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    Smilecythe reacted to Warlord Wossman in We need more maps   
    we need triggers and more stuff for team modes
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    Smilecythe got a reaction from Owl in I love most of you guys <3 (still undecided on lasker)   
    Takk det samme
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    Smilecythe reacted to Stalast in I have a little mini series going on where I go game to game and perform various diff   
    Posted it on reddit for you because it's great.
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    Smilecythe got a reaction from Ohm sweet in Finally discovered we can store and play replays at wish now...   
    It's very likely that the demos recorded in current version wont work in future versions though, I recommend you backup your entire Reflex directory just in case you have some good demos recorded in this version.