constant mistakes I'm making, recalling what I had been thinking right before them, and thinking through how I could have focused differently to avoid them. Every time I can eliminate one of those I get a little better. 9. Are there any specific Reflex players you enjoy spectating or playing against? Any rivals? Haven't spectated too much, since I'm usually anxious to get into the game and play someone, but have enjoyed watching whoever is playing the best at the moment, like Ramagan or hoyt. I've liked playing Ramagan for the challenge and Vigur because we're similarly skilled and he isn't a namecalling crybaby. Ivan because he's fast, creative, and does weird stuff. Learned a lot playing vs. danfel, Luft, many others 10. Could you, in a few words, tell us what you think of the strengths/weaknesses of each of these players: Vigur, Czm, LKO, Luftwaffel, and Danfel? Ramagan: speed, cycling, constant pressure Vigur: consistent aim (esp rockets), resilience, not frustrated by opponent, but maybe misses opportunities for aggression, esp when in control LKO: haven't played him as much as the others; good overall, but sometimes he seems to lose focus a bit when he's winning, and doesn't seem to have fun when he plays to win (b/c he thinks it's a bit boring to play defensively) Luft: speed and aim, but maybe hasn't played too much lately danfel: good overall, but didn't seem to play too seriously in practice games for awhile, although maybe that's changed lately 11. Are there any non-Reflex players you'd like to see starting playing Reflex? Thresh, Drakken, Kyto, Vo0, noctis 12. What do you think of the Reflex Monthly Cups so far? Anything that could be improved on? Appreciate efforts of all involved, no major suggestions for the main cups; might be nice to have one-off cups (even bo1) featuring new or at least underplayed maps, for the sake of variety. 13. What melee/player cosmetics are you currently rocking? Default 14. Favorite "frag" or "defrag" movie(s)? uNkiNd's, Q3FUELs, many others 15. ESREALITY: Cancer or benefit to all mankind? PlusForward (>,<,=) ESReality? Always like XSR/ESR, embarassingly unaware of PlusForward. Thank you to czM for taking the time to participate in Player Profiles! Looks like you got your wish on the competitive ruleset. Good luck in RMC EU#3 this weekend and we're all looking forward to watching you step it uppp!
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    GoaHud - Minimal Animated HUD

    Spectator goodness update (r37): Added new Scores widget for spectators, works in duels and team modes (experimental, disabled by default) Very simple and minimalistic looking score widget, will be expanded in future updates Customizable health/armor bar animation speed (disable by setting the Tick Speed to 0) Supports custom fonts and font sizes for both names and scores Colors, center offset, bar sizes and propotional sizes are also customizable Chat: Added custom font support (experimental, use font filename without the extension, place your custom fonts under addons folder) Chat: Added chat scrolling support (use mouse wheel), and a new setting to display more lines when chat is active Chat: Display player ready messages (enabled by default) Messages: Show current ruleset after game mode, supports RMC, sushi and legacy (pre-1.1.4) rulesets BetterGameplay: Added option to strip/ignore color codes from all widgets (^1n^2i^3c^4 ^5o^6n^7e) BetterGameplay: Global color code mode now enables emoji support as well (still quite buggy) TimerBig: Added option to hide it while spectating (enabled by default) Fixed messages and frag messages overlapping with scoreboard Added Options button to movable sub-elements in Brandon's Hud Editor Fixed some emoji codes Chat: Added chat preview box to options Fixed reset settings not working with some options Added in r36 update: Crosshair: added option to specify minimum time for mode shapes to show up Small hotfix (r38): Fixed error caused by previous Chat font not getting applied correctly
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    Reflex Monthly Cups

    Great to see these games guys! I've pushed the ruleset (has been in our ongoing 1.2 branch for ages) to a 1.1.4 build just now. It adds the cosmetic reward weapons awarded also.
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    [1.1.5] Replays broken

    fixed ta
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    Custom Ruleset 2

