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  1. apheleon

    Timer Timeline Concept

    I was testing this out and I was able to reproduce the issue. I'm not entirely sure why the problem happens or how to fix it yet, but it seems like a workaround is to either reload the hud file or reload the map after you make the HUD configuration change. If you don't change the HUD setting much then you should be fine.
  2. apheleon

    Timer Timeline Concept

    Thanks Kwong! Updated the script in github.
  3. apheleon

    Timer Timeline Concept

    So that is the 'intended' behavior with the current code, but I can probably fix it up so that the background doesn't change if the item isn't visible on the timeline yet. I'll add it to the list Thanks for figuring out the details of the issue.
  4. apheleon

    Timer Timeline Concept

    I pushed an update today: Merged in various custom item labels from KovaaK's scriptMerged in UI toggle to only show the timeline when spectating from Kovaak's script (Default: Off)Added a UI toggle to turn on / off Green Armors from the timeline (Default: Off)Added support for Resist powerup
  5. apheleon

    Meowgli's killfeed widget OLD

    Awesome work!
  6. apheleon

    Scrolling Input List Widget

    If people find this helpful it may be cool to have keys that are pressed or released in the same frame stack on top of one another, like in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zzwbP6QcWBA Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 It could also be interesting to have the list be vertical: Street Fighter 4
  7. apheleon

    Scrolling Input List Widget

    I've created a new widget based off of an idea from xero where we would show a running list of the recently used input keys. This is a feature present in some newer fighting game training modes, like Street Fighter 4 and MvC. The idea is that we have several widgest today that show what keys are pressed or not pressed at this very moment, but we don't have anything that shows a historical list of what was pressed and what was released over time. My hope is that this could be helpful for people who are learning the intricacies of the movement system: Installation Instructions Step 1. Download the latest apheleon_InputList.lua from https://raw.githubusercontent.com/davidbastedo/apheleon-reflex-widgets/master/apheleon_InputList.lua Step 2. Put the lua file in Reflex/base/internal/ui/widgets/ Step 3. Download InputListIcons.zip that is attached to this post Step 4. Extract svg icon files from the zip into Reflex/base/internal/ui/icons/InputListIcons (You will need to create a new folder called "InputListIcons" in the icons folder) The widget has 3 built in configuration options you'll see in the widget options screen: Number of keys presses shown on the screen (default 20)Show or hide when a key is lifted (default on)Icon size (default 20 px) Let me know your feedback. InputListIcons.zip
  8. Very creative - great work!
  9. apheleon

    Timer Timeline Concept

    I used https://obsproject.com/ to record a section of my screen to a video file, which I uploaded to YouTube and then used http://imgur.com/vidgif to generate a gif.
  10. apheleon

    Timer Timeline Concept

    I've created a widget that shows all of the upcoming items laid out on a single horizontal timeline according to when they will respawn. Items move from right to left as they come up to spawn. The goal of the widget is to make it easier and faster for players to visually recognize when items are coming up to respawn by using shapes and movement. Download apheleon_TimerTimeline.lua and try it out yourself! Features: Built in configuration options for the widget (see screenshot below) The timeline frame color will change to match the color of the next upcoming item (Can be toggled off in the options). The time text remaining until the item respawns is only shown for the next upcoming item. This time will change to red in the last 5 seconds and show decimals The next upcoming item on the timeline will blink briefly during the final 5 seconds before it spawns (Can be toggled off in the options) A list of the available items are shown to the left of the timeline, represented by colored blocks (Can be toggled off in the options) Timeline by default shows the next 30 seconds of items (Can be configured in the options) Allows for custom labels on items that appear multiple times on a single map. Item labels can be manually customized in the lua file. e.g. "Upper YA" and "Lower YA" Available options in the widget that you can control: There is a short demonstration of what the widget looks like in use. I've enlarged the widget to make it easier to see for demonstration purposes: Let me know if you have any ideas for how to improve this or if you run into any issues.
  11. apheleon

    Speedometer Gauge Example

    Yep - nice and simple. I've updated the script so that when you go faster than your configured max UPS, the needle will simply top out and stop moving. The UPS counter will continue to grow though to show your true speed.
  12. apheleon

    Speedometer Gauge Example

    There is a configuration option to adjust how much UPS is shown on the gauge. I set my own for 900, as I rarely get above this speed in a normal game. local gaugeMaxUPS = 900 If you increase the number in the lua file then you'll see that the gauge moves less and becomes less 'sensitive' as you move around. There is an obvious balance there around accounting for your max speed and also being able to see the gauge needle move around. If you go above this number then the gauge needle actually continues to move around the circle and loop back around, effectively doing a 360. If that becomes a problem a solution would be to just have it stop moving once you go faster than your configured gaugeMaxUPS speed.
  13. apheleon

    Speedometer Gauge Example

    I've created a new widget that draws a gauge for your player speed. You can grab the widget at here Let me know what you think! You can find some configuration options in the Lua file, like changing the maximum speed on the gauge.
  14. I'm really excited to see the Reflex team trying new gameplay elements and experimenting with what information is exposed to players - This is exactly why we're taking part in an early access game and why the development team has set up these forums. I understand the argument around why people feel that exposing item timers to all players can harm high-level competitive play, but on the other hand, I find it really concerning that there is this amount of discourse after only 36 hours of it being released. There is no way that anyone has actually tested this and used it enough to have any significant experience with how it impacts gameplay. At this point the argument is almost entirely theoretical, which isn't helpful in the long run. Lastly, please keep in mind that the Quake community is notoriously afraid of any sort of gameplay change. I know that Reflex is not meant to be a CPM clone, and as time goes on I am sure that the gameplay in Reflex will diverge, but there were definitely some lessons to be learned. Throughout the early days of CPM there were several tournaments created to bring in new players from the VQ3 world, and at the end of the day a significant percentage of players who tried CPM ended up not liking it simply because it wasn't what they were used to. People will always have different opinions around what games they prefer, but the issue I have seen is that people start to justify their preferences when in reality they are just used to the gameplay they are most comfortable or familiar with. This is a toxic part of the Quake community that can do Reflex great harm if it goes unchecked. Quake is a game (and a community) steeped in tradition, and most of the people who have stuck around since the 90s and 00s are now nostalgic for a type of game that Reflex probably shouldn't actually become if it wants to survive and be successful.