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  1. psy

    some WILD ideas.

    Timer randomization - I don't like this idea, but I see where you're coming from. All I will say is that I think this would work only with the timer hidden. Frag dependent timer - I like this idea a lot, would love to see it tested out. Aside from the obvious comeback encouragement, I feel like it would force the winning player to be a bit more thoughtful. They'll be forced to decide between racking up kills for security and control, or being more conservative so that they can win the game quicker. I think this would be especially prominent on maps like Aerowalk where momentum is everything. Smoke ring plasma - The idea is interesting enough that I would love to see it implemented just for the fun of it. I can't comment on if I think this would be a good addition or not, but I really miss the plain old plasma and want that back more than anything (´Д`)
  2. psy

    Seconds on the clock

    I know it's not a huge deal either way, but I don't see the point in removing a feature that is so easy to replicate in so many ways. You never know who is gonna have an overlay clock, or set an alarm on their computer to beep every minute, or have their phone on their desk with a timer on it, or listen to a 10 minute long song that they know well, so I don't see the point in creating that ambiguity. It would be like removing crosshairs; you never know who will use a drywipe marker or a sticky note to make a 'hardware crosshair', so you may as well just put them on and cut the bullshit.
  3. psy

    Sensitivities and Play-Style

    450dpi and 7 ingame, so i guess about 20" or 50cm per 360. A bit on the low side, mostly from playing CS. It doesn't cause any problems aside from with 180 stairjumps (red on cpm22 for example), but that's mostly a matter of muscle memory I guess. I've been considering maybe heightening it, but I'm gonna give it a little while to see if I get more consistent with big strafes first. Oh, and in terms of playstyle, I have shit movement and no brain, and if I ever get any work done it's basically with rails or grenades.
  4. psy

    One flag CTF

    Just throwing in a stolen idea from elsewhere that I really like. There's a game called NeoTokyo with an interesting flag mechanic. -It has a beacon / marker on it at all times so that everyone knows exactly where it is. The beacon will indicate if it's dropped, or if it's held, and if it's an enemy or a teammate holding it. -While holding it, you basically get a primitive wallhack that lets you see the locations of enemies within a certain distance (like 30m in this game's context I think). Only the carrier can see this, so they must relay the information to teammates accordingly. -The flag takes up the primary weapon slot, and must be actively equipped for the wallhacks to work. You can switch to your secondary etc but you won't have the advantage of the wallhack. -The flag is captured by taking it to the enemy team's spawn. Would be interesting to see how something like this may work out in an arena shooter like Reflex as opposed to NT which has no respawns, slower movement and a much shorter TTK.
  5. psy

    [feature request] ground boost

    I'm a n00b that has never seen this before, but it looks cool. The more flair and creativity allowed with movement, the better, if you ask me. Also, what's up with the bar in the middle of the HUD in that video?
  6. psy

    Will the item timers stay?

    Still waiting for someone to actually defend this claim instead of just regurgitating empty and repeatedly refuted arguments. +1 to splitting things being bad, the last thing we need is people isolating themselves because they only play the mode that makes them comfortable. Arena mode does this enough by itself, but at least it's an entirely different game mode.
  7. psy

    Will the item timers stay?

    This can happen with timers on too, the out-of-control player pushes the in-control player in such a way that they lose the item they are in control of. If you are losing the time of an item you are in control of because someone pushed you a bit too hard then you are just very bad at keeping track of things. But even with timers on, the out-of-control player is still going to be trying to hide and scavenge items and the in-control player is still going to be trying to use their superiority to their advantage. Seeing that red up when you know the other player is in control of it makes you decide if you want to go for it now or just play it slow and safe scavenging a stack. The vague "I'm not sure if I timed this right" and "I hope this guy doesn't still have a perfect time" battles are replaced with "I know that item is there, he knows I know, but how can I grab it and escape with it?" or "that item he's controlling is up in 10 seconds, I wonder if I can pull off the perfect swipe and grab it the exact second it comes up without stopping to get punished". Likewise for the in control player, they have to consider these possibilities and decide how they are going to act. In regards to them giving away player positions, bear in mind that this works both ways. Both players will be trying to use that info, and will be aware of the info they are giving. I think this works well with the typical one running and one chasing dynamic, instead of just delaying pickups in vague hopes of throwing timings off, people delay pickups in hopes that the opponent picks something up first. People may even leave items alone entirely to try and go for a sneak attack. This creates a new dimension of risk / reward. Dynamics are gained in exchange for the ones that are lost, and I think the new ones are more interesting. The old dynamics were more based around HOPING stuff works, and HOPING your opponent messes up. The new ones give more power to actually MAKE it happen.
  8. psy

    Will the item timers stay?