    Announcing Custom Ruleset 2 Reflex Monthly Cups is happy to announce that we will be conducting a ruleset initiative for community feedback and testing. Now that thousands of matches have been played on the current ruleset, new improvements and refinements can be made. In recent ruleset conversations, there have been many community members with good ideas and a drive to improve the game. We want to translate that interest into a legitimate initiative that will produce results. We are moving forward with this project to promote as much feedback and testing as possible with the end goal of an upgraded ruleset entering the game in place of the current competitive ruleset. This ruleset initiative will be conducted under the Reflex Monthly Cups umbrella and use the potential of the organization to conduct widespread testing. The development will occur along a specific timeline designed to give the ruleset process the highest exposure, transparency, and opportunity to succeed. Main ruleset Page : https://reflex.fun/cr2 Timeline of events : Testing Begins : February 15th, 2018 Ruleset Finalized : March 25th, 2018 RMC NA#4 : April 1st, 2018 CR2 AU, CR2 JP, and 2v2 Cup : April 8th, 2018 RMC EU#4 : April 15th, 2018 End of showcase : April 15th, 2018 Custom Ruleset 2 Development Timeline : Testing and development will begin today, February 15th, 2018 and end March 25th, 2018. A teammode ruleset will be developed along with the main duel ruleset. The rulesets will then be showcased in 5 tournaments. RMC NA#4 is being delayed until after testing and will be the first tournament played on the finalized ruleset. The 2v2 cup, JP and AU cups will all be held the following Sunday. RMC EU#4 will be held one week after. Get Involved Testing and development will begin today, February 15th, 2018 and end March 25th, 2018. Take the poll on current competitive ruleset : http://reflex.fun/cr2_starter_poll Discuss the ruleset on Discord : http://reflex.fun/cr2_discord Servers running custom ruleset 2 : http://reflex.fun/cr2#Servers Testing will take place on the live game (1.2). A teammode ruleset will be developed along with the main duel ruleset. Community feedback and testing is at the core of this initiative. Please do not hesitate to get involved, your engagement is important and encouraged. Links Main Page : http://reflex.fun/cr2 History and Purpose : http://reflex.fun/cr2#HP Playing on custom ruleset 2 : http://reflex.fun/cr2#Playing Servers running custom ruleset 2 : http://reflex.fun/cr2#Servers Providing Feedback : http://reflex.fun/cr2#Feedback Gameplay Philosophy : http://reflex.fun/cr2#Playing Changelog : http://reflex.fun/cr2#Changelog History of tested changes : http://reflex.fun/cr2_changes_history Discord : http://reflex.fun/cr2_discord Tournaments : http://reflex.fun/cr2#Tournaments Tournaments that will be played on custom ruleset 2: Reflex Monthly Cups NA#4 Start Time : Sunday, April 1st, 2018 at 02:00 PM EST (UTC-5) Stream : https://www.twitch.tv/def__ Bracket : http://reflexmonthlycups.challonge.com/RMCNA4 Sign-up : http://challonge.com/tournaments/signup/nEzNTgDiiC Communication : https://discord.gg/cmNasKK Prizepool : https://matcherino.com/tournaments/9839 CR2 2v2 Cup Map Pool : Ironguard, Phobos, and Thermal Blast. Rules : https://reflex.fun/rmc_rules#2v2 Start Time : Sunday, April 8th, 2018 at 5:00 PM CET (UTC-1) Stream : https://www.twitch.tv/def__ Bracket : http://reflexmonthlycups.challonge.com/fr/CR2_2v2 Sign-up : http://challonge.com/fr/tournaments/signup/DY8kTGuhrW Communication : https://discord.gg/zUXuDcg Prizepool : https://matcherino.com/tournaments/9945 The 2v2 cup will be played on EU servers (London, Frankfurt) but registration is open to all regions. CR2 AU Start Time : Sunday, April 8th, 2018 at 4:00 PM AEST (UTC+10) Stream : https://www.twitch.tv/ztkfps Bracket : http://reflexmonthlycups.challonge.com/CR2_AU Sign-up : http://challonge.com/tournaments/signup/srOvxG5QxX Communication : https://discord.gg/zUXuDcg Prizepool : https://matcherino.com/tournaments/9943 CR2 JP Start Time : Sunday, April 8th, 2018 at 7:00 PM JST (UTC+9) Stream : https://www.twitch.tv/ztkfps Bracket : http://reflexmonthlycups.challonge.com/CR2_JP Sign-up : http://challonge.com/tournaments/signup/FzWZABDPEF Communication : https://discord.gg/zUXuDcg Prizepool : https://matcherino.com/tournaments/9942 Reflex Monthly Cups EU#4 Start Time : Sunday, April 15th, 2018 at 5:00 PM CET (UTC-1) Stream : https://www.twitch.tv/tyronesama Bracket : http://reflexmonthlycups.challonge.com/fr/RMCEU4 Sign-up : http://challonge.com/fr/tournaments/signup/hWr05PUnFU Communication : https://discord.gg/P3UAvB8 Prizepool : https://matcherino.com/tournaments/9947 The ruleset initiative will be concluded April 15th, 2018 after RMC EU#4.
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    Reflex 1.2.0beta

