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  1. iridescentFUZZ

    0.35.0 - Polyamorous

    That's great to hear. I will say that personally, I've gotten slightly more used to the outlines, but I think I'd appreciate if they were brighter and more saturated.
  2. iridescentFUZZ

    0.35.0 - Polyamorous

    Man, I just played against some TF2 friends, and even at 90-100 ping it was absolutely brilliant. As far as actual physics and netcode goes, playing is incredibly fun. I don't know if anyone else has brought this up, but one of the bigger issues at the moment(echoed by my friends) is that the sound opponents make when they take damage is very annoying. Also, a lot of the sound effects seem to blur together. There were a few complaints about visibility due to lack of brightskins
  3. iridescentFUZZ

    [wontfix] Enemy visibility vs your visibility

    Doesn't this happen in pretty much every FPS? I used to frequently have a problem with getting hit in Quake by people on a lower part of the map, despite them not being visible to me; eventually I just learned to peek faster, and be more judicious of peeking when I knew there was someone below.
  4. iridescentFUZZ

    0.30.x - New! Improved! Netcode!

    That's great news, thanks.
  5. iridescentFUZZ

    Thoughts about Reflex

    If brightskins are not going to be a thing because custom playermodels will be a source of revenue, I think that at least control of map texture detail should be in the player's hands. I'm perfectly fine with opponents running around in sparking pink fezzes, gold teeth and feather boas*, but at least let me control how detailed the map textures look so everything doesn't blur together in an unholy mess of visual noise. *Exaggerated for comedic effect
  6. iridescentFUZZ

    0.30.x - New! Improved! Netcode!

    Sorry if this has been asked/answered before, but does the current netcode make it more playable if you have somewhere in the range of 70-90ms to server?
  7. iridescentFUZZ

    HAL 9000 can finally play Reflex

    Wow, this should be fun to watch. Now if only twitch wasn't complete AIDS with my internet connection.
  8. iridescentFUZZ

    Fuse Modeling Program 1 Day Steam Sale

    I think that has more to do with Blender having an unconventional interface and stuff, when compared with a traditional 3D software. Sort of similar to how Zbrush was received when it was released; I remember how many of the traditional Maya/Max users were put off by the interface and tools.
  9. iridescentFUZZ

    Fuse Modeling Program 1 Day Steam Sale

    I'm pretty sure Blender is your best bet, since it's free.
  10. iridescentFUZZ

    Fuse Modeling Program 1 Day Steam Sale

    I imagine it would have export features for OBJ, FBX and other model formats; not sure if Reflex can work with stuff like that. It's not exactly a particularly useful or relevant modeling application for Reflex though. Hell, even if you were to use a character created in Fuse as a base, it would be incredibly convoluted, and you'd be better off starting from a concept sketch anyway.
  11. iridescentFUZZ

    Tele-Triple jump possible?

    Sounds like an interesting thing if it were to work, but also seems a bit excessive in terms of fiddlyness to me.
  12. iridescentFUZZ

    Fall Damage

    I agree.
  13. iridescentFUZZ

    Perflexia - defrag map

    That was disgustingly good. You just made me want to revisit this map.
  14. iridescentFUZZ


    Thanks, will do it that way then.
  15. iridescentFUZZ


    This is some great news. For some reason I can't seem to buy a 4-pack on steam though