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  1. the bar looks really cool! good job! i proposed this duel mode in irc once: the match isn't limited by timelimit, but by a second fighting-style healthbar, like the one you made. both you and your enemy have.. let's say 3000 "main health", but you spawn with your usual 100/0 and play like you usually do, just that the goal is to get your enemy's main health to 0 to win a round. bo3 wins the map. the two major differences would be: • DEALING DAMAGE HAS MORE WEIGHT ON MATCH RESULT example: match starts. both players pick up ga and rl. you hit one direct rocket, he hits two direct rockets and kills you, then stacks up again in 3 seconds with bubbles and armors, you spawn at 100/0. in classic duel: the rocket that you hit was almost "useless", because all it did was grant him the ability to deny you more items (armors and bubbles), the score is 1:0 against you now and your enemy probably has maplock in fighting style duel: you end up the same way, spawning with 100/0. your main health is 2830 now, your enemy's is 2930 (example numbers, didn't do the protection math). the rocket you hit had a bigger impact on the outcome of the game and you came closer to your goal. • NO MORE +BACK IN THE LAST 1-2 MINUTES BY THE "WINNING" GUY, WHILE OTHER GUY HAS MAPLOCK i seriously hate to see this. you spec a tense match and the underdog is gaining the upper hand slowly, working on his comeback, getting close... only to chase a +backing enemy for 1 1/2 minutes and still lose. the fighting style duel mode would make this tactic obsolete obviously, as you'd have to chase down your enemy until the end (0 main health), no matter which position you are in
  2. goochie

    0.34 - Reflex goes Alpha!

    good one
  3. goochie

    Reflex could have been...

    they changed the direction. time isn't static. welcome to the real world! reflex could have been... ... but it's not. deal with it.
  4. goochie


    thanks for this. can you please make one that rotates through a set of textures that you can define yourself?
  5. goochie

    Destructible environment

    i want destructible teleporters/jumppads that regenerate after x seconds and teleporters/jumppads that need to recharge before you can use them again (visually: green tele/jumppad turns red)
  6. goochie

    [1v1] cutoff (now with textures!)

  7. latest version: cutoff_a4 powerups: 1 MH, 1 RA, 1 YA, 1 GA, 1 cluster of 8 shards known bugs: shabby nolight, shitty texture alignment in some places reflex map page direct download (reflexfiles) playable on: europe Turbo Pixel Appreciation Society #1 - Turbo Pixel Appreciation Society #2 - Turbo Pixel Appreciation Society #3 - [DE] THE HAXAN CLOAK - www.PHGP.tv EU - north america Turbo Pixel Appreciation Society #1 - www.PHGP.tv Texas - www.PHGP.tv California - australia Turbo Pixel Appreciation Society #1 - Turbo Pixel Appreciation Society #3 - Turbo Pixel Appreciation Society #2 -
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    Will the item timers stay?

  9. goochie

    Mode idea

    maario partyy maode:D
  10. download the free version of textcrawler here
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    Will the item timers stay?

    it's controlled randomness though, the timeframe mustn't be that big. you could argue that grenade bounce is more random than this.
  12. goochie

    Will the item timers stay?

    random idea:
  13. goochie

    New weapon concepts!

    limitations also benefit creativity and innovative thinking. making the weapons generic to fit 1000 themes does only harm the integrity of the game and its aesthetics. did you ever make a map btw? a pic is worth a thousand words though: also, ftfy:
  14. goochie

    New weapon concepts!

    you don't realize how much of an annoying cunt you're being around here so stfu idiotic thinking enough?
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    maybe add a thin dev_nogrid_black or _grey64 trim to that hanging platform, it looks like it would fall apart otherwise
  16. goochie


    are you planning on adding player shadows to the game?
  17. goochie


    mapping often isn't about being time-efficient, but just a form of meditation, like drawing a mandala. you could make them by using stamps and be finished in 2 minutes, but it defeats the purpose. doesn't have to be the case here though, everyone maps for different reasons there's a wip screenshots thread, btw:
  18. goochie


    can't group select and rotate yet. go figure
  19. goochie

    Rball Project

    cool idea! here's the thread for work-in-progress screenhots:
  20. goochie

    Match Histogram/Timeline

    this would be amazing and have a huge effect on the stream viewer's experience. combine this with a statistics database for tournament players and, with the right casters, you'd have a huge hit game on twitch compare uncut, raw footage NBA matches without commentary to live broadcasts with a commentator pairing. it's a totally different thing. what i love about NA sports is how they have a hardon for stats, just check out a player profile on basketball-reference.com it would be cool to have casters say shit like... tibor: "in his last 5 games he hit over 50% bolt in the second half of the match, with an average weapon pickup of 15.8 bolt rifles per game, we're 7 minutes into the game and his pickup is at 8.4 but his accuracy is still at an astonishing .69 with 16/23 connected shots, so maybe he should try to get a tighter control on the bolt rifle pickup and focus on what he's good at.. back to you mike" mike: "AND HE THROWS THE HAMMER DOWN WITH ANOTHER ROCKET TO THE FACE FOR THE SMACKDOWN! RAMA-LAMA-DING-DONG!"
  21. goochie

    New weapon concepts!

    i want to add that all you have atm is side view concept art what you don't know: their scale how it will look from pov how it will look on other players (+poses) how it will look with lighting how it will look with animations (i think that this is the point that will blow all the whiners away) how the projectiles, smoke puffs, trails, impacts, decals, etc. will look how idle, shooting, projectiles, impacts etc. will sound
  22. goochie

    New weapon concepts!

    so devs should use generic otherwise ?