    I'm so happy to see this game is still supported and updated despite of the poor user base. I hope this game will grow more than ever, it deserves it!
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    Reflex 1.2.0beta

    Never thought I would see this day Incredible update, well done!
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    Next tutorial is out! [Reflex Basics 4] Factors that Determine Fights
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    Reflex Monthly Cups

    Reflex Monthly Cups Player Profiles (EU) : xLuftwaffel RMC EU#1 - 4th Place RMC EU#2 - 5th Place Player Profiles is a fun project that allows us to learn a little bit about our fellow competitors. These interviews give an interesting look at the best duelers competing in Reflex Monthly Cups. xLuftwaffel 1. Could you share a little about yourself? (Gaming background, IRL hobbies, job/studies, etc.?) The first videogames I played was when I was on the n64 that we bought at a flee market for 50 NOK That's about 6 dollars or 5 euros. One of my fondest memories from gaming is the first time I played super smash bros on the n64 at my brothers friends house. In our family we had various consoles and with the other kids in our family I used to play the likes of buzz, singstar and dancing stage fusion on the playstation 2 and pokemon stadium 2 minigames on the n64 I at one point tryharded in Fifa 13, I eventually realized I was an idiot and went back to looking for parts for what was going to be my first very own pc. I spent a year picking parts and eventually getting enough money to buy it, I started out with a shitty keyboard, no mousepad and a r.a.t 7 mouse, went straight to a local LAN and played 18 out of 36 possible hours of Tribes: ascend. I got into "competitive" in tribes ascend and really enjoyed it, until everyone good left and they finally updated the game again with "Out of the blue" trying to make tribes ascend like the earlier tribes games. One day Yodsanklai shows up in the mumble talking about reflex and so I tried it, didn't like it at all, movement was too hard I mean with a sens of 62 cm per 360 it's kinda hard to get used to such a fast pace after playing tribes for 3 years. I changed my sens, left tribes behind me and so here I am, a sorta good reflex player. 2. What's the story behind your in-game nickname? 13 year old me was thinking about a cool nick the week before I got my first pc and just could not find one, I could have ended up calling myself Nathan as it's what the muricans called me the first time I went to USA. Either way I randomly remembered when my brother told me that the german airforce is called Luftwaffe, and how I immediately thought, Luftwaffel, hah. I thought it would fit well with Tribes: Ascend as I would be flying over people with a jetpack firing spinfusor disks at them. Someone had already taken it on steam but a buddy of mine who was helping me build the computer suggested just adding an x and so I did. For consistency and hopefully some time being randomly reunited with players from previous games I kept xLuftwaffel on everything. 3. How long have you been playing Reflex? (Hours according to steam? First played when?) 1605 Hours as of 8. February 2018. My first game played was 2. June 2016. 4. What do you think defines your playstyle? Your strengths and weaknesses? I have only thought of the single word flicks. I don't feel like I have any specific strenghts. For my weaknesses I mess up movement quite alot when under preassure. 5. What are your settings (dpi, sensitivity, resolution, fov) and hardware (mouse, keyboard, monitor)? cm/360: 30,2259 inches/360: 11.9 dpi: 1600 sensitivity: 3,3 resolution: 1920x1080 fov: 105 Mouse: Finalmouse Ultralight Pro (Got it Thursday 15. February previously Logitech g403) Keyboard: Pok3r RGB Nordic with cherry mx brown switches and some 3rd party PBT keycaps Monitor: Benq XL2411Z (144 hz) 6. If you could add/change only 1 thing in Reflex, what would it be? A growing playerbase, even if it's 1 new player a day and only 1 new challenger a month I'll take it. 7. Why do you think Reflex isn't more popular? I think most people who check out reflex are bummed out, first about the playerbase and then the skillcurve in the beginning. I wouldn't stick around either if I had not been such a tryhard. 8. Do you have any advice for new players? Don't change your sensitivity whenever you lose. Find a good middleground between being able to move around the map effortlessly (high sensitivity) and being able to aim amazingly(low sensisivity), and stick to it. 9. Are there any specific Reflex players you enjoy spectating or playing against? Any rivals? I like watching fuglaa and Kyto play. Both players impress me with their movement, fuglaa has sick IC, and Kyto insane flicks. I don't know who to pick for my rival, has got to be Ivan, Hyrveli or Vigur. 10. Could you, in a few words, tell us what you think of the strengths/weaknesses of each of these players: Vigur, Czm, LKO, Luftwaffel, and Danfel? Everything I wanted to say has already been said. by czm and Vigur 11. Are there any non-Reflex players you'd like to see starting playing Reflex? Kyto, Vo0 and Terifire, if you can call them non-reflex players. As Vigur said all the quake pro's really because it would show me where I belong in the ranks and would probably motivate me to get better. 12. What do you think of the Reflex Monthly Cups so far? Anything that could be improved on? I think it's good, It's fun and the fragvideos are pretty kewl even though I got killed by Vigur like 4 times in the first one 13. What melee/player cosmetics are you currently rocking? I use my 2 favourite colors with pink eyes Melee: The warhammer which is the first cosmetic item I got in reflex Head: Hornet head Arms: Sentinel arms Legs: Sentinel legs Torso: Tracker torso 14. Favorite "frag" or "defrag" movie(s)? I'd have to say #maxdamage, I can't count the times I have watched this on my hands and feet combined. WARNING: This video contains footage of tribes ascend. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ungXt0uI6g For defrag movie I'm going to say ENGINE http://www.esreality.com/post/2892385/engine/ 15. Anything else you'd like to share? Shoutouts or whatever you want. Fuglaa, please unban me from your twitch chat. Play more reflex Thank you to xLuftwaffel for taking the time to participate in Player Profiles! Good luck to him in EU#3 this weekend.
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    Reflex Monthly Cups