    It would be objectively harder to play if you had to count the round time / your ammo / health / armor in your head. It would be objectively harder to play if you had to enter a complex and unintuitive button combination to fire a shot or perform a circlejump. You are confusing arbitrary difficulty with depth. Maybe you'll enjoy fighting games more. Knowing when an enemy picked an item up is the only valid argument I have seen against this so far because it actually addresses the skill ceiling for once and not just a bunch of bullshit about making the game 'harder'. The thing is, I really don't see how it is a big deal at all. If both players actually know what they're doing, there isn't going to be much ambiguity over what items have been taken or which player controls what anyway. How many mid-high level games have been decided because one player wasn't sure if the opponent would be taking an item they are in control of? It's generally pretty obvious who has control of what and when they'd be going for it unless the game is a mess and neither player knows what they are doing.
  9. psy

    Will the item timers stay?

    I've yet to see a valid argument against them, it always ranges from "Quake never had this" to some vague and unsubstantiated use of the words 'depth' and 'skill'. Mentally timing items isn't very hard when you're used to it, it's just an arbitrary skill that serves as an entry barrier. The reason Quake-like games are so great is that the barrier of entry is very low, despite the fact that the skill ceiling and freedom of execution are unparalleled. What's wrong with making it even lower and freeing all players up more to focus purely on the battle itself? To me, it's a step up from the inherent problem fighting games always had and that make things like MOBAs and card games totally suck; the arbitrary barrier of entry. Having to learn and master unintuitive things like complex combo and move inputs, and in the case of MOBAs and card games hundreds of matchups, skill builds, decks and item builds is what gives these games more depth through complexity and less depth through elegance. We have enough popular games that get by just by taking hundreds of hours to even acquire the tools needed to properly play, I welcome an active step away from that no matter how small it is. This game should strive to be an evolution toward an ideal. TL;DR: Learning item timers and being able to count doesn't have a skill ceiling and contributes nothing, give me a proper opposing argument.
  10. psy

    Poll about Mouse Input

    Isn't rinput.exe only for the Source engine?
  11. psy

    Could Stakegun become a real thing?

    What if the stake gun had a shot charging mechanic, allowing a skilled user to essentially airshot themselves and propel themselves through the air? Similar to TF2 airpogoing:
  12. psy

    Poll about Mouse Input

    I've been kicking the shit out of myself whenever I play for constantly missing obvious (for me) shots. I chalked it down to going out of practice, but now you've made me paranoid ;_;
  13. psy

    mm suggestions

    I can't speak for any of these MOBAs that use ELO because I've not played any of them, but in CS:GO it's the exact opposite. Newbies and casuals use ranks as an ultimate reference point and play with the ultimate goal of 'competing' for a higher rank, but anyone who is actually experienced and competitive at the game totally disregards MM rank.
  14. psy

    New player impressions

    I do agree regarding weapon balance, I feel like too many people are approaching this with an attitude of 'I should be able to main x weapon' (especially the bolt). Wanting to nerf the RL to make the bolt / ion / whatever a valid option in a situation where the RL is the obvious choice is just silly. This is a game of utilizing tools to their strengths, not just picking one gun out of all of the ones on the map because it's your favorite. If you're within a range where properly placed rockets will unavoidably kill you and you're not also using a rocket launcher, or you're eating rocket prefires, that is your problem and not the rocket launcher's. If you don't want to use rockets and want to 'main' the bolt, learn to keep your distance and not eat prefires.
  15. psy


    Regardless of the intended vision of the game, it seems logical to add slots for as many killstreaks and multi-kills as possible even if no sound is put there by default, just to allow people to fill in the blanks with their own sounds.