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    CA_Vil1Overkill ATDM map

    Shouldn't let players out of the map. Other than that I really like it. Can we get this uploaded to some US servers please?
  2. ZenManifold


    New race map, rockets this time. http://reflexfiles.com/file/291 glhf
  3. ZenManifold


    New race map. Starts easy, gets hard. Very simple design. http://reflexfiles.com/file/280
  4. ZenManifold


    Excellent. I hadn't been able to slow down enough to not hit my head from the jump pad in my testing; nor had I seen anyone else do it. Did you just hold back? no jump? The middle path is still the fastest as was intended (phew).
  5. ZenManifold


    new race map! reflexfiles page: http://reflexfiles.com/file/272 screenshots on reflexfiles page.
  6. ZenManifold


    RACE! Hopefully this will work well for players of all skills. Here ya go: http://reflexfiles.com/file/265 Screen shots on the reflexfiles page.
  7. ZenManifold


    We really need player velocity exposed. Having the vertical component of our velocity included in the given speed makes this speedometer mostly useless in its current form. Glad to see this done so quickly though-- I had thought to do it myself, but I didn't get a chance before this was posted
  8. ZenManifold

    Welcome to our new UI subforum.

  9. ZenManifold

    mcedm1 - Relativity

    Prey multiplayer was a really great idea; I was super disappointed that the gameplay wasn't more polished (and that the game is completely dead). Having seamless portals as well as variable gravity allowed mappers to come up with some really awesome stuff. For instance: a room where one door leads to a hallway the other end of which is connected back to the original room-- but on the ceiling; all without any noticeable turning. I've always felt that rather than being a novelty, this sort of mechanic is the natural next step in the development of quake-like games. It allows for more interesting geometries and, as a result, more interesting metagame. Somehow I doubt that this kind of mechanic will be supported in reflex, but if it were, I would be ecstatic. In any case, I heartily recommend trying prey if you haven't already. The whole game is pretty damned trippy.
  10. ZenManifold

    [WIP]Zen1 - defrag

    Potato Quality room 5 solution: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uztX2kGLKZA I may have moved the end platform back in this room; I don't remember. Its still possible to overshoot though.
  11. ZenManifold

    [WIP]Zen1 - defrag

    Updated: small fixes, new room.
  12. ZenManifold

    [dp5] furnace

    Eugh, you posted that terrible match. 糟糕! Oh well, map is fun as hell. Definitely my favorite of yours so far.
  13. I support these ideas- Affa and atdm most of all. These would be really good changes in my opinion. I think Eldrek is on the right path with his suggestion. People are bound to play the wrong map with the game mode they're in-- I'm not in favor of changing game modes to fix this. Allowing mappers to have greater control over their creations with respect to different game modes, however, seems great.
  14. ZenManifold


    The cpm3 tele to YA needs to be trimmed down so that you actually have to do the tele jump. As it is you can just do it as a circle jump after you go through.
  15. ZenManifold


    No big deal but you left a hole in the ceiling in the first room... Also, you should add the jump from the tele to the YA in cpm3. Glad this sort of thing exists- keep it up.