    Reflex Monthly Cups staff is happy to announce the prize pool will be expanded to $100! The prize pool distribution remains unchanged at : : 45% + Reflex Monthly Cup Shovel (In-game unique melee item) : 25% : 15% 4th Place : 7.5% 5th Place : 3.75% 6th Place : 3.75% Thank you to all donators for supporting competitive Reflex- RMC EU#3 prize pool has been completely filled : https://matcherino.com/tournaments/9684 Donations are open for RMC NA#4 : https://matcherino.com/tournaments/9839 We are excited for the future and glad to see more of you competing in the Reflex Monthly Cups! Reflex Monthly Cups is looking for more volunteers! - 2 to 4 additional tournament admins - A Twitch VOD uploader/RMC youtube account manager - Another Public Relations member who can advertise the cups on discord and other sites and platforms - Another video editor If you are interested in any of these roles, please contact @DazedSpartan#3488 on discord. Thanks
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    Sushiflex ACE Cup

    A new Reflex Tournament format! Date: Saturday, March 10th, 2PM EST/20:00 CET Stream: http://twitch.tv/sharqosity Registration: Join the Sushi Discord and PM Sharqosity#0314 Explanation of the Rules: This format is based off of Starcraft's Proleague format. 2 captains will be chosen by the tourney admin at the beginning of the event: Captain 1 and Captain 2 will draft their teams: 1 - 2 - 2 - 1 + ( 2 - 1 etc.) until everyone has been drafted. Team members will each be given roles and split into 2 Discord text and voice channels. Here they can discuss strategy and who to put on what map The amount of maps/games played is equal to the amount of players on each team. The map pool will be announced after teams are drafted. Each team will decide a player to send to play on each map - each player can only be used once (not counting the ACE match). Each team will send their final player lineup for the map pool to the tourney admin. Once both teams are done, the match-ups will be revealed. Sharqcoin betting will be active during this event! Games will be played and streamed one at a time in the order of the map pool. All games will be played on the Sushi ruleset. Check #sushiflex-setup in the Sushi Discord if you need to get set up. Each map win for a team will net every member 10 Sharqcoin. The ACE Match: After all maps are played, teams will put forth one player of their choosing to play in the ACE match (any player on the team can be chosen now). The team that wins more maps is considered the official winner of the tournament. The ACE match will still be played at the end, and the winner of the ACE match will net his team 15 Sharqcoin each. If the teams have an even amount of players and both teams are tied after all maps are played, the ACE match will decide the winner of the tournament. Map pool MAY INCLUDE: The Catalyst, Phrantic, Outworld, QW Aero, Abandoned Shelter, and more if needed! Map pool explanation: We want to keep the map pool varied so drafted players are not only valued for their raw strength, but also their map knowledge and ability to adapt. The goal of the map pool is to let a range of different skills shine through, because we believe each player has something different to offer to the team's skillset. Note that maps in the list above may not actually be in the map pool, and maps not listed could. Registration: Players from all regions are welcome to register! It is imperative that you join the Sushiflex Discord on game day so you can communicate with your team and receive directions from the tourney admin. Since a traditional challonge page cannot accommodate for this type of format, simply PM Sharqosity#0314 on Discord to register, OR reply to this forum thread! Currently registered players: Volume, Jankygoatsmugla, lzr_dev, cozy, christian, Cthulhu, def, lko, puma, TheBennyFishel, BL, Svyt, Magikarp, rex Message from tourney host, Sharqosity: See you guys there! It'll be hype watching and rooting for your teammates. No real money prizepool this time, it's all for fun (do come and win your sharqcoin though). If you have any questions at all about the format, don't be afraid to ask and clarify. Think of this as a trial run for the format; if something doesn't work or can be improved, please provide suggestions for the next one!
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    Reflex Monthly Cups

