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  1. Custom Ruleset Duel Tournament [AU]

    Time to get 2nd place again
  2. Reflex Movie: Wavey

    Better than my previous movie making effort but still could've done various things better (going to save the effort for another movie down the line) aswell as Reflex demo playbacks missing some conveniances such as audio capture so I ended up using shadowplay hence why It's a bit more lossy looking. All clips are from Australian and New Zealand players from around June to October 2016 If I recall correctly. "Wavey" comes from ztk's excessive use of the word aswell It being the first thing he said to me once I told him I was making a movie. Lastly for those wondering where I am lately Im on hiatus and only popping In on Oceanic AFPS weekly events If Im up for It. I will return after some more Reflex updates and to check out Diabotical once It's available. Discord Community Reflex Australia - https://discord.gg/0bCvS7Ldv1UiF983 Oceanic AFPS - https://discord.gg/DNfG3zy Discord Reflex Global - https://discord.gg/VAtHf2N Official Site - https://www.reflexarena.com/ Starring: Profanum, Tidy Yak, Dorinos, apa3, Dacra, Ultra, Matt, Slit Wrists Music Mastodon - Curl of the Burl Opeth - Reverie/Harlequin Forest
  3. Playing a proper TDM/CTF where I can drop a damn weapon and flag.
  4. Reflex Jump Demonstrations

    yeah its a pain in the arse to get though, those little triangle bits are very unreliable and weird to hit
  5. Reflex Jump Demonstrations

    Decided to put together a little series (WIP) that just demonstrates all the useful jumps and some of the more tricky ones in the usual map choices. The aim is just to show newer players with keypresses how to do the Aero RA jump for example more or less exactly so we aren't continously showing people ingame. I would advise showing newer players entiks movement overview beforehand as he describes the techniques used while my clips will just show them in action. EDIT: Only picking active maps for the most part so unless theres enough demand i can do some more obscure maps too.
  6. Ion Canon needs a buff, seriously...

    I find myself relying on shaft more than rockets as it is darn easy to have barely missed the enemy model (especially in midair instances) and quite often on the endgame scoreboard my rockets, ion and bolt are all at a fairly similar damage count. Although my rockets arent really that great in recent days it still seems easy to have it top my damage on the board even though I tend to focus ion a lot more, definately does seem skewed towards rockets to some extent? And im yet to even try the current experimental changes which seem to gimp ion more i hear. My RL tends to sit around 20% but mostly less, Ion about 30-40% and bolt easily 50%+ (with 10 or more hits) but yeah RL still tops the damage in most cases even though i feel i didn't do all that great with them.
  7. Global vs Non-Global Sounds

    I think the problem everyone is having here is that they got used to global sounds in a game in an alpha stage where it was most likely never going to stay that way. We all survived in just about every other AFPS game without global sounds (some games more than others ofcourse) and we were simply used to it hence 0 problems in that area. I personally think its rediculous to broadcast all that information AS freely without having to imagine even in the most basic ways where the enemy could be and when approximately a major item was picked up. We all worked it out once upon a time and I fear we are getting lazy >:[ Another point being raised here is yes the maps can be a contributing factor due to its size, shape etc list goes on and I've always stated since my CPMA days that a game of this nature needs more maps like cpm15 for example, something not huge but more than just a balls to the wall approach. Final note JUST PLEASE REMEMBER its an early access title shit will change and you will have to readjust. I dont like having to do it in an AFPS but really you've all bought yourselves into it.
  8. gt1 - Quickfire (Low Frequency Remix)

    ahahaha cheers for that
  9. My overview forgot to mention there was a shit ton half 1 and 2 deathmatch in my early days :D. Looking forward to actually playing this time >:[
  10. Perhaps keep all the weapons as they are but small changes to the rocket and knockback such as it being a tad bigger as a physical object and more consistent with the knocking players around and as that happens i'll think everyone will find the other weapons will slot into place much better definately addressing the apparent reliability of ion. Ammo wise small adjustments wont hurt but we shouldn't be getting too excited there as it will also depend on the maps layout/placement. Plasma will always be tricky with the diffuculty of use vs reward factor but god damn do i enjoy the movement options it gives :D!
  11. I always suggested the 1500ms reload time for the rail gun in cpma over 1250ms and i personally feel thats really made a big difference here in Reflex, another was ALWAYS suggesting less ammo (in relation to the management side) on rail pickups so im very happy to see that being expressed here as well. Plasma needs a higher dps than ion being projectile of course and nerfing it further seems silly to me and for all that is holy the rockets aren't feeling that all great for a number of reasons...
  12. More core stuff for team games would be brilliant as early as can be like team overlay (probably some community widget in the works) name over heads (widget again) chat tokens like cpma had and a darn drop weapon bind :D! But yeah where do you start theres always gonna be something else to work on /=
  13. A good idea/feedback is no random spawns of any pickup is far more preferable
  14. Randomly spawning power up in a duel just seems absolutely awful
  15. Reflex 0.37.0 - Mostly eggplant

    A lot of the people that i have noticed in game liking the new jumps don't even really know what they are on about or had even noticed initially until it was mentioned. Not particularly enjoying getting bounced like you would in quakeworld (some instances are very quakeworldy) only to float around as if it were the low grav servers in half life 2 dm. I had right good chuckle when i saw triples at rail on dp4 have you hit the roof.