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  1. byce

    prdm1 - Ashur

  2. byce

    0.34.2 - Unmeltable steel beams

    dat plasma look purty
  3. byce

    [dp4] abandoned shelter

    I came, I saw, I came.
  4. byce

    0.34 - Reflex goes Alpha!

    Shit's getting real!
  5. byce

    4:3 Black Bars?

    Change image scaling in your graphics drivers GUI to maintain aspect ratio.
  6. byce

    NA Sanetopia Predictions!

    I predict whoever has the flashiest HUD to lead them to items before they spawn and the highest FOV for maximum rocket smashing will win it all!
  7. byce

    0.33.6 - 29th April, 2015

    no art no care!
  8. byce

    Limiting string lenght

    Try something like.. s = string.sub(name, 1, maxlen)
  9. byce

    upside down spawn?

    This happened to me and I tried to kill people with my backwards IC for way too long.
  10. byce

    New weapon concepts!

    Looks cool! Hard to imagine what they will look like in first person, though. My initial thought is that they might need to be a little bigger (wider) and more ridiculous, but maybe that's just what I like. For example, the plasma canisters look small; I'd like to see them like double the size and pulsing and shit. Looking most forward to LG! I'm glad you moved away from the boring futuristic sci-fi theme. There's already a game like this: Warsow.
  11. I think the game you're looking for is called Quake 2.
  12. byce

    Concept Artist

    We wanna see your work too?!
  13. byce


    You never need to use semicolons to end statements in Lua, but you can use them if you want to put multiple statements on the same line or avoid ambiguous statements.