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  1. StillBlaze

    Default weapon! Discussion

    Im just curious about some opinions after one year almost of Reflex what people think about this still? I only have about 100 hours mostly through the first months so im not qualified to form a final opinion on it. I come to play CTF on Reflex for the first time load into the populated server in Europe, no surprise the map is Spider Crossing everything feels and looks nice and then im reminded of the default weapon and that im meant to actually fire it in some game modes (( Any videos or posts specifically on it and how its used. good bad ect?
  2. StillBlaze

    Individual X/Y mouse sensitivity?

    sounds good, FOV was the same btw But im pretty sure its cause i was "drunk" the game felt far better when i played it today
  3. StillBlaze

    Individual X/Y mouse sensitivity?

    I was going to make my own thread about how after all this time and 100 hours something still feels off even though its silky smooth. Played Wickland, Dirty Bomb and Toxikk lately all Unreal Engine games which feel very bad compared to Quake/ Source engine, Basicly feels like the input is heavy on one side, one which i couldn't quite define until you mentioned X and Y. I mostly notice in close combat and movements, anything where your moving more then 40 degrees or so maybe less if on Y axis. What is this exactly? It pops up in my Quake Live CFG and CSGO! Im just really looking for whatever i can. m_yaw "0.022" m_pitch "0.022" I cant find a raw input command in my CFG? was there one for reflex or was it default. What was this again? Thats all i could find amart from sensitivity cl_input_subframe 1 Anyway if i get some spare time to go on a Reflex and Quake fest this weekend i will make some recordings or give a better example but for now my best analogy is that im the terminator and going around blowing everything up, and theres a dam monkey swinging on the end of my weapon.
  4. StillBlaze

    Add ammo boxes to maps asap! :)

    I like the idea of pushing different aspects of game play to find out the best and or new concepts, much like Wickland has taken similar steps to doing the same.
  5. StillBlaze

    Dedicated Server Hosting

    Do i understand correct that a 2 slot server is 0.40 USD per month? Not surprised, it was said our 8 slot dedicated server took up like not even 1% of the cpu and 20mb of ram lol. I think this is a pretty good option for all, manage your own server and play the way you want to!
  6. StillBlaze

    To stupid to build a map?

    Only you will know if your going the right direction, i spent like 12 hours solid making the lay out for my map only to come to terms that it was not suited for this style of game.
  7. StillBlaze

    Tiered Armor re-balance?

    In many ways i like the tiered armor system, if you cant get a yellow when out of control at all then you are doing it wrong. At the same time i like to read peoples pov's of a more balanced duel, cpma has always been very fast and snowballing to one direction.
  8. StillBlaze

    Mouse Smoothing?

    Its more then likely just your client not liking the build maybe? I had terrible jitter and really bad feeling on my input, Build #28 made it near smooth as Quake is.
  9. StillBlaze

    [Suggestion] Map link(s), for info/training.

    Made this quick visual guide for a friend who has near to no experience in games like this, the idea is that once he knows how to circle jump, strafe jump and turn he is qualified to start teaching himself all the basics to Asendance! Jumps, double jumps, triple jumps! circle jumps and whatever else gets the job done. There is no right or wrong in this game just the optimal and the bootleg versions, some stuff shown is fast and quick and some stuff is shown a little more detail. Most things were pretty straight forward almost as simple as up and down, some things developed over time like the mega turns out to be a straight jump, turn, jump rather then the half a dozen other combos people were trying to get up, and that for starters can open the mind up for other things previously unseen. The timing of jumps is what i would stress the most to beginners, test various times early/late to see different results on most of the jumps. Everything here you should be able to teach yourself as a complete noob expect the stair jump probably. If i thought others would be interested in something like this i would be a lot more time into slowing down the stuff and making it much more clear, as well as adding some voice over or text.
  10. StillBlaze

    Build 28 - Input feedback

    I hesitated till this evening to test build 28, and this an unexpected surprise to see the game went from feeling very jittery to very smooth. I like the new default crosshair, was sad to see the circle with the dot inside but not the circle with the crosshair. Really happy to see i am able to obtain the smooth feeling everyone was talking about. Win 7 64, 4770k, 970
  11. StillBlaze

    Will Someone Explain Triple Jump Mechanics?

    This one is literally is simple as a circle jump up, and click + click then dodge. For the people who struggle, watch Entiks movement video! So if you come down the stairs or go straight forward from red you can hold W + A the whole time without even changing keys. The most important part is to try and make sure your circle jump hits the right angle of the first edge, which is a bit hit and miss when your practicing. Be warned i did it like 50 times out of 100, then failed the next 50 turns flat out, so it can be quite hard.
  12. StillBlaze

    Duel Matchmaking -> FPSports.eu

    Nice website, i had a look around and linked the layout and build. I could not manage though to find anything in any game relation to the system you are trying to build. Maybe i did something wrong.
  13. StillBlaze

    Build #28 - Now with 13% more stuff.

    nice one, glad to see the crosshairs there with the addition of a bunch of features that will make like easier!
  14. StillBlaze

    Similiar Early Access Success Story

    On a Insurgency note, that game is for anyone who wants to play something in between Counter-Strike and Arma, not quite simulation and not quite arcade, great game to relax and kick back on. I think the success has a lot to do with them releasing a game more then ready for release and as mentioned the continued updates including a semi decent "expansion" of sorts that just included a bunch more maps and content. long live #reflex
  15. StillBlaze

    CA (Clan Arena) something new?

    I would like CA how it is, there are more then you would think that play CA only for the ease of fighting and fun movement speeds from no self damage.