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    [0.38.2] game crashing on startup

    Just to help the devs help you, can you send another error report and enter in the URL to this game crash in the text field?
  2. KovaaK

    How do you bunny hop up stairs?

    Part of it is timing the jump right, but another part is using the air control methods to land where you want to (close to the stairs, but not at the very start of it so it would be require two clicks faster than you can manage). For example, if you are going fast enough that you will land too close for your preference, swing wider with your movement so you land a little further back.
  3. KovaaK

    Dedicated Server Hosting

    Awesome. Any chance you can give us a list of the Reflex servers that Swiftnode is running? More server admins need to be aware of this (a lack of readily available replays kind of harms some things the community could be doing).
  4. KovaaK

    Redesign proposal of burst gun

    I wrote https://www.reddit.com/r/reflex/comments/1st4cf/on_the_topic_of_weaponarmor_balance_and_tdm/ about two years ago, and I still stand by the argument I wrote at the time. A weak starting weapon is critical to making team deathmatch a deeper game mode than free for all. I know reflex doesn't have a serious tdm community, but if Matchmaking is planned for tdm (and causes it to pick up in popularity), it would be a bad thing, in my opinion, to make the starting weapon too strong.
  5. "Reflex" is the folder that was made before they found out there was another Steam game with the same name and installation folder. You can delete that and it should be fine.
  6. KovaaK

    ATDM Team choice

    Possibly related - if you are on team Zeta and change your cl_playercolor1 or cl_playercolor2 (your shoulder colors and such), it kills you and stuffs you back on team Alpha. Doesn't matter if you use the console or just click the colors in your profile, does the same thing.
  7. Gameplay has seen some minor tweaks since the ground accel change (happened in like February maybe?). In the first few months of 2015, I remember: IC was nerfed pretty hard after the netcode patch The new knockback system was implemented (separate multipliers for knockback depending on if the target is airborne or not and what weapon hit him) Rocket splash radius was seriously nerfed Shotgun damage/spread was tweaked over a number of patches Stake Gun was removed Timers were added (lockhud will be implemented at some point for competition, but I believe it's a low priority compared in development) When some people raged about timers, I think the game's design goals shifted immensely. They have been focusing on the technical side of things they will need and less with the gameplay tweaks so as to not enrage vocal individuals. The only gameplay changes post timer drama that I recall are a slight rebuff to the IC and the movement tweaks of the CTF patch (which also saw a profoundly large amount of community whining in the first day, but dropped off immensely before they half-reverted the movement change anyway). Still, newborn has consistently expressed his discontent with the current balance of the game. I think it's safe to say that he has a lot of things in mind to change regarding gameplay, but I have no idea when those will come. On the note of changes I'd like to see, I wish that instead of an idle hum/buzz from Bolt Rifle, it projected a permanent 3d laser pointer from the player model to where he's aiming in the color of the team (force enemy to white, see white lasers to avoid). My thought on this is that it's annoying/poor gameplay when you walk around a corner and get hit by someone who was pre-aiming the bolt. In many cases you couldn't have known if he was lining the shot up, so you get punished for no particularly good reason. Compare that with rocket/grenade spam where you can hear the shots being fired - if you eat that damage, it's your own fault and you have something to improve upon. So if the laser pointer was implemented, people would either be pre-aiming with a different weapon and have to switch to hit the bolt (requires more skill), or they'd have to be aiming so that the laser isn't visible and then flick to their target (also requires more skill). Actual fights involving the bolt rifle wouldn't be negatively impacted - the laser pointer could even be designed to be hidden if you're reloading from a shot. Thoughts on that?
  8. Minor correction: Shotgun isn't designed to be a low tier weapon in Reflex, it's meant to compete with Ion Cannon (unless newborn changed his mind since the last time I read about his goals). Also, calm down on the name calling and useless bullshit like that. Whatever point you might have is going to be ignored because you're being a dick.
  9. KovaaK

    Zoom Script

    Ah, that's correct. It all happens each press.
  10. I was messing with grass and someone brought up the fact that every piece of grass having the same size and rotation looked unnatural. So, I decided to whip up a script that allows you to copy data from a .map file (the entities you want to randomize) and apply a minimum and maximum range for each x/y/z rotation and scale. It looks like this: All you do is open your .map in notepad (make a backup first), then copy the part you want to randomize, set your ranges, click randomize, and paste the output back into notepad over the stuff you copied. After that, save the map and go check it out in Reflex. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/4369386/ReflexRandomizeEffects.zip Source is included.
  11. KovaaK

    Zoom Script

    You can use a semicolon to make multiple commands on one key. Bind 1 weapon 1;say run away!
  12. I know Shpuld wrote a script that can re-scale maps. I believe that tehace said he always makes his maps about 1/4th size then uses that script to scale it up to normal after he's got the base design made. Well, my understanding of the .map format is probably a limiting factor right now. Another is that it's hard to determine what parts of the map you will want to edit by just looking at the .map file itself. Perhaps this stuff could be done in LUA as well, which would be very cool. Breaking blocks up would be doable - are you talking about like an automated brick making type of thing? The way I have the script working is that it looks for any "entity" and searches for lines following it that either are the rotation or scale. If it finds another entity (or brush) before it encounters a rotation or scale, it adds a line for whatever was missing (if you left scale at 1, reflex doesn't save that info in the .map since it's the default; same deal with default rotation). Now that I look closer at the .map format, it kind of has the potential to break if, say, you had an entity that didn't have one of those and then the next line after the entity was a prefab or global. My parsing is just really sloppy. It is a major hack that I whipped up from scratch in about 90 minutes, 60 of which is getting the GUI together :P. If I get a chance, I'll make it better. and add some random color options for brushes. That said, if you put the contents of a single prefab (the definition of the prefab, not an instance of it being used) that includes entities, it would randomize those entities within (although each prefab you place would end up looking the same). Or if you used instances of a prefab (not the definition) as an input to the script, it would rotate and scale each of those randomly.
  13. KovaaK

