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  1. newborn

    Dedicated Server Guide

    Any clues in the console?
  2. newborn

    Modding and scripting support

    If we had the resources to properly support modding, it'd already be done
  3. newborn

    Reflex 0.44.1 - Awards!

    Race mode in general needs a whole bunch of love.
  4. newborn

    Reflex 0.43.0 - No puns, I'm tired

    Yeah, it's 16u larger or something.
  5. newborn

    .43.0 experimental IC

    The fat trace is extremely unlikely to result in accuracy changes that dramatic, but its still feedback worth knowing. It's probably a number of factors -- fatter trace, less knockback makes it harder to notice how much damage you're taking, etc.
  6. newborn


    They will.
  7. newborn

    Reflex 0.43.1

    Do you have any anti-virus running that you can try disabling to test?
  8. newborn

    Reflex 0.43.0 - No puns, I'm tired

    We had better results bringing the projectile speed way down, I just haven't made the change in experimental yet. We didn't touch triple jumps. Some people are saying they're broken in experimental, some people are saying they're fine. I haven't looked at them personally yet.
  9. newborn

    Reflex 0.43.1

    Bug fixes: Fixed server browser player list preview Fixed issue where com_logfilename was not working correctly sv_startruleset now works as expected Fix crash on editor redo operation Removed microjitter on camera introduced after recent netcode optimisations
  10. Server: Netcode optimisations to reduce traffic, this helps previous lag experienced in high player count matches. (A lot of) CPU & memory load reductions. This helps with performance (and stability) of high player count matches. App is now back to CLI Now shows load % to give you an idea of performance. Fixed issue where crash reporter was deadlocking Improvements: Added com_logfilename, can use to log console on client/server Content browser now keeps selection on hide You can now mouse-over a server in the server browser to get a player list of people in server re_export export now correctly names images *.png (was previously writing *.tga despite them being pngs) Renamed "Callvote: Match" -> "Change Map / Mode" Dropped pickups now collide with PLAYER_CLIP Added rulesets casual/competitive/experimental (sv_ruleset, sv_startruleset, callvote ruleset) General bug fixes: Adjusted range on FOV slider (was -200 -> 200 now 70 -> 170) Fixed reflection probe issue where they occasionally broke across map change -- please rebuild your maps and upload to workshop! Fixed issue where IC beam sustain sound wasn't correctly being positioned on 3rd person weapon Fixed issue in ATDM where suicide damage was counting towards your points Editor bug fixes: Fixed bug where sky fields were listed twice Fixed a bunch of lua errors thrown when bogus values added to edit boxes Restored "Apply Selection" UI button in EntityVolumeSelect Experimental ruleset: An experimental ruleset has been added to allow for rapid iteration & testing without impacting the core gameplay (i.e. tournaments). When pre-jumping on angled ramp you'll now be effecting by ramp angle Spawn system: increased spawn blocking angle check to 360 & distance to 1024 IC trace is now "fat" (it has volume, instead of being a point trace). IC damage reduced to 5 Plasma cells now have volume Slightly increased Melee range and radius. Casual ruleset: Added casual ruleset designed to just be loaded up and played. It's the default ruleset for Reflex. Reduced 1v1 timelimit to 5 minutes and team game time limits to 15. Competitive ruleset: Added competitive ruleset designed for competition play Item respawn times are not exposed to Lua Timelimits are standard 10/20 mins. Known issues: Double kill bug still exists. Double flag (!) flag is popping out when people don't die some times, seems releated to double kill bug. Triple jumps are apparently are not working in experimental branch. com_logfilename seems to not be writing everything correctly.
  11. newborn

    Reflex 0.42.0 - Blaze it

    It's just a couple of placed effects. If you go into editor, they're the giant red ! icons
  12. newborn

    Reflex 0.42.0 - Blaze it

    Major features: Vastly improved sky system New official CTF map: Skytemples by PromEUs Fixes/Improvements: Increased sun intensity and updated bloom thresholds Fixed crash bug caused by delaying registration of Lua widgets (was occurring with kovhud + dp2hud) Fixed issue where local angles were sent during map change even though they were supposed to be zerod. SMAA is now correctly performed in gamma space (meaning it actually does something now). Added a bunch of new Ancient Japan themed meshes, all of which can be seen in the new Skytemples map. Made pickup holograms slightly more saturated. Notes for mappers You will want to update your maps with new sky settings. Any liquids in your maps will need their colors updated Any glowing materials you used may need tweaking
  13. Ammo system Added ammo box pickups Boxes generally give half the ammo of a weapon pickup These can be placed by mappers the same as every other kind of pickup. Changed behavior of dropped weapons Players now recieve ammo for the dropped gun Players also recieve 50% of the enemies ammo for all other weapon types Changes + Improvements Improved the performance of SMAA 1x (by about 90%) Improved visuals and performance of HBAO+ (by about 5-10%) Changed how pre-load hashes are calculated, which should fix some issues with some Workshop maps not correctly preloading. Changed version of included MSVCP120.dll Updated the look of the weapon list to make ammo count more obvious. Updated maps Fool's Choice Use and Abuse Fusion Ashur Monolith Ruin Static Discharge The Catalyst Server stuff Removed sv_steamport Steam queries now use the same port as the game (sv_gameport). This should fix issues (that were totally not our fault for once) with connecting via steam:// links
  14. newborn

    0.40.1 Point Release

    Bugs Fixed issue where IC sound would get stuck on after firing Race times now sort correctly in scoreboard Fixed bogus second copy of stats.flagCaptured being sent over the network Made cl_weapon_bob work again Replaced broken delta score in race mode with - Fixed issue with old replays not working due to a change in the .pak format Left handed weapons work again Enemy players stats are now correctly hidden during matches Fixed connecting to a friends game through Steam (again). Improvements Connecting to a passworded server is once again "connect ip:port password" since it's better and changing it didn't fix the Steam stuff anyway. Players can now use % sign in chat Updated "Ruin" and "Static Discharge" maps Scoreboard now says "EFF" (for effectiveness) instead of accuracy. Queued players are now colored by the team they're queued for. Adjusted some of the first person weapon springs to make them less bouncy. Fixed the blue flag base emitting red particles by removing the particles entirely. First person weapon movement should now be properly framerate independent. Added cl_weapon_kickback and cl_weapon_rotation for people who only want to turn off certain parts of the first person weapon movement -- cvar all the things! Players in queue are now sorted by their queue position on scoreboard. Spectators/editors/referees now have their country flags visible (and are sorted by name). Added scrollbar to player list in scoreboard Added skull and crossbones icon (for dead players) You can now click editor and spectator names in the scoreboard (to add them to friends, etc). Players now have Flag Carrier / Powerup Carrier / Mega / Dead icons on scoreboard Added comments to dedicatedserver_default.cfg Server Added MSVCP120.dll to the dedicated server files (so you should no longer need to install it yourself).
  15. newborn

    Reflex 0.40 - Statistically insignificant

    Nothing changed under the hood. It's still just a line from your viewheight to your crosshair. The update was purely visual.