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  1. danskq

    [1v1] Fata Morgana

    Needs bolt.
  2. danskq

    Alternative statistics view

    What tournaments xD We seem to only have 1-map tournaments recently
  3. nobody on eu pings well on poland.
  4. danskq

    Current active 1v1 maps

    Catalyst (thct7) Pocket infinity (thct2) Furnace (dp5) Simplicity (thcdm13) Static discharge, Ruin..... And sadly, aerowalk atm in pool.
  5. danskq

    2017-3-11 | EU DUBS CUP

    What ?
  6. danskq

    Reflex League - Beta Season

    Your replay is propably in wrong directory. That "Replay old version...." message is about the background "demo" you see in menu. Atleast i see that message everytime i launch reflex.
  7. danskq

    What's your playstyle?

  8. danskq

    Another new-maps-cup, more than 1 map

    definately we need blue catalyst on new map cup. I tried it once and its pretty good
  9. danskq

    [Movie] DANSKYTO

  10. I noticed when i have this widget enabled, i get huge freezes occasionally when i frag someone or pickup an item.
  11. danskq

    Reflex 1v1 TurboCup #1 Friday 5th August @ 1900CEST

    A T W O R K T W O R K This muct be somekind of conspiracy.
  12. danskq

    2016-8-27 | ArenaFPS 2v2 TDM Cup

    Well, Graveyard is imo very good for 2v2