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  1. seekax

    What do you want for race mode?

    A load/save checkpoint system for position, angle and velocity. Pretty crucial for routing and optimizing.
  2. I think no matter how transparent the game is it won't take off because it's lacking the social aspect. The only somewhat popular 1v1 games i can think of are fighting games and those can easily be played with two people on one console. Having a friend to play with is what keeps people from quitting when the game gets frustrating. How to fix that i don't know, CTF and TDM could be pushed more but neither of those modes seems particularly good for competition, or at least not as good as duel.
  3. seekax

    1.0.7 launching reflex crashes VLC

    VLC does that with a lot of games. CSGO is another example. Use another video player, VLC is the only one which does that.
  4. seekax

    +attack is on mouse2 now, and I can't get it on mouse1

    Do you use any addons?
  5. seekax

    Why do you play Reflex?

    There are various zoom widgets, have a look around the workshop and the forums. The chatlog you can read in the console (`-key).
  6. seekax

    Is there an exclusive item list?

    You had to launch the game during the week before launch to obtain it.
  7. seekax

    Is there an exclusive item list?

    Hatchet, Machete, Battle Axe, Shortsword, Crowbar, Mjolnir, Cleaver, Pipe, Khopesh. I think that's all supporter items. The only exclusive which currently exists and can't be traded is the Early Access wrench. On Christmas there is a candy cane melee, but that just replaces the default melee for a few days. There are two items which rarely drop and can't be purchased in the store but can be traded, the angry droid head and the tech katana. Finally there is the ArenaFPS hatchet, which was given out as a prize at a tournament. I don't think there are more than 20 of those around.
  8. seekax

    Small suggestions/bugs

    ui_crosshairs_r/g/b No idea why this isn't in the widget options though.
  9. seekax

    Cannot host a game / play with bots

    Your ip variable is set to 123. Type "ip " in the console, that'll fix it.
  10. seekax

    Reflex Arena Launch - Changelog

    CSGO is already 5 years old and it's based on an even older game. The best tip i can give you is lowering the resolution.
  11. seekax

    Reflex Freezes computer

    He's not running an AMD GPU. Can you go back to stock just to verify that it is really not the overclock causing the freeze? The stability of an overclock can decay over time and just because it's stable in one application doesn't mean it's stable in another. I've had overclocks crash after 17 hours of prime95.
  12. seekax

    Reflex Arena Launch - Changelog

    QL is effectively a 17 year old game. You'll have to upgrade, no amount of optimization is going to make Reflex run well on a low-midrange system from almost 10 years ago.
  13. seekax

    Bot Feedback Thread

    The bot can't handle the forcefield on static discharge. It'll just stand there waiting for you to walk through. Also the bot quite often gets stuck in a loop where it'll repeatedly peak the same corner/tele. It also seems to only concentrate on one thing, when it backs away from a fight it'll run past any item, even yellow on aerowalk. /edit With more than one bot on the server the game immediately starts.
  14. seekax

    Founder's Melee Item

    You had to log in before release day to receive it. Sorry bud.
  15. seekax

    Small suggestions/bugs

    You mean skimming? That's intended so you don't lose all speed when you barely hit a corner. Looks a bit weird but improves the flow of the game a lot.