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  1. snow

    [0.48.2] Extremely low framerate

    fixed by closing discord
  2. snow

    [0.48.2] Extremely low framerate

    i5 6500 4x4GB 3200MHz RAM GTX1060 3GB r_profiler shows the CPU red bar all the way across the screen. Every second or so (not consistent) it spikes down and the framerate maxes for a split second. CPU usage of reflex.exe is around 8%, nothing else running, no performance issues in other games. GPU is being found and used as shown in console, in dx11. Tried all graphics options on and off, reinstalled the game, deleted configs, verified game cache. Core affinity is on all 4 cores, tried changing priority. Still only getting 20fps.
  3. snow

    OMG! GAm3r GIrLzZzZz!~ <-- Joke

    games like this are extremely underpopulated by females because gaming communities are usually pretty horribly sexist, and yes, it sucks i don't think this relates at all to the skill discussion though, this game does have an extremely steep learning curve (the same as the games it is based on) and will do until tutorials and matchmaking are introduced
  4. snow

    Rocket needs nerf and shotgun buff.

    gr8 b8
  5. how is fair? pls no remove timerinos. My enemy buy Item Timing Pillow and cheat
  6. snow

    Seconds on the clock

    You'd rather resort to cheating in a no-timers game than just playing unlocked?
  7. snow

    Seconds on the clock

    Seconds or no seconds both reward a different type of skill (as Pill said). I find that rewarding mental maths is not interesting within a fast FPS game. Having seconds puts the actual fighting in too much of a secondary role within the game. In other words, it's much easier to beat someone who has better DM skill than you when you can know the second each pickup will spawn. Having no seconds on the clock encourages practicing more to learn the timings on an instinctual level. It is still very possible to beat someone who has better aim/DM, but it takes a more proportional amount of game knowledge to do so. Making the actual shooting part the part which translates the most efficiently into winning games makes the game much more enjoyable, and much more rewarding to practice. Just my opinion.
  8. snow

    Sensitivities and Play-Style

    34.7cm. i like 2 fly around
  9. snow

    Reflex could have been...

    reflex could have been... (let's be thankful)
  10. snow

    Will the item timers stay?

    i like the idea of no timers. as long as there's no clock. if we're going clock only then i'm not interested whatsoever
  11. snow


    yes wallclipping will be added
  12. snow

    Poll about Mouse Input

    have you tested for negative accel? have you tried rinput.exe?
  13. that isn't confusing at all blue = don't shoot red = shoot i don't know why you're upset about the outline colours being different to the player colours because i can't even SEE the player colours past the outlines
  14. snow

    [Feature Request] Snow.

    Exactly. Check your warm privilege, people
  15. snow

    Build 28 - Input feedback

    Feels worse than before in windowed, but feels better than before in fullscreen. Commented on the input to someone in a server last night on test build, so no placebo edit: should note this is on constant 240+ fps