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  1. nightly duels again

  2. made

    NA Mumble server for community

    bump ! EVERYBODY COME BACK TO THE MUMBLE CONNECT www.f3allready.com 64738
  3. made

    Crosshair for each weapon

    ​Hey ! I saved the content inside a text file and changed the language inside notepad ++, and now it appears within the list in widgets. Though when I open the the widget to change settings, the option menu closes and is bugged out until I restart reflex. I can upload images if that helps troubleshooting it !
  4. made

    Winehouse - DM arena

    looks neat
  5. made

    Dedicated Server Guide

    looking good boys !
  6. made

    Crosshair for each weapon

    thanks for the post ! though for some reason I'm running into an issue. For some reason the .lua doesnt appear in my widgets
  7. made

    #dp_one [NA]

    add on steam for duel buddies stc555
  8. made

    THC Cup #1

    So this one is an EU based tournament ?
  9. made

    Simple ZOOM

    neat stuff will defiantly try it out !!
  10. made


    woot ! was planning on doing this myself, but this works too Thanks dude !
  11. made

    [SERVER] Crow's Nest - Canadian Reflex

    Sweeeeet !!!!!!
  12. made

    Ollie's Freestyle Map - Construction Yard

    Awesome map !! Added to server !!