    Reflex Monthly Cups Player Profiles (NA) : Ezormer RMC NA#1 - 3rd Place RMC NA#2 - 2nd Place Player Profiles is a fun project that allows us to learn a little bit about our fellow competitors. These interviews give an interesting look at the best duelers competing in Reflex Monthly Cups. Ezormer 1. Could you share a little about yourself? (Gaming background, IRL hobbies, job/studies, etc.?) I'm not too interesting, just play a lot of games and take it a bit too seriously. Arena fps games are generally the only type of game I play online and competitively, otherwise I stick to a lot of single-player games. Other than that I've been trying to get my life together over the past few months, trying to get working and back to school. 2. What's the story behind your in-game nickname? Random name I spent maybe 30 seconds to make. 3. How long have you been playing Reflex? (Hours according to steam? First played when?) Since fall of 2015, around 1300 hours. 4. What do you think defines your playstyle? Your strengths and weaknesses? I try to play aggressively. It's hard for me to plan ahead and think about smart plays since I am already too focused on my movement, aim, and my opponet. I just try and go all out and keep the momentum, if I lose it I tend to "deflate." I usually don't pay attention to item timings, since after playing for as long as I have the cycle just comes naturally, although I do pay the price for not counting the seconds on occasion. I also have horrible ion cannon accuracy, but pretty decent bolts if I remember to pickup the weapon. 5. What are your settings (dpi, sensitivity, resolution, fov) and hardware (mouse, keyboard, monitor)? Logitech G Pro with 800 dpi, 7.6 sensitivity, 1280x720 144hz, random fov between 105-115 depening on my mood. 6. If you could add/change only 1 thing in Reflex, what would it be? Larger playerbase. 7. Why do you think Reflex isn't more popular? Too many dead fps games to pick from, and it's hard to innovate in the arena fps subgenre since most veterans just want the same thing they've been playing for years. Reflex may be the most refined game in this subgenre in my opinion, but from an outsider's perspective it doesn't have too much flair to stand out compared to other games in the same playing field. 8. Do you have any advice for new players? Play more Reflex. Nah but seriously, just playing consistantly over time against a wide variety of skill levels will teach you a lot as long as you're dedicated to getting better. Amazingly this worked out for me, and if that possible anything is possible. 9. Are there any specific Reflex players you enjoy spectating or playing against? Any rivals? It's hard to mention anyone specifically, but many of the so-called top players generally have different playstyles and quirks that make them interesting to spectate and play against. 10. Could you, in a few words, tell us what you think of the strengths/weaknesses of each of these players: Xytaglyph, Sol, Soh, Hoyt, DazedSpartan? All of them are better than me in various ways, except maybe Sol. Nothing against Sol, just speaking from experience. In all seriousness, it would be hard for me to pinpoint exactly their strengths/weaknesses other than obvious things. If I had that figured out I would know what areas for me to improve upon. 11. Are there any non-Reflex players you'd like to see starting playing Reflex? It would be incredible to see the gaming legend Fatal1ty join the fray and show us all the true meaning of dominance. 12. What do you think of the Reflex Monthly Cups so far? Anything that could be improved on? No complaints so far from my end except maybe the map pool, which has been discussed to death so I am sure a solution will be made in the future. 13. What melee/player cosmetics are you currently rocking? Tech Katana and trying to work on a full Samurai set. 14. Favorite "frag" or "defrag" movie(s)? I enjoy many CPMA frag movies like Dorftrottel, Its pekka 1+2, Work, etc. My favorite in general may be the classic Get Quaked 3 which is what inspired me to start playing arena fps. The RMC highlights are also really cool, mainly because I'm in them and I've never been in any frag movies. 15. ESREALITY: Cancer or benefit to all mankind? PlusForward (>,<,=) ESReality? No opinion really. 16. Anything else you'd like to share? Shoutouts or whatever you want. I guess I would love to know if anyone reading this has any advice for me as a Reflex player given my performance in the RMCs so far. Also shoutout to literally every Reflex player and the RMC staff for hosting these monthly cups. Thank you to Ezormer for participating in RMC NA Player Profiles and good luck to him in future cups. More RMC NA Player Profiles to come.
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    Reflex Monthly Cups

