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  1. metrical

    Post your contact info, find duel buddies.

    back at it. don't wanna be rusty anymore http://steamcommunity.com/id/ctfu Discord: fay#6736 Location: Texas Skill Level: rusted, low atm. Availability: whenever, if I'm not working on music. message and ask for a game. see you in game, everyone!
  2. metrical

    thctourney2 (thct2) - Pocket Infinity

    I'm just gonna commend you on your mapping skills, you're the first I've seen to be this productive in such a short amount of time. Keep it up!
  3. metrical

    My feedback, criticisms on being a robot.

    found it nvm
  4. metrical

    My feedback, criticisms on being a robot.

    give keyboard nowneed link
  5. metrical

    Players stat tracking?

    This is wonderful! I'm wondering how well this can go and what you can do to help more. I'd think it would be cool if you did something like this in my opinion, good luck!
  6. metrical

    Stake gun hits more than one time.

    Was just playing ATDM and someone shot me with a stake and I died instantly. I had 100hp/150red and I immediately questioned it and apparently the Stake did 80x4 or 320. "The hitbox is weird, it registers the hit more than once" was a quote from the person who shot me. Everyone was trying to shoot stakes afterwards so I left. Build 0.30.4
  7. metrical

    NA 2v2 TDM league?

    I don't, sadly. I'm running a laptop that would be unable to record and you wouldn't wanna see my tiny resolution Maybe after a while someone would start uploading some 2v2 frags EDIT: Just saw Fastidious' post, gonna check that replay out
  8. metrical

    NA Mumble server for community

    I approve of this, the one I setup was slow because of the host and I can provide channel images and such.
  9. metrical

    NA 2v2 TDM league?

    As a graphic designer, I could help with thumbnails for each link and such, and probably a basic web concept to follow.
  10. metrical

    NA 2v2 TDM league?

    Definitely not, Fastidious and I have began to become some sort of TDM partners and we've been doing a lot of 2v2 PUGs on my Mumble server as well as with random people who join, and the maps actually do play pretty well. We played DP4 quite a bit before, and tried THCDM13 last night, went very well along with BREIZDM4, which didn't necessarily play well due to RA's location making the game slow down for at least 35 seconds or more because you'd slip up with the tele/stair jump and the quickest way we could think of doing it to get there and move on would be an RJ. TL;DR No, these maps played pretty well in 2v2.
  11. metrical

    Burstgun nerf was necessary or not?

    CS isn't Quake Quake isn't CS *Explosions*
  12. As a new player, I'd love to say I did a lot of this map pretty well and I'm very happy with it, I even finished it after a bit. Quite the map (:
  13. Last it happened they didn't time out, they disconnected I believe. CONN was holding up a duel queue while he was on another server dueling, and he left right as he finished his duel.
  14. So I've noticed this a few times in the past few days but didn't think much of it, but they hog the queue if they aren't set to spectate preemptively. I'm sure there's a fix for it. Excuse the tiny resolution, I'm on a laptop with poor graphics. If you're wondering who it is for some reason, it's Aliasedfrog who's stuck at "connecting", although I'm sure he was dueling at the time.