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  1. Tenkai_

    [NA] Reflex Tournament: Sign up now!

    I'll suggest xdm4 because I like it. Also fjorxtourney1 is overlooked for being a pretty good duel map. Also, curious as to where this rule came from Isn't this supposed to be pick pick drop drop <default tiebreaker>? I've never played in a quake cup which did it like this and it seems silly to even pick maps beyond dropping two since you must play the other 3 anyway.
  2. Tenkai_

    rtrip Beta 1 - based on ptrip from Quake 2

    Played this a few days ago, I can't really offer much criticism on the map overall because it was only one duel but I didn't identify any problems with the flow or item placement. The mindgames that were possible with the elongated hallways and RL teleporter were a nice change of pace from some of the other more aggression-oriented maps. I'll need to play a few more duels on it to really assess the layout but on a first pass it's a lot of fun, good job. How closely does the map follow the quake 2 design?
  3. I decided to try out using cl_input_subframe 1 after someone mentioned it would enable 1000hz polling for my mouse, but after turning it on I began to notice a few bugs. When typing anything using the in-game chat the window becomes unable to be closed unless you use the escape button to pull up the main menu. Also, when trying to jump and then shoot a weapon (I use mouse2 to jump) very quickly the shot won't come out and the fire button will continue to think it is being held down so your weapon won't stop firing. This persists across switching to a different weapon and only subsides when you press fire manually. Oddly this doesn't happen when you wait a second or so between the two button presses. With cl_input_subframe 0 all is well. I'm running it on Windows Vista SP2 or whatever the latest version is.
  4. Tenkai_

    Combat Hall [Remix] 1v1 Map

    I played a ton of Hunters when I got my first gen DS (almost exclusively as Trace) so this is a nice blast from the past, great work on it.
  5. Tenkai_

    mazutourney1 - Burnace

    Going to test this out and write up a proper review once I get a few duels in on it, looks really fun from the screenshots and I have faith in the gameplay designs you make for your maps so I'm looking forward to it.
  6. Tenkai_

    Is relfex built on source engine?

    They should've based it on GIMP, contribute to the FOSS movement.
  7. Tenkai_

    Tiered Armor re-balance?

    Have you had items stolen from you in TDM games before? It's not as easy to prevent as you're making it seem.
  8. Tenkai_

    Tiered Armor re-balance?

    I find this alarming because even in a game like QuakeWorld where the movement system is far more restricted and fresh spawners will die three times more quickly than they will in Reflex, having powerups stolen by fresh spawners riding rocket splash or using well-placed jumps isn't an uncommon occurence and happens with RA/Quad in 2v2 all the time. With the much easier/faster movement in Reflex it isn't really hard to imagine a fresh spawner running in at 650+ u/ps and snatching an RA then dying while the rest of his team is now stacked as fuck. I don't nessicarily think this is a bad idea, but giving the team mates who didn't actually pick up the item the full armor buff doesn't even work academically.
  9. Tenkai_

    Trick jump ramps and slides

    I would ballpark the difficulty of this one somewhere around low/mid, the curved plastics allow for sleek and fast jumps but you aren't going to go very vertical with such low-tier inclines. Looking to bump it up once my budget allows it.
  10. Tenkai_

    Tiered Armor re-balance?

    I don't see a problem here, that's the nature of duel. Tiered armor means the opponent with RA can't grab the YA from the out of control player unless they drop below a certain threshold, and by grabbing it instead make themselves weaker. If your opponent is constantly stacked, he's out playing you. I think you're misunderstanding how the reduction works, the armor absorbs either 75%, 50%, or 25% of the damage taken and removes that percentage of your armor rather than health, and the remaining damage you take directly to your HP. This includes when it knocks off all armor, the remaining damage goes to HP. There's a significant difference between 200/100/5 armor and what color they are.
  11. Tenkai_

    Tiered Armor re-balance?

    I'm not sure what to tell you, the only evidence you've provided for why you think it's too strong is anecdotal rather than specific damage ranges that we could calculate like "I shot this guy in the face with 3 rockets while he only had RA and didn't die". Duel is inteaded to be very slanted when you're playing out of control, that's just the nature of the game. One un-contested red armor can be the difference between contesting and stealing mega or giving up 5 frags.
  12. Tenkai_

    Tiered Armor re-balance?

    Generally the armor reductions are 75% RA, 50% YA, and 25% GA. They've been like that forever, so I'm not sure what you're expecting in terms of a rebalance for duel without shifting the balance significantly. Being in-control provides you with a lot of leeway but the difference isn't much more than an additional shot between RA and YA. Keep in mind that with bare bones netcode and no lag compensation it's significantly harder to hit shots and deal damage.
  13. Tenkai_

    Tiered Armor re-balance?

    Nerfing the armor is the wrong way to go about it, instead, buff the damage on weapons.
  14. Tenkai_

    Change Teleporters to Portals Idea

    Games have been able to do this for awhile, as Stormkeep from Nexuiz (and dueled on a lot in Xonotic) features a two-way portal that you can see straight through, and this is running on Darkplaces. Look up any gameplay video of it on Youtube to see how it plays out, but adding them in as an additional teleporter option would be cool but don't outright replace all of the teleporters with them.