    Questionable posts have been removed as will any further posts.
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    sv_pure poll

    Region: NA Highest rank achieved in matchmaking: Overlord Do you use any customized widgets/hud elements/particle effects/sounds/: Used to Do you wish to see sv_pure implemented into the competitive ruleset?: Yes Why?Reasoning/Arguments/etc: I think the main thing that needs to be said is just imagine if lua/changing all sounds was possible in cs:go or any legitimate competitive game. You need to look at it from the entire game point of view of how illegitimate any game is with the level of freedom available in Reflex This isn't a community opinion issue, it's a competitive integrity issue. The Olympic committee doesn't consult the Russian team before cracking down on doping Currently possible : http://i.imgur.com/TV6q4kA.gif Sv_pure will lead to an improved base game for everyone. Right now flaws with the base game (weak crosshair widget, poor default sounds, and many more) are masked because anyone who cares just fixes it with 3rd party things. It's a pride issue for the developers to allow that kind of system. It's made difficult from a development point of view when players are able to dodge problems with the base game using 3rd party things. The whole process is not overly accessible and ends up with unpatched gaps in the game like we currently have. It will be very apparent after sv_pure what is lacking in the base game and it will have to be improved instead of masked. I think it will also make certain people realize how good the base game really is. Having a whitelist system like some are suggesting is a shortsighted idea. Here are 3 main reasons: -The largest issue is the management of the whitelist. Who is meant to manage it? The developers are the logical choice, but to be blunt they are so far removed from the community and have a low level of understanding of competitive reflex and would not be capable. So then it moves to them to pick people to do it. Almost any time sv_pure is brought up non tournament/non competitive/low skill players are very involved in the conversation, this is one issue. Others involved in the conversation are additionally invested in lua, they are against it for clear reasons. In these conversations about sv_pure it was typically brought up as exclusively a toggle for tournaments only, and yet even at that point the conversation was dominated by people who never played in a tournament and who will never ever feel the change in their life. As if it wasn't enough, most people including me until recently are uninformed on what customization is available within the default game. Many complain about a lack of customization options available in the default hud that are all actually currently available. Here's the result 5 minutes of tweaking in game hud menus : Default HUD. Not as good as custom HUDs, but again, with sv_pure it will be clear what features are missing. So lets say a group of tournament/competitive players can be selected somehow. Tournament/competitive players are concerned with their own play and not acting in the best interests of the game, so even though they would be qualified they would be bias. It's like letting the fox guard the hen house. Also this group probably wouldn't get along well. A whitelist situation would be a complete disaster, the entire purpose of any kind of pure setting would be ruined by those the change is not relevant to or are just pushing for their own interests. Remember back to the reflexleague days and ruleset wars? Although that was a disaster, a whitelist system for sv_pure could be worse. -Actual competitive players either want to gain an advantage for themselves (pushing for timestamps/zoom on the whitelist for example) or simply care about the game being exactly the same for both players (competitive integrity) and the whitelist option does a worse job of this than an sv_pure option by far. -Competitive players must be competitive players. There cannot be competitive players who use these settings, competitive players who use those settings. In that case it means nothing to be competitive. If tournament organizers/individual servers are the ones who decide the whitelist all this does is create huge conflict, further lower the legitimacy of Reflex in general, and probably cause boycotts that reduce the number of participants in tournaments and split the community. It would end up being a huge political mess with those who don't have the best interests of the game at the forefront. The developers are mistaken about removing r_lm_clear and not caring about competitively friendly screen effects. Blocking r_lm_clear and seemingly not caring about the particles is the kind of mistake that's unnecessary on multiple levels. r_lm_clear is within the base game with it's effect limited and well known (unlike sound modifications or lua for example). This makes it not a competitive integrity issue and outside the scope of sv_pure. It's a terrible idea for the reasons other people have listed, but this isn't about my own opinion. I can understand a reason for blocking it is to promote a better looking game. This will actually have the opposite effect. Removing r_lm_clear will increase the use of clean maps and make the game look worse instead of better. It's easy to go back and make a good player's clips look good for a frag movie by putting on pretty settings and lightmaps, it's impossible to do this if people are playing on clean maps. It also gives decent players even less of a reason to play MM and backs tournament organizers into a corner. Do tournament organizers try to make Reflex look good by banning clean maps and lose participants? Or do they allow light maps and let Reflex look ugly on stream but not lose participants? The consequences are high without purpose when the fix is simple. r_lm_clear is not as accessable as it should be. Even in newbie nights one of the first questions people ask is "why is catalyst so dark and how do I fix it my gamma is already turned up all the way." Gamma is not a substitute for r_lm_clear. There should be options in the menu for Draw Lightmap [ ] and Minimal Particles [ ]. Sv_pure should be unpopular with babies and cheaters, not with actual competitive players. Sv_pure is a turning point for Reflex in the right direction. There is now clearly defined competitive vs casual rulesets and the game is able to be taken seriously. It's a very healthy development. Not welcoming this change seems unreasonable considering we've had free reign to modify for 3 years. There will still be lua and customization development by the community, but this time the developers have a reason to pay attention and add them to improve the base game.
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    sv_pure poll