    Game won't run on fullscreen

    Any chance you looked into http://www.reflexfps.net/forums/index.php?/topic/3049-wont-go-fullscreen-when-teamviewer-is-running/#comment-23379 or http://www.reflexfps.net/forums/index.php?/topic/2892-0363-unable-to-play-in-fullscreen/#comment-21541?
  14. Pfft. http://imgur.com/a/IW4jV
  15. Hey dudes, I basically ported my "configuration wizard" output of the new povohat driver to Reflex and came up with: http://mouseaccel.blogspot.com/2015/12/reflex-mouse-accel-configuration-wizard.html. I would love to get feedback on how it feels for newcomers to mouse acceleration. <3
  16. KovaaK

    Zoom Script

    I'm 99% sure that zoom is on their list to add, but it hasn't made it in game yet. FYI, seems the latest version doesn't hide the scoreboard when zooming in anymore.
  17. For this phase, we've got 2-3 dozen games we need to record with non-specific gameplay, but specific player names/teams/maps. I mean it will be team X versus team Y with the correct player names on a specific map. As far as what actually happens in the game (which team wins, who frags who, who captures flags), it doesn't matter. Almost anything could happen in the replay, and that's fine. The only requirement is that the players have stable enough connections that they aren't jerkily moving everywhere on the replay (most of the games in the movie will be on LAN, so it wouldn't make sense to have connection issues). For example, I'm going to need a replay file of Exalted (players named Skytoon, jliu, BattleSnacks, and dream) versus Om3n (players named Pulse, eGo, TANK, and cranKEd, along with the correct cl_playercolor1/2 set) on CTF-monolith. Something 10 minutes or so would be cool. I don't care if it's really Skytoon playing as Skytoon - I just need someone named Skytoon playing in that matchup, and ditto for every other player listed. Q: Why do you want this stuff? A: These replays will be used on the set when the actors are sitting at computers mimicing playing the game. So our actor for Pulse will have a video file up with Pulse's POV of a match, and he'll be using an unplugged mouse/keyboard to make it look like he's the one playing. The camera will in most cases be far enough away from the monitor that specific footage won't matter as far as the plot goes. Q: How are you going to coordinate this stuff? A: The official Reflex Discord. I made a channel for movie stuff here, and any time we have 8 people willing to play 10 minute matches on a server where we can obtain replay files, I'd like to get going (edit: most of the important CTF games are played, just going to see if we need to re-record anything). If you're reading this, and the top of this post doesn't hasn't been edited to say we're done, then we have matches that still need replays recorded. Q: But isn't the movie supposed to have specific things happen? A: Yes. That's a later phase. I'm looking forward to that - we have around 100 specific choreographed scenes of awesome stuff happening that we're going to need recorded, and it should be a blast. But we're not at that point yet.
  18. KovaaK

    Can't buy 4 pack to gift to friends

    Correct, this is definitely a Steam issue. If you already own a game, you can't purchase any "2-pack" or "4-pack" of it.
  19. My favorite flag grab of the night - http://gfycat.com/ClumsyAptGoitered :D.
  20. KovaaK

    new mouse settings 0.38

    Followup - got around to making the post for a starting guide to configuring the new mouse settings.
  21. KovaaK

    Antivirus software preventing me from playing

    What antivirus software is it? You can report false positives to the companies, and usually you can whitelist reflex.exe so it ignores it.
  22. Holy crap we played a ton of matches. Officially we hit every CTF match that needed to be played (aside from footage that will be on various LAN screens and such). Still going to do a few specific scenes and some 1on1s, but that was good to knock out. Much <3 to the Reflex community for the support with this :D.
  23. Played some games today, still plenty more to go. Will see if enough players are around in a few hours to get some more games recorded, and probably going to try some more tomorrow too. Thanks to everyone who has helped so far!
  24. KovaaK

    Tool for configuring mouse accel

    It is personal preference, but I think you'll start seeing more people using it now that it has in-game options for it. Quake3/QuakeLive has had good mouse acceleration options for an extremely long time, and more than half of the top players use it. It simply gives you more flexibility since your aim can be top tier at any range. For example, it takes me 20 inches to do a 360 when going really slowly (which is good for medium to long range tracking), but I can also do a 180 degree flick in 5 inches of mousepad for rocketjumps or reacting to surprises. I don't think windows sensitivity would need to be tweaked (due to Reflex using raw input), but I could be wrong. Pretty sure you'll want to turn "Enhance Pointer Precision" off though.
  25. KovaaK

    new mouse settings 0.38

    I wrote a blog post about the acceleration driver that lists all of the variables here. Reflex mouse accel uses the exact same math as the driver, so it will be accurate. Be aware that sensitivity cap is relative to your sensitivity variable (if you have reflex sensitivity at 5, sensitivity cap 10 would mean the acceleration can at most double your effective sensitivity; I tell people to keep the driver sensitivity variable at 1). I believe the definitions for offset, power, and post-scales are all correct. When I get a chance, I want to make a post explaining how best to configure the reflex settings...