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  1. there is no real gameplay innovation in reflex, that's true. it's still more advanced and polished than any of the games you've listed and it has active developers who actually listen to the community. the very social map editor is great, race is great, widgets are great, IT'S TREMENDOUS. warsow's development is dead, it doesn't have matchmaking and it relies on 40 year old technology (irc) to organize games. quake live is basically quake 3, a 20 year old game with every server having a different ruleset and/or obscure mods installed. steamspy says that roughly 40k people own reflex on steam, so there's your answer to "Why was this game created?". some people want to play it.

    this doesn't look very similar to reflex to me btw:




    .. also money




  2. when you kill your enemy in dark souls pvp he's forced to watch you do gestures to taunt/thank him for like 10 seconds, and even though you can't chat in that game it really adds to the social experience and I'm a big fan of (respectful) trash talking in competitive sports/esports, also it kinda adds to the soul of a game, like the announcer in team fortress 2 or the huge amount of voice sets in worms games. I wish there was something like that for reflex, but the game is so fast that visual taunts make no sense. so I thought why not have a "voice chip" item for your robot, with each chip having a different taunt phrase / sound effect. you'd bind it to a key and you'd have a timeframe of a few seconds after fragging your enemy to activate it. smiley spam is so '90s!

  3. On 10/21/2016 at 9:59 PM, Xytaglyph said:

    Thus, I feel that since medium and close range already have the largest variety of viable options, we should be looking for something to compete for the long range role, which is currently dominated by Bolt.

    stakes should explode and do splash damage after a few seconds then, good long range area denial + spam because grenades don't go that far

  4. some ideas:

    • paintball: plasma only, no automatic fire, instagib, random color projectile/decals
    • looney toons: cartoon sound effects and gibs (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U0TmmLNYbO0)
    • rats: 1/4 player model size
    • jetpacks: hold jump to fly
    • fat players: double player model width
    • mirror: flip map horizontally
    • matrix: projectile weapons only, 1/10 projectile speed (and longer projectile timeouts, obviously)
    • blades of glory: less friction

  5. 5 minutes ago, Premium said:

    If there were 5 free streetball courts we would leave the one you joined and take an empty one. But of course the internet is crowded with people who wants to add their mustard.

    to use your example in a proper way: no we wouldnt have to build our own streetball court, because there are just 4 more free streetball courts ;)

    of course german logic works once again to counter my argument. you're still telling people to piss off right away, so don't wonder when they go "look, it's those fuckers again". usually people rent courts if they don't want to be bugged and play in private, street courts (public server) are for random matchups. you don't have to build anything, you're just being a cheap bunch of douchebags.

  6. if you were to hog a streetball court all day telling people to piss off and use a different court you'd get bummed in your gob pretty quickly, but of course the very nature of the internet is protecting you punks. get a fucking private server, that's ten bucks per month split between three people and stop spewing that "mimimi we're civilized adults" crap


  7. the bar looks really cool! good job!
    i proposed this duel mode in irc once:
    the match isn't limited by timelimit, but by a second fighting-style healthbar, like the one you made. both you and your enemy have.. let's say 3000 "main health", but you spawn with your usual 100/0 and play like you usually do, just that the goal is to get your enemy's main health to 0 to win a round. bo3 wins the map.
    the two major differences would be: 
    example: match starts. both players pick up ga and rl. you hit one direct rocket, he hits two direct rockets and kills you, then stacks up again in 3 seconds with bubbles and armors, you spawn at 100/0.
    in classic duel: the rocket that you hit was almost "useless", because all it did was grant him the ability to deny you more items (armors and bubbles), the score is 1:0 against you now and your enemy probably has maplock
    in fighting style duel: you end up the same way, spawning with 100/0. your main health is 2830 now, your enemy's is 2930 (example numbers, didn't do the protection math). the rocket you hit had a bigger impact on the outcome of the game and you came closer to your goal.
    i seriously hate to see this. you spec a tense match and the underdog is gaining the upper hand slowly, working on his comeback, getting close... only to chase a +backing enemy for 1 1/2 minutes and still lose. the fighting style duel mode would make this tactic obsolete obviously, as you'd have to chase down your enemy until the end (0 main health), no matter which position you are in