    Region: EU Highest rank achieved in matchmaking: Prime overlord Do you use any customized widgets/hud elements/particle effects/sounds/: Yes Do you wish to see sv_pure implemented into the competitive ruleset?: Depends on the implementation Why? For widgets there should be a pure check but it's all about the implementation. Should we really lose the ability to customize the game completely? The idea of whitelisting has been suggested and afaik even some ground work on it was done. You could have a general whitelist maintained by the devs (the community, a council or w/e) and allow tourney organizers/server admins to set their own whitelists (if they for whatever reason would like to do so). For sounds there should eventually be a pure check aswell but there should at least be options to choose from for some of the sounds (hitsounds, killsound, self/team/enemy character sounds). Or just do a whitelist here aswell (really it's the perfect solution). For visibility allow r_lm_clear, no sparks and disabling of other obstructive eyecandy features then add all of these as options in the menu. I bet almost no one who actually enjoys playing the game cares for all the little graphical details that have 0 informational value. For the competetive players who practice multiple hours in a row or play when they are tired reducing eye strain is a very welcome feature. The appeal of Quake-style games is the deathmatch, the arena gameplay; it's the airrockets, shaftlifts and flickrails they see in frag movies (which usually maximize the graphics anyways). No one is going to skip the game because they saw a screenshot/video/stream of someone playing with a high visibility configuration but they will skip it if they can't see what's going on. Customization is not bad when it doesn't cross the line to cheating. In this genre of games it really brings longevity to the game. When you get bored about the way the game looks and sounds or feel like having a different crosshair might help you play better you go and tweak your config and the game feels a bit fresher again.
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    Shooter's AMA (19 January 2018)

    Please, use a whitelisting system for lua/modifications. The extra work needed for whitelisting can be figured out (eg. current mods, community volunteers, public votes).